Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Formal Friday, Flower Potted, Saturday Brunch and Hat Shopping, and Cat Pictures

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! But I shall enjoy my quiet Sunday.

To be fair, I did have a piece of denim on, so my Friday wasn't entirely formal.
Glitter!These pictures don't do the disco-ball-of-a-shirt justice - it was very, very sparkly!

I picked up this shirt on consignment a couple of weekends ago (here) for $21.75 (regular $169, according to the tags on it still). It was lovely to wear (I had a vintage camisole on under it), but by the end of the day, the neckline and sleeve areas of my skin were all red and irritated from the prickliness of the sequins.
I loved the shape of it, though. Looking forward to wearing it for spring!

The skirt is my very-high-waisted vintage Nicole Miller, last seen here in August 2013 (zoiks!), with a studded sweatshirt.
The tights are actually footless, so I can only wear them with short boots. I love the little silver paillettes on them.

It's warmed up the last few days slightly, so out comes the leather!
Howdy, howdy!

The stuff:
Comfy boots - I last wore them here in February for Dress Week Came From Outer Space! Other than that, just the usual shiny stuff.

Top (Michael Kors, consignment), skirt (Nicole Miller, vintage 80s, consignment), boots (Aersoles, consignment), cuffs (both thrifted), earrings (white gold, Francis Jewellers, gift from L).

Vizzini has been sulking - he wants to go out on the deck.
"I'm going to eat something of yours if you don't let me out."
Soon, buddy!

On Friday night, we rushed home from work to get ready for another Urbanite at the Art Gallery. The new exhibit opening is Carole Sabiston's "Everything Below All of the Above" and featured her textile art. It was cool. Elaine and I made buttons and wandered through the gallery, while people-watching. I do love to check out the clothes!

I had to go to town for my outfit. This will be my next Hat Attack! entry over at Judith's Style Crone, and this is also my "Visible Monday" outfit at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style.
My Garden of Flowers dress and my Flower Pot hat both make appearances! I wore the dress to a brief burlesque event here (way, way down) in January, the day that I got it.

I got a ton of compliments on the dress and hat at the Gallery.
I had to wear walkin' shoes to stroll the few blocks to the Gallery from home. I last wore these here in January.

I did a big back-combed bouf of my bangs (I looked a little like "Ziggy Stardust"-era David Bowie, to suit the shape of the hat. Much product and hairspray were required.
Bathroom mirror selfie
I last wore the hat for the Steam Expo in April 2012. I bought it on consignment for around $24 about 20 years ago. I think I've worn it about 6 times total.

I did Drama make-up too:
A bit hard to see, but I did "wings" of my eyeliner and shiny copper eyeshadow, along with orange lips. I like the orange lipstick trend that's coming for Spring. I'm all over that trend!

I used my copper brooch to pull the back of the dress in a little bit and give it more shape.
It was dark by the time we headed to the Gallery - we left early and cabbed over to a friend's place afterwards for a 50th birthday party. Happy Birthday, Helene!

And my first wear of the sweet little furry stole that I thrifted for $10.50 over Christmas 2013 (here, way down at the bottom).
Added my purple leather gloves, my black Liz Claiborne purse and I was a plethora of texture!

L also looked amazingly dapper, in his yellow dress shirt, cream plaid wool vintage vest, vintage Christian Dior tie and his Tommy Hilfiger jacket.
He wore teal skinny jeans, and a two-tone pair of Fluevogs. We were a dashing couple!

The stuff:
 A better look at the green shoes.

And a blown-out shot of the Flower Pot hat.
I clipped my little lone copper earring over the feather stems. There is still some copper wire from my steampunk outfit on there, but it's keeping the feathers secure.

Lots of vintage copper bling.
 So fun! And that was only Friday!

Dress (vintage, thrifted), hat (vintage, consignment), shoes (Fly London), all copper jewelry (vintage, Renoir), copper pin (vintage, thrift).

L and I went to Floyd's for brunch, as is our usual Saturday. He'd wanted to wear a hat with his outfit on Friday, but I thought he needed a brown hat - which he doesn't have - so that was the Mission after lunch.
Barely any make-up, and minimal effort extended on the outfit. Dress, tights, boots, stuff.

It felt like wearing pajamas, but was not, *ahem* people who wear pajamas in public(!).
I last wore this here in February for the last Dress Week.
It poured rain as we walked around town, but at least it was warmer out! I last wore these boots in January (here) while thrift shopping.

I adore this vintage 70s leather coat - I still boggle that it was only $18.50. Wearing one of my Vera vintage silk scarves with it - I also had my cream toque and gloves, which I wore off and on.

The stuff:
Usual weekend-y type stuff. Leather, metal, all local, except for the earrings which are homegrown vintage from a store I worked in during the mid-90s.

Dress (Kensie), boots (Miz Mooz), coat (vintage 70s, thrifted), scarf (Vera, thrifted, vintage 60s), cuffs (SkinZnHydez and Catalyst Leather), leaf cuff (About Tine), earrings (LA Express, 90s).

L and I went to Roberta's Hats (THE hat shop in town), where he found a dashing brown fedora, and I fell in love with this Canadian-made lady bowler. It was $68.95 - thank you for buying it for me, L! 
We went to Flavour Upstairs, one of my super-secret vintage/thrift stores. They carry a bit of menswear, so we scoped for things for L (no luck), but I did rather well.

This gorgeous vintage faux-fur coat was marked down half price, for $27.99. It's a very dark brown, and has no brand label, although it does have the content tag.
It has nearly no wear on it, so I think it's just been sitting in a closet for years! I will give it a good home, although it's not going to get a lot of wear until next winter.

I also fell in lurve with this real fur hat.
It's so crazy, but I had to have it.

Also, only $12.99
Andre Hats of Montreal has been around for over 50 years. Dig that awesome vintage label and lining!

I spotted this classic linen-look pencil skirt.
Not actually stained cross the middle - it's wet from the rain.
 Great colour and fit.
Marked down to $9.99 - you can see the nice texture there. It's even machine washable! It's by Conrad C.

This necklace isn't top of the line quality, but I loved the cameo.
I think it's modern, but it was only $10. 

I also found this lovely silk scarf for only $5:
Cat not included
It has no label or signature, but it's soft and I love the colours/pattern.

I wore it today for a stroll down to get groceries and a quick browse through another thrift store (no luck). See how big it is?
Matching my clothes to my hair again too!

I last wore this sweater in November 2013 (here), with cobalt blue.
The leather skirt gets its second wear, first seen here in January with yellow.
I love the white stitching on it.

The boots are my Mini Babycakes by Fluevog, last seen here in January with caramel and black.

By the time I strolled home, the sun was out! What a treat! This coat was just right, and the silk scarf (Remoy d'Urville) wasn't needed anymore, likewise the fingerless gloves.

The stuff:
Bigass cameo and key earrings.

Sweater (Bandolino, thrifted), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), boots (Mini Babycakes, Fluevog), cameo (thrifted), earrings (local), coat (vintage 70s, thrifted), scarf (thrifted, vintage, Remoy d'Urville).

It was warm enough to open one of the deck doors for Vizzini - he was so happy!
"Back off, woman, I'm behind on my patrols."
 Officer Vizzini checks out everything.
He's very stretchy
There are little birds in the oak trees.
 This is the funniest pose.
"I'll just sit right he-- birds!"
 I hope your weekend was full of fun!


  1. So many fantastic clothes! I love how you nipped in your dress with a brooch - will steal that idea. And your new pink skirt looks like it could have a place of honor for Spring and summer, as you rock a pencil. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, and thanks, Officer V, for keeping stray birds out of mom and dad's condo. xo

  2. OMG, which pieces do I like the best? Well, the hat and flower dress are, of course, the stars of this post, but I also love the faux fur coat, the pink linen skirt, the copper jewelry, the cat - let's just say I love everything!

  3. What a glam look (first outfit); the tights are superb. Glad you had a fun time.

  4. First up adorable Vizzini!!! Watch out evil.birds!!!!!!
    Where to start??? I love all of the outfits but I am SWOONING over the floral dress with that hat!!! Amazing...the colors are perfect for you!!! And L is looking rather dapper!!!
    The new skirt is perfect for spring!!!

  5. You had a whirlwind of a weekend! Sounds like a lot of fun opportunities to get dressed up. Was the gallery event the opening of Carol Sabiston's exhibition? I must go and see it as she taught at my high school many years ago!
    We did brunch today and enjoyed a walk along Dallas. Was great that the sun came out...

  6. Wow! Just totally wow! You look amazing in everything! You are my accessorizing idol. I tend to forget the accessories. I am always wearing earrings and I usually toss on a scarf before I head out the door. That's about it. Most of my jewelry is apparently for display and for the cat to play with.

  7. Sounds like a great but busy weekend! I really like your gallery event outfit - so fun! And the sequin top is gorgeous, shame it wasn't very comfortable as it's certainly beautiful :)

  8. Like, Patti, I might be pinching your nip-in-the-back-with-a-brooch idea, that's clever!
    Love the velvet floral dress, and the sequin top looks amazing, even if it was a bit irritating to wear (maybe it's one to wear for a short duration like an evening out, rather than all day; clothes need road-testing, don't they?) You always rock the leather, the black skirt is a beauty, as is the coat. And the big old faux fur will keep you warm as toast next winter! xxx

  9. O, bloody hell, Vizzini is such a frigging cutie!!!
    Now, this is a veritable feast of frockage!!! So many details I just LOVE!!!
    Where to start?! Well, I love sequins, and that top is just scrummy! The way it falls is just lovely.
    Then I am very excited by your red coat, and how magnificent you are in your hat and wee stole! I have a similar stole in black and in off-white, and they are just marvellous for funking up an outfit with a wee bit of warmth!
    The copper jewellery rocks, the leopard tights with teal just sing, the black faux fur coat is divoon and the fur hat is right up my alley!!! I just pulled mine out and popped a couple of reshaping stitches in it ready for Winter, in fact!
    And I'm fancying that cameo; I don't mind if they're vintage or modern, I just love 'em!!! Good score! I reckon you can rock them up or down, really.

  10. Love every frame as always. You divine in hats ... a treat to see you without glasses, although you wear them really well. For me, your first outfit is almost always the best, but it's hard to pick today!

  11. There is so much amazing stuff in this post I don't know where to start! First off, the outfit you wore to the art exhibit is spectacularly cool - the hat looks like something Rosalind Russell wore in His Girl Friday, and your glasses and makeup coordinate with that amazing dress so well. I also love the shape of the sequined top - too bad it scratches! I found a black sequined T-shirt at a thrift store and it has a nice soft lining which makes it comfortable to wear, but the sequins still catch on everything. I love the shape and shade of that red leather coat, and you have such a wonderful collection of copper jewellery. It would be heaven to play in your closet! Oh, and that is one handsome cat you have....


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