Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sequins and Pink Leather

Of course, I wore sequins to work! Of course, I wore pink leather to work.
I got a lot of comments about "going Holllywood" and being disco, but *shrug* I'm covered, I'm appropriate for my job, and my coworkers (and clients!) loved my sparkliness today. I certainly needed it in the morning - must go to bed earlier.

I haven't worn this top much as I remembered how prickly it is around the neckline and arms - the sequins are pokey and leave little red welts on my skin. I wish Michael Kors had designed this with a nice velvet trim around the edges.
However, it wasn't too bad today, although it is a bit scratchy on the arms.I last wore it here in March with denim and studded tights.
I love my hot pink leather skirt - it's such a rich colour. I last wore it here earlier this month with a bustier and a sheer shirt. Heh, I love pushing the limits with work clothes!

The stuff:
I have been debating getting rid of these shoes, as the colour is scuffing off at the toes, but following the success of my Fluevog Vizzinis, I might just re-colour them or go a slightly darker grey. It's a handy colour in the wardrobe, and these are divinely comfy to wear. I last wore them here - what? in May? That's outrageous! Well, I wore them with a pretty floral dress. So there.

Basic bling:
Non-matching but go-ing leather earrings. My WW group is going to like this outfit tonight!

Top (Michael Kors, consignment), skirt (Evan Davies, vintage 80s, thrifted), shoes (Jump for the People, consignment), earrings (thrifted).


  1. Love that sequin tee! My sister and I tried on an awesome sequin embellished knit on a shopping trip once (we both have very similar tastes!) And it was really scratchy, even with a few sequins, so neither of us bought it. Shame something so pretty can be so irritating to wear!

  2. You must have an amazing system to keep track of your clothes! I tried to work out which shoes I'd shown in Shoeshine and it took me ages! Care to share your secret? This outfit is so wonderful (apart from the scratchiness) I can feel the soft leather on my skin. Makes up for the divine but scratchy top! Xo JJ

  3. I love how you push the boundaries with your office attire. I am the exact same way - love a little element of shock in the office!! Makes things just a bit more interesting.

  4. You look completely appropriate for work to me! I can't bear those "working wardrobe essentials" lists, all blazers and blouses and sensible skirts, dull dull dull. Give me sequins and pink leather any day! xxx

  5. Love it! I hope you choose to re-color the shoes because fabulous.

  6. Love, love, LOVE this! Sequins at the office are a total win!

  7. Love those shoes! Don't get rid of them. I also love your outfit, and I am glad you can wear it to work; I couldn't.

  8. oh yeah, you rock pink leather and sequins!!, gorgeous!

  9. I bet your co-workers were just envious they didn't have the balls to wear leather and sequins to work! I have a black sequined t-shirt like that one, and it is rather scratchy, but I can't bring myself to get rid of it because I know there's a day coming where it will be the perfect thing to wear.


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