Monday, March 10, 2014

Blue Skies, Blue Skirt

Oh, spring is in the air! And in my clothes. I am jonesing for my spring/summer wardrobe, and am excited about doing the Grand Swap at the end of the month. 
Three items I will NOT be getting rid of (and which will be staying in my spring/summer closet) are this top, this skirt and these shoes. Love 'em all.

I last wore the blouse here in February with a jacket. I didn't need a jacket today!
I really love how this blouse goes with everything! Today, I popped this skirt against it (there is a little bit of blue in the berries in the fruit part of the floral of the shirt).
I last wore this gorgeous vintage cerulean skirt here in January with black and white. I just realized that neither my blouse nor my skirt have labels in them. Weird.

The stuff:
My totally neutral metallic shoes were last seen - whoa, can this be right? - back here in August 2013 with a red red dress.

It's hard to see my necklace against my pasty skin, but I liked how ladylike it made me look (not act, ha).
The cross pin is actually at the back of the blouse, at the top of the neck. There's supposed to be a button and loop there, but it's missing, so I just pinned it. I'm so creative.

Blouse (no label, thrifted), skirt (no label, handmade, vintage, thrifted), shoes (Ralph Lauren, thrifted), belt (Plum), necklace (vintage, thrifted), bracelet (faux Gucci, gift from Mom and Dad from the 80s), pin (L's Grandma W), earrings (Aldo Accessories), lapis lazuli/Fulvia ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. What an amazing blouse. I admire your pencil skirt collection, great colour today! I dream of finding a long-enough leather one in any shade, and long-enough ones in any material.

    Sheila thank you so much for your comment! Our Beaser is the country-cat to The Vizzeen's city cat!

  2. The printed top is so nice with the bright pencil skirt! :) Glad to hear it's warming up a bit for you!

  3. You *are* so creative - I may borrow the brooch trick any minute. I just love the dark floral blouse against the aqua skirt. xo

  4. I just love the fit and colour of that pencil skirt, and it works beautifully with the floral blouse. Gorgeous! xxx

  5. I think you look marvellous and are right not to give any of these away.
    The idea of pinning the big pin on the back of your blouse is a really good one, brings attention to another part of the outfit, not just the front… i never thought of accessorising anything but the front: you know it you ARE creative.
    I have not been around much as I am in Bolivia… i am currently at the lobby waiting for my customer to pick me up and I thought checking you out would be a good way to start the day.

  6. Beautiful color blue! I love this skirt! Spring most definitely is in the air!

  7. Beautiful! If the blouse and skirt don't have labels, they are possibly home made. My mum's sewing was always better than many clothes you could buy and she once made me a skirt that looked very similar to the one you are wearing. I was reminded of it as soon as I clicked on your post!

    1. I always check that - the skirt is definitely homemade. You can tell by the sewing and the extra details. The shirt is a cheapo that someone's removed the tags from - probably Zara or H&M or Le Chateau. I love finding beautifully handmade homemade clothing in thrift stores - someone in Victoria is/was my size!

  8. Gorgeous shade of blue! Love the floral print...I smell Spring!
    I tried a pair of shoes similar to yours in an opshop the other day, but wasn't sure about the pointy I see you in yours I am kicking myself!!

  9. I looked in my closet this weekend and saw grey, black and more grey. Doing whatever I can to get bright colours to pair with all the dullness. The minute the weather picks up, it's great to see more and more colour on everyone (not that we could ever consider you dull!)


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