Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Olive the Colours! And Shoe Shine!

I am so excited to wear bright, light colours! Mind you, I'm not totally on board with this whole pastel thing, especially mint green, a colour that I particularly loathe (check me out in 2009, ranting about my mother-in-law's mint green walls of her house, ha ha). It's really hard to wear.

Not hard? Olive!
And red and blue! Because I like colour - all of/olive (hee, see what I did?) the colours. Except mint green.

My Ron Leal (namecheck: Canadian high-end designer) jacket, last seen here (2nd outfit) in January.
I've layered it over my red wool dress, which I last wore here in February with a serious multitude of reds. Not sure if I will keep this dress in my spring/summer wardrobe - although it's sleeveless, I have another lighter-fabric red dress (this one) that doesn't get as much love in the cold months.
I built the outfit around the scarf, of course.

The stuff:
My "I [heart] Billy" shoes. Which I never wear. I last wore them in May 2013 (eep!) here with a jacket I passed along. I think it's time to pass these along - they are about a half-size too small, and although I love them, I don't really LOVE them. It's a fine line.

I nearly forgot about Bella's "Shoe Shine" over at the Citizen Rosebud - go check her out, along with all the other well-shod peeps!

I spotted this scarf again the other day in my closet - I store my scarves in open shoe boxes, and my closet is in dire need of a clean-out so things are getting mess - and thought, "I need to wear this!" I put it at eye level (I'm very visual) and when I was planning my outfits on Sunday, I pulled the dress, shoes and jacket into the scarf party.
Simple accessories do the job.

Jacket (Ron Leal, thrifted), dress (The Limited, thrifted), shoes (I [Heart] Billy), belt (Danier Leather), scarf (thrifted), earrings (Joyce's, vintage 80s), ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. I like all the blues coming together and accessorising this outfit… nicely done.

  2. I thought I was the only person in the world who loathed mint green! My second loathing is peach. Peach and mint green together makes me murderous. You look adorablicious in this outfit! It's light without being pastel. A great transition outfit. Think Spring! Think Spring!

  3. I love how you wear red and green together so well! I always struggle with pairing red with things - I tend to stick to blacks greys or blues (denim). Although I guess olive is a neutral too! I definitely need to be more adventurous with my colour pairings :)

  4. Olive is my favorite! Love it here with blue and red.

  5. What a nice and interesting combination of colors. I'd have never put them together, but that's why I never look as good as you!

  6. Yes, olive green is a far more workable colour than mint. I just can't get excited about pastels, too wishy-washy and insipid for my tastes. Olive and red and bright blue - now you're talking! xxx

  7. Olive is a very workable color! I love me some mint, but I do enjoy the more muted tone of olive!

  8. I like olive better than mint on me...and I have never thought to pair it with red for some reason...great job, Shelia. This is a beautiful olive jacket!

  9. You really have a mastery with mixing color, Sheila- to me these is an understated play of color and it works, works, works. Love the flourish of the bow at your neck, and the finger candy.


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