Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chairs and Lace Tablecloth

I'm consciously trying to wear everything in my closet by the end of September. This outfit utilized two items that I haven't worn very much.
Is the peplum a done thing? Over? Should I care? Should I care that I don't care? (hee)

This lace blouse reminds me of cheap tablecloths, you know the kind your mom threw over her good tablecloth at Christmas to protect it. Not that a tablecloth-like top is a bad thing, per se.
I last wore it in April, here, with orange and blues. I like it better with a wider belt, as it's a rather enthusiastic peplum. You could say it's a peppy peplum!

The silk skirt is one I've had a long time. I don't wear it that often - the pattern and very dark purple feel limiting to me. It's a bit hard to see, but yes, those are silver chairs all over it. There's a picture here from 2009, which is the first time I wore it. Five years is a good long time!
I last wore it in September 2013 for Monochromania! Week here.

The stuff:
My Coach sandals get another wear - they are a little high for my feet, but I still love them. I last wore them here in June when I wiped out in my Danger Pants.

Purple bling:
The jewelry is homegrown vintage from the 80s, gifts from Mom & Dad.

Top (Annalee + Hope, thrifted), skirt (Smoking Lily, consignment), shoes (Coach), belt (Plum), cuff (thrifted), earrings/ring (vintage 80s, gifts from Mom & Dad).


  1. Really like that peplum top! :) It's funny I think trends stick around for a while longer now...I definitely still see lots of peplums around :) Plus, like you said, doesn't really matter what's in fashion, what matters is what makes you happy.

  2. So something of a furniture theme going on today, Sheila! Taking inspiration from chairs and a tablecloth, love it! The top looks as though it would work with all sorts of outfits and colours, it's great. xxx

  3. I love a peppy peplum! Good to see something enthusiastic about its job.
    I understand the sedate feeling of the skirt. But maybe that is a good foil for the top.
    And your homegrown vintage bling is just perfection. Especially that leather cuff!
    XO JJ
    PS your hair doesn't look any different ! Or am I just missing something?

  4. Wear what you like - and this peplum looks peppy and pretty. Love the chairs too. xo

  5. I'm kind of hoping peplum isn't over yet! I love this lacy top on you, it's super pretty!

  6. I like the top, and the skirt. You look chic and put together as ever!

  7. love your 'homegrown vintage' jewelry (great expression, I would steal it!), and love that chairs print, it looks quite steampunk, so it's even more fabulous!

  8. Hmm, a silver chair skirt makes me think of CS Lewis and Narnia! Not a bad thing. :-) I love this outfit...peplums are so flattering to just about everyone, and this outfit is simply great on you.

  9. Honestly I am not sure about the top, but I do love the skirt ! maybe if it was just a bit shorter.


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