Thursday, March 13, 2014

Draggin' My Feet

This week is draggin', especially because I have a couple of days off soon. Might be the weather, which has decided it must rain in time for the weekend. 
Or it could be that I'm wearing dragons. Hah!

We had a huge visit of VPs from all over Western Canada at my office today. Best outfit needed! "Very professional, but still very Sheila," one of them told me (he's met me many times).

Looks like boxy blazers are back in style. Good thing I still have my awesome black boyfriend blazer that I thrifted ages ago. I last wore it here in December 2013 with a very Christmassy blouse.
The sleeveless blouse underneath is part of my dragon ensemble - it's scales! I first wore it here in November 2013 with pants (I know! Pants!).
My yellow skirt is just to die for. I *heart* it so much. I first wore it here in February with leopard and angora. Naturally, I got some kind of mark on it during my day, but it came out with my trusty Folex. All these light colours for spring - you've got to have your stain remover!

The stuff:
Many oohs and ahhs over my shoes. "Look, dragons!" I exclaimed as I hoisted my legs in a very unladylike way over my desk. You didn't actually think I am anything other than a total nerd when it comes to my clothes, did you?

I last wore them here in April 2013 with my green checkerboard dress. I don't wear them very often anymore, but I still love them. Never giving them up.
I mean, how often do you find shoes with dragons on them?

The bling:
A belt I'm fond of, my chain leather cuff (to go with the hidden chain on the neckline of the blouse), and a dragon pin of L's (it's stamped D'Orlan) that I think I found in a thrift store. Can't remember, too long ago!

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), blouse (Rachel Roy, thrifted), skirt (Mister Leonard, thrifted), shoes (Aldo), belt (Gap), cuff (handmade), pin (D'Orlan), earrings (real gold, gifts from L).


  1. I think your VP described your outfit very well.. so well that i think he might be following your blog ;)

  2. All sober business on the top half; fabulous colour below! Love that skirt and the lucky red shoes. xxx

  3. I hope you got a great big raise too, and a promotion. Okay, just a huge bonus would be okay as well.

  4. love the whole outfit! colors and proportions (skirt length) are perfect.
    great shoe envy :-)

  5. Your closet is a wonderland! Love the dragons, and the scales, and L's pin. xo

  6. That printed top is so nice! And your shoes are so pretty - I understand you showing them off! :)

  7. You did a great job on a "professional outfit that is still very Sheila!" I love that skirt SO MUCH.

  8. Gorgeous outfit, crisp and clean looking with that bright yellow. And dragons! How cool! Very business-like but still Sheila!

    And TGIF!!!!!

  9. What a great look- love the bright yellow pencil skirt, and the boxy blazer. BUT let's me honest: YOU HAD ME AT DRAGONS.

  10. DRAGON SHOES!! And Dragon pin!! My mum would LOVE this whole outfit. (She's a dragon lady! Literally! Most of her tattoos are dragons)


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