Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bigass Weekend Round-Up: Cowgirl, Cat, Art, Brunch and a Shopping Stroll

Woo, what an awesome weekend! August has really been a fun month this year. 

You've been warned: this is a bigass post. Here goes Friday!
I loved this outfit - I was perfectly comfortable in it, and felt very me. I have a fondness for the cowgirl look.

This awesome shirt was last seen here in June for L's birthday lounge-about (with the same belt).
I have a red silky satin cami on underneath it.

Check out the cool back:
The shirt has mother-of-pearl snaps, rhinestone trim on everything, chrysanthemums, other flowers, paint spatter and this crown and eagle design on the back. awesome!

The creamsicle orange skirt is suede and the front panel is all micro-squares cut out. I last wore it here in May with turquoise and cicadas.

It's was chilly on Friday morning, so I busted out my awesome Danier Leather orange coat.
It was too hot by the end of the day, but I looked fabulous!

The stuff:
I love these boots more every time I wear them. They were last seen here (last outfit) a couple of weekends ago.

Blouse (Dept, consignment), skirt (Co and Eddy, thrifted), jacket (Danier Leather, consignment), boots (1883 Lucchesse, consignment), belt (Brave Belts, thrifted), earrings (Oscar & Libby's), lapis lazuli and Fulvia Rings (Wendy Brandes).

I zoomed home after work and got into my "I'm going to an art opening" outfit. I pulled out the funky!
Hee hee hee! I felt very stylish and "out there" - it was great. L and I met up with 9 of our other friends and went to a local multi-media/digital art installation opening. I most certainly had too much wine, but I regret nothing!

Sans jacket.
I took the jacket off for dinner, but wore it walking to town and from the restaurant to the gallery and then walking home again. I managed not to fall over - go, me!

People were fascinated by the fur jacket, the flower necklace, the pink lace-net tights and the purple boots.
The rabbit fur coat was thrifted vintage and supposedly made its one and only appearance (prior to becoming mine) at the British House of Lords. I bought it here in May for $27.00.

I liked how the mad floral dress (with pockets!) actually anchored the rest of the outfit.
I've been having fun with my hair - it's so liberating!

I last wore this dress here on L's birthday with yellow.
Vizzini helped me tie the boots up. The shoelaces are leather and very desirable to a mischievous cat.

The stuff:
I though for sure that L would hate these boots, since they are the same heel/shape as another pair that he hates. These were a dream to wear all night - I haven't gotten much wear out of them since I got them - they are definitely going to be staying in my fall/winter wardrobe. I last wore them here in April with purple and orange. They don't really work with bare legs, so I was glad it was cool enough in the evening to have lacey tights on.

Floral bling.
I've worn this floral necklace/lace piece as a hat band and as a necklace. I have yet to wear it in my hair or as a belt, but it could still happen.

Jacket (Bebe, thrifted vintage), dress (H&M, consignment), boots (Prepare Maps, Fluevog), necklace (local), earrings (local), rings (Wendy Brandes).

I dragged my sadsack hungover butt out of bed on Saturday morning to go play a game of Ultimate Frisbee.
Minor make-up compared to Friday night! I like loose and flowy layers and barely-there shoes.

I'm feeling a bit "off" cardigans lately. I realize they are still necessary for layering, but I no longer wear them as much as I used to. I last wore this purple one here in May with lace PVC.
I think this is it for the stripey top. It doesn't fit right and I don't wear it very often (last time here in March with polka dots). In the wash, then in the donations pile it goes!
The mushroom skirt is the best part of the outfit, in my opinion. I've had it for at least 3 year, and I just love it. It helps that I can wash it! It's a wee bit long, so the hem is always getting dirty. I last wore it here (2nd outfit) in July with a kimono.

The stuff:
These are really good quality leather flat sandals - I've had them for several years, and have worn them dozens of times, including the last time here (3rd outfit) in July with chartreuse.

They were perfect after playing for 90s minutes in the heat. As the game went on, the clouds burned off - it's been lovely and hot for the rest of the weekend, woo hoo!

Cardigan (Kenar, consignment), top (Truworth by Finnegan's, consignment), skirt (Club Monaco), shoes (La Canadienne, consignment), earrings (vintage).

Vizzini spent most of Saturday snoozing on his post in the sun.
"Busy napping, go away."
L and I hung out and played games all afternoon and evening Saturday. Vizzini was happy to have us around.
"Come on, play with me!"
He tries to steal game pieces as well as stacks of cards (he's after the rubber bands).

Today, L headed over to a friend's for an afternoon with the guys, so I strolled downtown in the sunshine to get groceries (I shop in person, they deliver it later in the afternoon - it's awesome), then took a walk through Fairfield neighbourhood to my favourite consignment store.

I don't pay much attention to fashion magazines, but I do like to peruse them periodically just for inspiration and to see what the cool kids will be wearing. Not that I care - I always wear what I want! - but it's fun to see new things and get ideas for new outfits for me.
Louche pose.
So, did ya hear that culottes are big? Especially in emerald. Yeah, I've been doing that for years. Catch up with me, fashion!

In my constant goal of avoiding putting on sunblock and relying on fabric as a physical barrier, I was quite pleased with this outfit. It billowed satisfactorily as I strolled about. This was also the first long-drive test run for these between-the-toes thong sandals. Could my feet survive?
I love the abstract fruital and floral print of this blouse. I last wore it here in July with more shoes that L hated.
The culottes are pretty awesome. I last wore them here in May with brown and sequins.

And just because the outfit seemed to call for it...
I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.
I still haven't found an occasion for my satin vintage turban hat, but it will happen! Grocery shopping is not the right time, so I'll link up to Judith's "Hat Attack!" here with this if I haven't done another hat by the next one.

The stuff:
The verdict on the shoes: success! I walked to town, walked through Fairfield, shopped for an hour, then walked home - about 3.5 hours total. I wore these Born sandals here a week ago with Ultimate blue.

Circular bling:
Trendy bigass hoop earrings; mine are real gold and were a 5th anniversary gift from L in 2002. The belt was Mom's, from the 60s.

Blouse (no label, thrifted), culottes (Jac & Dale, vintage 80s, thrifted), shoes (Born, consignment), belt (vintage 60s, Mom's), earrings (gift from L).

I actually remembered to take my camera with me! I took a few pictures of things that caught my eye.
What a lovely pergola to lounge under! The foreground is all a vegetable garden - the tomatoes are ripening up.

Look at this Art Deco stained glass window.
I love the blues and greens.

What an inviting gate and front walkway!
I love these old houses.

While overgrown gardens are my preference, I have to admit, I do love a nice colour arrangement.
Waxy red begonias and fluffy yellow marigolds.

This was the front garden of a very modern looking house.
Am I the only one seeing a mass of tribbles? Hee!

These white hydrangeas were massive.
I picked fresh lavender and breathed it in - it was such a gorgeous day.

The young crows are all out of their nests, but the ball nests remain in the beech trees.
I think they must re-use the nests from year to year. season is nearly upon us.
These ones were already starting to fall on the ground.

My former co-worker Kara gave me a $50 gift certificate from My Sister's Closet (aw, thank you, hon!), so I was looking forward to a nice browse around there.

First off the sale rack, this gorgeous Banana Republic fitted shirt in magenta.
Only $11.50! What a deal.

I always do well with dresses there. Today, I found three!
"Where is the food?" 
This cotton chambray denim dress is thin and so soft - it's a loose cut, more like a tunic. I'm excited to work this into my cowgirl looks. It has no label, and was $22.98.

This dress didn't photograph well, but Vizzini is so cute in it.
"I see ties that need eating!"
The dress has cut-out shoulders, a drapey sleeve, and the bottom is a double-handkerchief hem. The top is wrap-across and it nicely has a snap-fastener at the decolletage.

It also has little snaps and string to go around bra straps and help keep it in place.
"Where did the ties go?"
That's a great quality "extra" to find on a modern dress.

A better look at the design/fabric.
"Just waiting for my chance..."
I love the bright oranges, yellows and aquas in this! Right in my wheelhouse. This is by Nine West and was $22.98.

This dress is actually a very dark orange, although it looks red in some lighting. I like the dropped waist, and the structure of the skirt part.
It has good "Swoosh Factor" and will be great for fall. It's by Land's End and was $28.98.

I stopped in at Lazy Susan's, and bought a couple of locally-made jewelry items.
Pretty little bags! I use those for sorting some of my beaded and vintage necklaces.

I like the badassery of the spiky earrings. They were $7.00.
The cuff has a dragon on it!

It's a very heavy metal.
It's also nice and small, so fits well on my small wrists. It was $9.00.

I hope you are all having a lovely and relaxing weekend!


  1. I love your bigass posts! All of it, as usual, from the best red boots to amazing dragon.

  2. So much to enjoy! I'm loving your twin look hair! I'm also looking forward to seeing the colourful handkerchief hem dress on you. Some standouts for me: green culottes, flower necklace, purple boots, new jewellery, and of course that turban! But the best of all, is you in your orange cowgirl outfit. You shine! XO JJ

  3. Ooh, can't pick a favourite, but I'm loving the floral dress/boots combo, and the funky green culottes!
    That Nine West dress looks great (Vizzini obviously agrees!) and I love the dragon bangle. xxx

  4. Loving the hair! And all the goodies, esp the green culottes of drama. My favorite saying: "I regret nothing." xox

  5. I like all your outfits, but I LOVE how you can wear all these different "themes," for lack of a better word. Your playful approach to clothing is very inspiring!

  6. wouua, so much fabulousness to see and comment!. Love all your outfits. Love that cool back on your shirt and fabulous orange textures, and pretty boots. Also love your artsy outfit, so cool hairstyle, your floral necklace and Awesome Boots, and that furry bolero!. Love that emerald culottes with a pretty floral shirt, such a great ensemble, you're fabulous and inspiring!
    And all that new stuff!!

  7. I have to say that you actually look really good the next day after a hangover. I can't even get up !
    And of all the cool things you got, my eyes were set on the chambray dress, it's outstanding. I can imagine you wearing it with the cowboy boots.

  8. Your "I'm going to an Art Opening" outfit is very fun and funky. Those boots are definitely Squee-worthy - there are not that many Fluevogs I really drool over, but those are definitely on the short list. The green culottes are fab; I would wear them in a heartbeat. Curious to see what the Nine West print dress looks like on you.


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