Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Think Pink! and Florals

The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom here - it's so pretty! I must get out this weekend and take some pictures. Until I do, you'll have to imagine it. Let me evoke it with some pink.
I've been on the lookout for the perfect pink skirt for a while (much like the search for the perfect red skirt). Searching for that kind of perfection is kind of fun, especially when you're poring through the chaos that thrift stores can be.

My dark floral blouse gets another airing (with super-secret hidden-in-plain-sight necklace!). I last wore it here in January, while demonstrating how I pre-plan all my outfits on Sunday.
The skirt was thrifted on the weekend here. It's a smidge big on me, but I don't mind that. Better than being too tight!
I have pale pink fishnets on. I skipped a belt because of the loose waist, and also because this blouse has a tendency to untuck when I lift my arms.

The stuff:
Sweet Coffee shoe goodness - my Sumatras were last worn here in February (speaking of perfect red skirts, there's my leather one).

My secret floral necklace. It goes so well with this blouse.
I enjoyed all the pinks, purples and in-between shades. I felt perfectly spring-y!

Blouse (no label, thrifted), skirt (Conrad C, thrifted), shoes (Coffee Sumatra, Fluevog), necklace (local), earrings (Le Chateau).


  1. Sheila, I just got back from shopping. I was all in to greys and yellows because someone was wearing them earlier this week, and I get home and find you in pinks. Now all I want to wear is pink! Go shopping again? If I must!

  2. Your necklace really is a great match for the blouse.

  3. That necklace was made for that blouse Sheila - and there is something about this beautiful top that reminds me of the European painters.

  4. Oh so pretty for spring! You look like a little cherry blossom yourself in that outfit. Love the shoes and the pink laces.

  5. Pink and purple are perfect at this time of year...cherry blossoms abound!
    I found a purple leather cross body bag at Sally Ann today...Italian ~ Gianni Bernini.
    Wasn't it brilliant weather today? So warm and sunny!

  6. That blouse and skirt are perfect together! Such a cute pink outfit :) And I really like that floral necklace with it, like you said it's a beautiful pairing :)

  7. Gorgeous. I knew that skirt was going to look fantastic. Pink fishnets too - the cherry on the sundae. xo

  8. Beautiful shades. And one would never know the skirt is large. Great outfit.

  9. That is a great pink skirt! I like that it's kind of a dusty rose color. My pink pencil skirt is almost TOO bright at times, something like this is a little more subdued, but super lovely. Love it!

  10. YES, YES, YES! Lovely, dusky pinks....lovely. Those shoes are just perfection, darling!

  11. Fabulous pink skirt, love it with the dark floral blouse and hidden necklace! xxx

  12. That shirt is the perfect pairing for that necklace. Gosh, is it spring already?!


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