Monday, August 11, 2014

Melting Monday (Barnyard and Cat)

Such a hot day today! It is up to 29 right now (that's around 80), which is smokin' hot for us.
I got lots of reactions on my vivid dark red hair today - it's getting cut tomorrow!
Sleeveless and a silk skirt - easy in the heat.

My green top gets another outing. I last wore it with the Danger Pants here in June - I'm due to wear those again. Dare I??
I don't think I've ever worn this silk barnyard skirt in the summer time, even though it is super lightweight. I guess it's the colours - the greens and browns - that just make me think of autumn and not summer. I last wore it here in November (waaaay down at the bottom of the post) 2013.
Do I keep it? Do I let it go? Decisions, decisions.

The stuff:
These shoes are keepers! In fact, I would also like them in purple, please, Fairy Fluevograndmother. I last wore them here (2nd outfit) in June with gingham.

Cowboy bling:
Barns, cowboys, feathers - those all go together thematically in my book.

Top (Ricki's, thrifted), skirt (Gap, thrifted), shoes (Half-Truth Tanya, Fluevog), belt/buckle (Shi Studio), cuff (Rimanchik), earrings (local).

I was not the only one melting today. I looked for Vizzini this morning for a goodbye pat, and found him with a serious case of Flop-Butt.
"Too hot for cuteness."
Even after some tummy-rubs, he could still barely move.
"Make the hot stop!"
We pull all the curtains and make sure he has lots of water. He just looks at us balefully. 

Reminder: this Friday is Shoe Shine! 
Get ready to share your kicks! 


  1. I love your barnyard skirt! With your Spanish ladies and your pink plaid, this is in my top three faves!

  2. It is a very pretty skirt, shame you haven;t worn it in a while! Looks great with the greens and browns :)

  3. The print on your skirt is fabulous, it needs more wear! Gorgeous shade of green too. xxx

  4. I really like this skirt - hope it makes the cut! It's hot here too, but our spoiled kitties have A/C all day long - what a life. xox

  5. Your hair is the perfect accessory with that skirt!

  6. Add me to the list of barnyard skirt lovers and longers!!! Everything about it is wow. Gorgeous how you've styled it, those green shoes are amazing. Fingers crossed that your Fairy Fluevograndmother likes purple too. :)

  7. Poor kitty, I have seen my share of flop butt kitties in my day! Hope it cools off a bit for him!

  8. Oh, that skirt is great! And it's pretty rare to find such a print in silk, such "conversationals" are far more often polyester. So, it's a bit of a rarity, in your place I would definitely hold on to it. On the other hand, looks like you could raffle it out among your commenters! ;)

  9. Awww silly flop cat. Ours have been that way too. Spike didn't even get mad at me for the flea treatment this month (cats who walk on leashes must have flea treatments!).

    I love your amazing fluevogs. I'm also in love with your dark red hair! I'm overdue for some color.

  10. I know that this is sad and pathetic...but I have to thank you from freeing me from the shirt loops. My mother (or anyone) had never taught me that they were supposed to be cut off. I am now cutting them off and I love it. I always thought that they were some safety hanger thing. So anyways, thanks! Kelly in Michigan

  11. I laugh at your 29! Ha! ha! If it doesn't go over 30 we don't think its Summer!
    Mind you we do have A/C which helps on the 40 deg days.
    I love you in green. And it totally matches your tattoo! Looking forward to the haircut. Any big changes? I like the dark hair too. XO JJ

  12. lovely color combo, and (obviously) lovely shoes!, they're magnificent!

  13. Keep the skirt Sheila.
    I always laugh at the tiny print under your cat's pictures….


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