Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mrs. Fawlty Ruffles

Another mishap-free day! It's an all-time record. Today called for some sheer bravado!
Yellow and pink-purple-orange-yellow! I felt very conspicuous in this - maybe I am still feeling like I must be even more visible!

It's hard not to be noticed in this blouse. I absolutely love the ruffles. It's insanely ruffled and they move when I walk! I last wore it here in June with purple and orange.
I really liked it with the yellow - I love these colours! I have two yellow skirts (this is the other one), and I definitely don't wear this one as much. I like the length on it, and it's a thicker wool, but it's just not as good quality as the other one. Although...looking back at the times I've worn it, I like all the outfits. I last wore it here in April with shoulder spikes.
As this blouse is so very retro, I did the same thing as when I last wore it: I kept it modern with the curvy shoes.

The stuff:
These are wonderfully comfy to wear - I like to run around in them. I last wore them here in July as part of my "Shoes My Husband Hates" week.

Simple bling:
Mom's vintage chain belt makes another appearance. I've been wearing her belts a lot lately.

Blouse (no label, vintage 70s), skirt (BB Dakota, consignment), shoes (Prepare Hi Steady, Fluevog), belt (Mom's, vintage 60s), ring (90s), earrings (local).

Vizzini was loudly slurping away at his food while I was taking my stuff pictures. His dish is right beside the bookcase. I see my "Anne of Green Gables" books there.
"Nom...I sense loud women...nom..."
Right you are, Officer Vizzini! Book Club is staring in a few minutes and I'm the host! I'm excited to show off our cool bookcase. I made chili for dinner, and we're discussing Ian Banks' "Despedair Street" (which was my pick).
"Outrageous! I'll observe from under the bed, after I scope out the food."
He's skittish when there's a lot of people over. Chicken cat!


  1. Your colours today are the same as your blog background, so I can see you love them! I think yellow and pink are so lovely together. Like the centre of a you look today! I can smell roses! XO JJ

  2. How could you NOT remain safely buoyant in these fabulous colours and ruffle madness!
    Good thing Officer V has fuelled up in advance of the invasion. :)

  3. Love the colours in this outfit! You are the best at wearing colours! :)

    Hope you had fun hosting book club!

  4. Hey Vizzini! My cats make a beeline (catline?) for under the bed no matter who comes over. Then they come out later covered in, ahem, dust. Love your ruffles. See you at Vis Monday! xox

  5. Great colours, and the ruffle-y blouse is a joy! xx

  6. I like the top and I can imagine the Swoosh Factor meter at at least an 8 out of 10


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