Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Blue As Sky, Green As Grass

These Tuesdays that masquerade as Mondays are evil, I tell you! 
Legs McGee
And these short weeks always feel twice as long. Good thing I have bright clothes to cheer me up!

My lovely deepest sky-blue silk top was last seen here in April with morange lips (ha, on a Tuesday - my WW group will be seeing double!).
The grass green suede skirt is new-to-me, thrifted here a couple of weekends ago for $24.95. It's by Danier Leather and as expected with Danier, it's gorgeous quality. This is from the heyday of suede skirts, when every store in the mall sold them (for as low as $24.95, I'm sure!).
Verdict: love it, but it's short. I'm used to knee-length or longer skirts these days (*granny voice*), and I was very conscious of not bending over in it, and keeping those knees locked together at my desk. I like it quite a lot, though. The colour is stunning and I can see it with some groovy boots in cooler weather.

The stuff:
I played up the two gold zippered pockets in the skirt by wearing lots of gold jewelry. Of course, one must bookend one's blue top with blue shoes. It's the thing to do. I last wore these well-love blue suede shoes here on a Tuesday in July. There must be something about blue on Tuesdays!

Gold bling:
The earrings are real gold; the rest is costume. I love the spectacular statement necklace. It's by D'Orlan, and I thrifted it last year for $20.00.

Blouse (I. Magnin, thrifted, vintage 80s), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted, vintage 90s), shoes (Feet First), necklace (D'Orlan, thrifted), cuff (Mom's, vintage 60s), earrings (gift from L).


  1. Love the combination of the blue and green together! And you definitely have the legs for that skirt - it doesn't look too short at all! But I know some pieces can feel shorter than they look, especially if you're used to different lengths.

  2. Love these two vivid colors together, great look. And that necklace is the total boss. xox

  3. What a lovely lot of leg my dear ;-) Ah suede skirts, you gotta love 'em. I'm still waiting to come to the end of the wonderfulness that is your shoes! Neverending stoo-oo-rey....! XO JJ

  4. I love this color combo together! And that necklace is awesome!

  5. Love these tw ocolors. So pretty and peaceful.

  6. delightful suede pieces and delightful colors!!, and you always rock fabulous bijouterie!

  7. I absolutely love that new green skirt and you are rocking that colourful outfit ! A+++++
    And I can relate to being conscious about shorter than usual skirts. I have seen too many butts that did not mean to be seen.


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