Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend Round-Up: A Day with Friends, and Officer Vizzini on the Beat

What a lovely weekend it's been. Nothing much of anything, although there was a flurry of cleaning (the house smells of bleach and lavender). 

L and I went for breakfast on Saturday morning.
The skies opened up and poured rain! Although it wasn't too too cold, I covered up more. But still - colour!

My Kraft Dinner yellow sweater was last seen here in early January, with black leather and the same power lines belt buckle.
My denim maxi skirt hasn't seen much action lately - I last wore it in a punk-inspired ensemble in November 2013 here. Aside for the aforementioned cleaning flurry (and a subsequent nap), I wore this skirt from 9:30 am till 2:00 am.
The barely-seen boots were last worn here in February.

My outerwear ensemble.
Complete with crazy hat! I have to thank Judith of Style Crone for inspiring me to wear hats more. Why not?

I don't mind the side-eye. I give good side-eye right back.

Also, I am wearing orange lippy - a spring trend I wholeheartedly embrace!
Yeah, I'm wearin' a hat, what of it?
The coat is a lovely wool Betsey Johnson that I thrifted (it's even made in the US!). I last wore it here (2nd outfit) on a December 2013 Saturday.

Here's a better look at this magnificent beast of a hat:
The pin is a Smoking Lily gold leather heart
It's beautifully soft and stays perched on my head without any clip or elastic - and without giving me hat-head!

It's an Henri original: 
Based on the shape, I'd say it's from the '50s.

Check it out - this precipitated many lewd comments later on in the evening.
"Genuine Supreme Beaver" with some crazy spelling of Czechoslovakia
This was a really sweet gift from my dear friend Elaine.

Jacket (Betsey Johnson, thrifted), sweater (Spense, consignment), skirt (InWear, consignment), boots (Gold Button), belt (Tony Lama, thifted), buckle (locally-made, gift from L), hat (Andre Original, vintage 50s, gift from Elaine), pin (Smoking Lily), necklace (Global Village, gift from Mom), earrings (local, gift from L), wood ring (Dots), purse (The Trend, thrifted).

A whirlwind cleaning of the condo ensued after breakfast and some chore shopping (as opposed to fun shopping!), L and I napped for an hour before heading to town to meet up with 10 of our closest besties for drinks and general carousing at the pub. Cat and Ross and the two of us had already planned an evening of Arkham Horror, so we left after a few hours.

There were points for wearing green for St. Patrick's Day. You can bet I will be green head to toe tomorrow!
Changed out the top for a green combo of lounge-around-the-house long-sleeved tee layered under this green sweater, which is an old Winner's purchase, and was last worn here (3rd outfit) in October 2013 for a weekend brunch.

I also swapped out the higher-heeled boots for my new-to-me Fly Girl shoes. Good for walking to and from town in the rain! I last wore them here (3rd outfit) a couple of weeks ago in another maxi skirt outfit - I need to wear them with a short skirt before I pack 'em away for fall.

As above, except: Sweater (Max Studio), tee (Plum), belt (vintage 80s, thrifted), necklace (gift from Mom).

With the warmer weather, Vizzini is busy catching up on the neighbourhood business. 
"Seagulls, cars, garbage bins...all as it should be."
Check for our neighbour's cat:
"He's not on at his post! I'll be reporting that."
 I like watching Vizzini's paws as he navigates the narrow ledge of the deck.
"And..gotcha! What's going on behind my back?"
 Squirrels are beginning to poke around in the Gary oaks.
"Begone, vile rodent!"
 Vizzini's so fast, he's often a blur.
"You gulls, back to your roof!"
 He sees all.
"Gotta check this end of the deck now - is that a bug?"
 There's always time for a quick break.
"And back to the --- *lick*"
 He never misses anything.
"What's that up there? A door frame?"
And around again he goes, on his patrol.
"It's safe to go about your business now, ma'am."
And all is right with the world. 

Hope you're having an awesome weekend!


  1. I HAVE had a good weekend, thank you! Loving the colourful sweater + maxi skirt look, Sheila - it's so simple but so stylish, and suits you perfectly. Genuine Supreme Beaver - yeah, I'd be sniggering too!
    Officer Vizzini, always alert and on patrol, I just love him! xxxx

  2. Yellow looks so good on you. Then again, green does too. You're like a chameleon!

  3. Great looks - I really like a denim skirt with a lively top, and wow, that's a fab hat. Every woman looks better with a Genuine Supreme Beaver. Yes, I am twelve! Love the Vizzini in Action sequence. King does the intense stalk-oh-wait-I-gotta-lick thing too, love it. xox

  4. Vizzini's pictures are zoo cute, i love the little whiskers and i really like that picture where you can see the purple tone of your glasses, its a true statement with the outfit. I don't think i had noticed the colour before.

  5. I'm always glad that I read posts first in a reader, and then take another scroll through it on the blog -- I did not see the awesome pin on the hat during the first read! I love how you blend vintage items with modern items.

  6. I love both those combos! Although green is one of my very favourite colours I don't have a lot of it in my wardrobe right now. I would love a sweater like yours. That is just my style! I am having some challenges thinking up my green outfit for St Patrick's Day!
    And I think all that needs to be said about beavers has been said, or at least that's my excuse for not being able to think of anything witty to say.

  7. Aww Vizzini is so cute! :)

    That denim skirt is so nice - lovely with both the yellow and green! :)

  8. That plaid jacket!!!! I want! So cute. And of course, so is Vizzini!

  9. Two magnificent beasts in one post - that gloriously funky hat, and the every elegant Vizzini!

  10. gorgeous as usual!, your jacket and pretty hat are so fabulous!!!


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