Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rusty 70s, Floral and a Cat-Bomb

Today started off with rain (rainrainrain, it never stops!), but ended sunny, and with the appearance of blue skies, my spirits were lifted! It's like magic! 
What else lifted my spirits? This springy outfit! At the last minute I swapped out my Boss Orange full skirt for this hand-me-over vintage suede 70s skirt of Elaine's. Good call, methinks.

For one, it matches my hair - like, exactly! How cool. There are no markings anywhere on the skirt, but since Elaine has had it...since the 70s, I'm going with...the 70s! I love it, and I love having something of hers. I met her in the bathroom at my old job, and we hit it off right away, being the only two people on the entire floor with any kind of fashion-sense. From now on, this is my Elaine Skirt.
Na nana nana nana - CAT BOMB!
The cardigan was feeling "meh" to me until I wore it again. I love the springy colours in it, the soft peach, brown, rust and light teal. I haven't worn it since April 2013 here - shocking! - I obviously left it in the autumn/winter wardrobe thinking I would wear it with all my fall colours. Yeah, no.
"I am a cat-bomb, gonna bomb your pictures, woman."
I wore a camisole under the cardi (boobular region coverage) and a full vintage slip under that. I wasn't sure how well the snaps would stay done up on the skirt, so I was covering my bases. I'm happy to report there were no Snap Malfunctions. The skirt weighed a ton, though.

I grabbed El Gato Monstro for a snuggle:
Little bugger went right for my earring.
"Na nana nana nana, I bite the things."
Ouch face.

The stuff:
I liked how the teal-y shade of these shoes went with the cardigan and the rusty skirt. I last wore them here in January with red leather pants.

Big copper bling:
I love my copper pieces.

Cardigan (Mexx, consignment), cami (Esprit), skirt (gift from Elaine, vintage 70s), shoes (Nine West, thrifted), copper necklace/bracelet (vintage 70s), earrings (locally made), belt (Club Monaco).


  1. The pictureof you holding "monster cat" is adorable!

  2. I agree, the monster cat hug is THE BEST photo! I love the clothes though, almost as much as. The cardigan is really pretty so it's great you got to wear it again.

  3. Isn't that funny, the cardigan that you weren't loving so much is just perfect with Elaine's skirt, what a fabulous outfit. Oh Vizzini, such a naughty, adorable boy! xxx

  4. That skirt is a stunning piece! And perfectly paired with that floral cardi! :)

  5. Fabulous vintage skirt (new trend = match the hair!) and copper jewelry. And I agree, that pic of you and Mr. Big is the best. xox

  6. Nice color on you. And pretty pic with the feline.

  7. I think I had that skirt in high school!!! I love it with the sweater!! Since it's so heavy think of all the extra calories you burned!!
    The best accessory is always a handsome rogue of a cat!!

  8. Awwww, rotten monster!! Watson's bad about chewing things too, especially shoe laces! Love the new skirt, it goes perfectly with your hair, and marvelously luxe copper jewelry.

  9. I used to have a suede skirt in that style, and they do weigh a ton! Love the colour of this one, and the sweater looks great with it.

  10. MeOW!! They do love the dangly things!!!
    Love these rusty tones, matching with your hair could be the new thing! I'm into it!

  11. Oh I can imagine Vizzini grabbing the earring! you look so good in red.


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