Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring on My Toes

Today is the first day of spring! It rained, hailed, was windy and sunny. Yeah, typical spring for us on the west wet coast. As I have a few days off coming up, today was my Friday - huzzah! And I only ended up staying a half hour late, way to go, me.
Look away, neighbours in your jammies, nothing to see here.
More things I'll be packing away: this vest and the skirt. Have you noticed that brown is a total non-entity in "fashion" right now? Brown nuthin' is what I see in the fashion rags lately. Not that I care what the cool kids wear (never been one), but it's interesting to observe.

The vest and skirt have a steampunk vibe, and I like that in autumn more. Both are keepers, of course.
The blouse will stay in my closet - as an awesome basic piece - but is getting a bleach job. Apparently my burgundy lace tights are not colour-fast, so I have small splashes of pink all over the shirt. Oops. I last wore it here in January with blurry florals.

The leather vest was last seen here in November 2013. It's not really a spring/summer item; it's better for layering. I paid $18.98 for it on consignment 3 years ago, and I've worn it dozens of times - that's great cost per wear!
I love the skirt so much. I last wore it here on the last day of 2013.

The stuff:
I had flowers on my feet! Spring on my toes! I love these Docs so much. Patti and Val, please treat yourselves! I last wore them here in February while I shopped like a boss. Since it was my Friday, I babied my feet with these cushy boots.

Leaf bling:
The leaves are Lucite but the metal of the necklace is nothing special and is quite worn. This necklace was loved by someone a lot before me - I like that.

Blouse (Uno Due, thrifted), vest (CAbi, consignment), skirt (Orwell, thrifted), boots (Doc Martens, consignment), necklace (thrifted), earrings (don't remember).

I'll be taking a bit of a break, but will be back soon. I hope y'all have an awesome weekend - and walk with spring in your step!


  1. Spring's supposed to be here, too, but it hasn't arrived. Secret -- I hate brown. Always have. I will never own anything brown, either boy-clothes or girl-clothes.

    1. My mother hated brown too. She said it reminded her of the nuns and friars habits....

  2. As someone who loves brown I have indeed noticed that it is not fashionable. That means lots of it will show up in the thrift shops. Yay! Your outfit is great and I love the boots with it. And the leaf necklace-oh lots of love for that!
    Enjoy your break! I look forward to more fantastic outfits when you come back!

  3. Oh yes the weather was all over the map today. I got soaked and pelted with rain and hail and I was not looking very stylish. I know you were keeping up appearances though....well done.

  4. Okay, okay, I'm on the verge of at least going to try on some Docs. Yours are pretty sweet, so I'll have to see what I can find.

  5. So glad you're on your break weekend! I think I missed the hail part, and the rain over here.
    All the windows are full of monochrome. I love your warm browns here.

  6. Yes, brown certainly isn't beloved by the fashionistas, is it? I do struggle not to feel a little drab in it, but as always, it depends what the pieces are and what colours you put with them. Your skirt and leather waistcoat are fabulous and definitely have that cool steampunky vibe. Love the necklace! xxx

  7. Yes! You're wearing Val's and my Docs! Looking fabulous, and happy first of spring to you. xo

  8. Awesome shoes as always!!

    Enjoy your break and your weekend!

  9. I'm sure brown will be back one day. For now, I'll stock up on the black, gray and navy since those neutrals suit me better than brown does. You, on the other hand, look great in brown. Happy Spring! Happy Weekend!

  10. I love brown it is one of my best colors or maybe I should say neutrals. I have made all sorts of brown clothes lately for that reason it is hard to find it. I too am a red head girl so maybe that is why I like brown and it likes me.

  11. Slick! Love a waistcoat. Love those floral Docs!!!
    Brown is awesome. I used to loathe it, but G wears it so well I have been converted. I especially like it with orange and yellow...very 70's!

  12. Brown will come back around again!! The best part of thrift in and wearing whatever you like is we aren't slaves to whatever the "in" color or stylE is!!! Have a fantastic weekend!!!


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