Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Last of the Darks

Only one more week of the fall/winter wardrobe after this one, and I'm going through my clothes and pulling items that I really want to wear one more time.
This jacket is one. It's a keeper, through and through. The skirt is still in its experimental stage, and I'm thinking it is more of a warm-weather item (not lined, very thin silk).

The jacket will be packed away with my heavier clothes. Something about summer and velvet, especially black embroidered velvet, that just doesn't work in the heat, ha ha. I last wore this jacket here in November 2013 - with the same shoes and the same cami! I prefer the wider belt in that outfit vs. this skinny one.
My skirt is Orange by Hugo Boss (look at me, name-dropping), and was last worn here in February.
As mentioned, I'm still not sold on the dress, but it was nicely swooshy and it feels gorgeous to touch. I'm going to give it 1-2 more shots, then decide if it's staying.

The stuff:
The last time I wore these sweet Pearl Hart Bellevues was with this same jacket (here). Such a great colour.

Simple bling:
Leaves of bamboo! These whacked me in the face every time I went up and down stairs.

Did I tell you guys about my newest Lazy Chick workout? I do the stairs at work, all 6 flights, 6 times a day. I set 3 reminders in my calendar: one for 10am, one for noon, and one for 2pm. I run down them, then run up, then down, then I take them two steps at a time. It's killer, but it's super fast. It's like a mini bootcamp at work!

Off to WW!

Jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), skirt (Orange by Hugo Boss, consignment), shoes (Pearl Hart Bellevue, Fluevog, purchased from Elaine), belt (Plum), earrings (local), ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. I do a similar thing - up and down the stairs 4 times.... but that's just getting to the bathroom and back :)
    Swooshy skirts are the best -- looking forward to you summer-ing this one

  2. Gorgeous jacket - glad you showed it to us one more time. And those shoes are just the bees knees!

    Such a good idea doing your workout on the stairs. As long as no one thinks you're a terrorist or something!

  3. The stairs work out was what Madonna did when she was on tour....and we all know what great shape she is in so Bravo Sheila!
    I scored a great skirt like the one you are wearing ....it is black (duh!) from Junior Sophisticates great fabric and $7.00 from Sally Ann....I attribute my finding it to you...I never used to look in the small section before we went shopping.

  4. It's all gorgeous! You have the most amazing things in your wardrobe. I am so ready to ditch the dark clothes but it's still so cold. I seem to have a bit of a gap in my wardrobe for the winter-spring transition.

  5. The stair workout at work sounds like a great idea! :)

    Glad you got to wear the jacket one last time before it got packed away with your winter things - it's very lovely. I really like it with the thin belt too, although you preferred a wider one.

  6. I love the mini-bootcamp plan - sounds really efficient! Goodbye for now to the beautiful velvet jacket. You look terrific. xo

  7. Oh those earrings are pretty! I can imagine that they would hit you a bit as you move though with how dangly they are!

  8. That jacket is just divoon!!! Such a gorgeous shape, and the embroidery makes my heart sing.
    Love the shoes too, they're just my kinda shoe!!!
    I can never fully pack Winter clothes away here, as being a small island, our weather is very changeable! We frequently get 4 seasons in one day! XXX
    PS: You're pretty awesome yourself!

  9. I think it would be hard to put that beautiful jacket away, but, I agree it is indeed a fall/winter piece. The good news is that it will feel like Christmas when you unwrap in autumn. For now...three cheers for spring! I hope you're going to show off those shoes again...I can see them working really nicely into a spring wardrobe. And bravo to you on doing a killer stair workout.

  10. Oh I do love that jacket! It's been decidedly chilly again here, so I am not quite ready to give up on the winter wear just yet! xxx

  11. this is really a stunning jacket and it teams so well with the Hugo Boss skirt and the sexy shoes!

  12. Lol! Your stair thing reminds me of high school. I went to a 4 story building that used to be two buildings (now fused with long hallways). Sometimes I'd have a class on one side on floor 1 with my next on the other side on level 4, and only 5 minutes to get there!! The worst.

    The best though is your jacket. So gorgeous.

  13. You make me remember that not having time to exercise is a cheap excuse… you make it happen no matter what!

  14. You are an inspiration and a constant reminder that there is no excuse for not excercising,


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