Friday, March 14, 2014

Formal Friday: Lemon and Rainy Florals, and a Wee Shop

Hey-oh! Friday, Friday, Friday! Off to drink wine and hang with L, but first, clothes.
Spring, spring, spring! It feels right around the corner and bam! I am all about the colours now. I'm identifying some of the trends that I like - it's fun to change up one's style in a seasonal way. The trends never last too long anyway, right?

Although I generally dislike pastels on me, this lemon yellow cardi is saturated enough to work with my colouring. And I do adore yellow. I last wore it here in February, as a gateway outfit with houndstooth. I'm down to $3.00 per wear on it after 2 outfits!
The cami underneath is Liz Claiborne. I only wear it for layering. I liked the rich orange of it with the red and orange in the skirt.
The skirt's colour palette of cooler than the mostly warmer tones I usually wear, but I'm liking it. I last wore the skirt here in January with leather and ruffles (another spring trend I'm all over).

I love this raincoat! It started out a little sunny, a little rainy, then whoosh! Tropical downpour...followed by sun...then more rain. Typical.

The stuff:
I last wore my Presence Impulse shoes here in November, with cranes and snowflakes. My feet were happy in flats today.

Cardigan (no label, thrifted), cami (Liz Claiborne, thrifted), skirt (Attention, thrifted), shoes (Presence Impulse, Fluevog), earrings (the Cobbler).

Thinking about my spring wardrobe and colours, I went to the mall (I know! the horror!) after work. I went to Jacob to look at their Made in Canada items, and Le Chateau to look at their Made in Canada items; there was an excellent selection in both stores, with lots of dresses, pants and jackets on sale.

However, I had already found a dress at Migration, a small local business that sells all locally-made items, including clothes and jewelry. Check it out:
It's a gorgeous blush pink lace lined with blush pink satin. I hear blush is the new black (ha!).
It's by Walk in Clozet, and I can find nothing about them (although wow, I want a really big walk-in closet now). The dress was half off the already-reasonable $79.95.

Check out the awesome sleeves:
They split open! How cool! And the lace is flowers and spider webs! Awesome.

I also went to the Bay for more micro-fishnet nylons. I found a couple of cool pairs of socks for $4.00 a pair.
Do I dare wear them under shoes like shown on the tag?
I couldn't find where they're made on the tags or on the socks. But I am letting this go, as I am not into buying second-hand socks so much.

I also went to MAC in the Bay to stock up on some spring colours:
A nice pinky blush (I usually wear a darker coral) called Rosy Outlook, and three new shadows. The purple is Plum Dressing, the cream is Shroom (a long-time favourite that I was nearly out of), and the gold-y brown is Amber Lights, a colour suggested to me by reader Sheila (thank you!). MAC is all made in Canada! Woo!


Special bonus! Playing in my closet with my new dress.
Oh yeah, I'm totally going to wear that out some time soon. Gawd, I love that fur hat.

Special special bonus: boob shot!
This is what happens when you push the button but haven't set the timer for the stair picture.

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Gorgeous!! It's all so gorgeous! I was swooning over your skirt, cami and cardi and then swooned more over the blush dress. That's a lot of swooning. I hope I can make a trip to Victoria later in spring. The shopping is a little more exciting than Courtenay! Not that I 'need' anything.

  2. Gorgeous skirt. Love the colours and I think I might have been with you when you found it?
    I had a great week thrifting for clothes....I need a, bigger closet!
    The weather is getting milder and we will be embracing Spring clothing before we know it.

  3. Ha ha, I know you did the boob shot as preparation for your trip to Vancouver...
    You hit it outta the park with that vintage closet outfit. Now THAT's something I would like to see coming at me down the street. Great finds all round. I love your spring palette. Today was mighty promising weather-wise.

  4. What a wonderful outfit to ring in Spring - love the yellow cardigan and the big floral print on the skirt! It's warming up here too and I am starting to crave bright colours (and you've made me wonder now if I shouldn't wander along to a Mac counter to get a Spring update - it is my favourite make up brand). Love the blush pink lace dress too - what a find!

  5. How can Spring be arriving in Canada when, here in New York, we're still facing snow? Like everyone else, I'm so over Winter and can't wait for Spring's arrival but it's a ways off yet.

    I'd jump up and squeal if I saw you wear those colorful socks with heels!

  6. Your entire outfit announces spring… oh the joy to have an orange trench.
    And you "Walk in Closet" lace dress is divine, the sleeve detail is lovely.

  7. Hello, Spring! Love the orange trench over your fab floral skirt. And the new lacey dress too - can't wait to see it all decked out. xo

  8. Oooo, that lace dress is soooo pretty! I love it with the fur hat, and can't wait to see how you'll style the whole package.

    That skirt is so similar to one I used to have (bought second-hand in Seattle, and re-donated in the UK). Mine had the same print, but smaller and included a light turquoise. Now I wish I had it again!

  9. Such a gorgeous spring outfit! You always wear colour so well, I love how everything ties in perfectly with the skirt. I have skirts like that and always wear neutrals with them, I need to be more adventurous! :)

    The lace dress you bought is beautiful too!

  10. Always love that bright floral skirt, Sheila, and I am with you on yellow, I love it too.
    Great new frock, lacy sexiness, very nice! xxx

  11. Crikey, Spring has well and truly arrived up there!!!
    Such gorgeous colours! I'm loving the new frock, too. Lace rocks. I need more of it!

  12. Hehe to the last picture - I have totally had those kind of outtakes before!

    The lace dress is amazing!!


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