Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Fluevog Friday, Shopping, Attack Cat and Holes in My Ears

Oh my, what a weekend it's been! I started with Friday's Fluevogs.
And a little stripes and polka dots. I wore the jacket all day, except when I was running up and down the stairs. All second-hand, except for the shoes and the earrings, both of which were ethically-sourced/made, so linking up to Bella's "Second-Hand First" here!

The jacket is my Danier Couture consignment leather, last seen here with a pouf in March. 
I like a striped top, but I still haven't found the perfect one. This one was last seen here (2nd outfit) in September 2013.
I loved wearing my red polka-dotted pants again - they were last seen here (2nd outfit) in March with paisley.

Spring temps are finally arriving, although it rains without warning.
Hat needed, as are the scarf and gloves.

The stuff:
Triple green! First wearing of my wonderful Half Truths Tanya shoes (purchased here last weekend). I wore them around all day, including walking to the bus stop, walking several blocks to lunch with my boss, and walking home after work after drinks with my coworkers. My heels did get rubbed by that lip at the back a bit, but overall they were lovely to wear.

Green bling:
The necklace is my mom's, another one pilfered from her jewelry box when I was a teenager, around 1984-5. I think it's from her childhood, so probably from the 50s. I'll probably get corrected on that.

The earrings are new, also purchased last weekend.

Jacket (Danier Couture, consignment), top (Truworth by Finnegan's, consignment), pants (Tara Jarmon, consignment), shoes (Half Truth Tanya, Fluevog), coat (corporate swag, former job), gloves (Parkhurst), scarf (Smoking Lily). 

On Saturday, L and I went for brunch with friends Nick and Elaine. Elaine and I went shopping afterwards.
Dressed for shopping: easy on/off clothes, tights, camisole, and minimal jewelry.

One of my forgotten "soft tops" that doesn't live in my closet, this is a lovely soft blue top that I got at Plum many years ago. I last wore it in August 2013 for L's high school reunion (here, 2nd outfit).
Purple skirt! I did the big closet changeover today, and this skirt stayed out for spring/summer. I probably won't wear it much in the summer, but leather is awesome for our wet, damp springs. I last wore this beauty here in January with the same tights.
I packed these boots away for the season, but I'm hoping to find a replacement pair for them over the next 6 months. I also want to replace my semi-casual brown boots, so I'll be doing a little off-season searching for my long-range wardrobe planning. I last wore these here in February with pink and grey.

I also put this white leather jacket in the giveaway pile (which grew by a lot today, and moved to the library).
It looks nice and white in the pictures, but the quality is not that good (the leather is very stiff), and it's very discoloured in places. Time for a better-quality replacement.

Top (Oxmo), cami (InWear), skirt (Chia, vintage 80s, thrifted), boots (Aldo, consignment), jacket (Le Chateau, consignment).

Someone would like to introduce my shopping loot:
"Yes, yes, I'm happy to see you. Now rub my tummy."
He rolled around back and forth, then went after my feet.
"Go ahead, these claws aren't sharp."
Pink toes on purple hose!

Elaine actually spotted these in the St. Vincent de Paul - they didn't fit her, so I tried them on.
They're a little snug, but they have stretch as they're plastic.

However, Vivienne Westwood "Anglomania + melissa" is a brand I know!
I have these white and copper hearts shoes too (pic).

This is the actual colour.
Bright pink! The design is the "holy hand grenade" symbol that's in the shoe. You can't see it unless you're really close up, but the entire inside surface of the shoes are also embossed with the same design. I saw these same shoes on eBay for $99 US. What did I pay? $4.00. Yup, $4.00.

This isn't good quality by any means, but the cut is really cool.
It actually has belt loops set into it, to cinch the waist with a belt. I liked the "hidden picture mindgames" design. I see zebras and wolves in it! It's by Streetwear Society and was $4.00.

I found this lovely dotty scarf for $2.00.
I like the graphic design and the high-contrast colours. It'll look great with all my yellows this summer.

It's by Echo, and is 100% silk.
Houndstooth thumb update: still no chips although my nail growth is starting to show.

Vizzini cannot resist a scarf. I lay them on the floor to photograph and he gloms onto them right away.
"Now you see it..."
I don't know what it is about scarves. He doesn't do this with anything else.
" you don't."
I always keep my eyes out for good items for L. I lucked out with this awesome shirt.
It's a very pale yellow with orange, pink and taupe rings. The content tag has been removed from the neck, but I can tell that it's silk by feel.

I looked up Toscano and see that they are sold at Nordstrom (we don't have those here in my neck of the woods, only south of the border) for between $55 and 65.00.
$4.00 is just fine by me. L loved it - it will go with his orange pants!

You sewers will appreciate the amazing finishing on this shirt.

Every seam was double-stitched; no unbound edges at all. That's quality!

Elaine headed off and I went on to the Hospice Store to check out their new spring stock. I found this lovely silk blend skirt.
It's by Precis Petites, one of my favourite brands. Excellent quality and classic cuts in high-end fabrics. 

You can see the nice weave here. This will be great for summer.
An excellent deal at $12.00. I know that their skirts start around $120.00 new. 

Elaine's also recently cleaned out her closet - she thought I might appreciate this vintage turquoise suit. 
It's that early 60s, Jackie O-inspired cut: a very boxy jacket over a pencil skirt. I love the colour and the awesome brown pearlized buttons.

The skirt is a perfect fit, however, it has some moth damage around the hem.
I'll probably wear it anyways - I love the colour!

The fabric is a knit, as you can see here. Judging by the moths, it must have a large amount of wool in it!
 By Niccolini, and Made in Canada. The company dissolved in 1991.
Nice that this wasn't made in a sweatshop.

I did one other thing while I was out shopping, but we'll get to that. I had Winesday on Saturday night, so I was rushing around after shopping and didn't take a picture of my outfit. Today/Sunday, I wore the exact same outfit again to go get groceries.
Um, and I might have done a bit more shopping after that.

A crazy weekend outfit. Woo hoo!
I swapped out the top for my black Morena skirt, last seen here in March with my Leia jacket.

I also added a Smoking Lily obi, and yeah, I'm wearing knee high socks instead of tights. I was comfy.
I had to wear my new pink shoes! They weren't too bad for an afternoon of walking around, although the toes were a little squished.

Skirt (Morena, consignment), obi (Smoking Lily), cuffs (both thrifted), shoes (Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + melissa, thrifted), necklace charms (various).

I did well at the WIN Boutique, finding this gorgeous Planet blouse:
It has a nice finished bottom, the asymmetrical ruffle and is a gorgeous tonal striped tomato red.
You can see the striping there. It's polyester and machine washable. Not bad for $13.50.

I love finding these structured knit shells; they are perfect under a spring jacket. Much better than a camisole.
This is almost a chartreuse yellow. It's by Cable & Gauge.
 I thought $9.50 was reasonable.

I have been mentally scoffing at the Hawaiian prints in the fashion mags - it always ends up looking cheesy on me.
I don't think I'll look like a tourist in this lovely Talbots skirt. The colours are amazing, aren't they? That yummy citrus orange with the lovely magenta pink?

It's a silk-blend and was $14.50.
I loved this purple, orange and pink scarf:
"Time to play!"
 So did Vizzini.
"I love this scarf soooo much."
He immediately started drooling on it. The scarf was $3.50 and is 100% silk. It's by Perfect Match, and I see by their website that their small scarves start at $15.00, so I did pretty good.

One thing that I didn't buy, but got back yesterday was this vintage belt. This was originally my Mom's belt, from the 60s. I liberated it from her wardrobe in the 80s (probably 1984-5) to augment my own wardrobe.
When I first met my friend Caro, I was close to 200 lbs. She was so gorgeous and slim and I thought this belt would look amazing on her (I could barely do it up), so I gave it to her. She never let go of it, and last night at Winesday she gave it back to me. It means a lot to have it back. I bet my mom will be glad to see it, and know that I didn't irrevocably lose a piece of her history.

Maybe it will make up for getting my ears pierced. Again.
The 3rd hole is new - I had the first hole done with Mom in 1980, I think, when I was 12-13.
 And again.
I had my second holes done a year later -  I had to have a letter from Mom in order for the person in the t-shirt shop to agree to do it!
And again. Sorry, Mom!

I have wanted the 3rd hole on both ears for many years, but I didn't want to go to a teenager in Claire's at the mall to do it with one of  those brutal "staplers", so I went to Hannah at Urge Studios to have it properly done. She was so thorough in explaining everything; it was like being in a dentist's office with all the instruments laid out. I felt very much in safe hands!

I'd been considering having a 4th hole on my right ear, but with the even distribution of the lower 3, for a 4th one to have the same spacing, it would have to go through cartilage. And once we started having that discussion, it was an easy jump for me to want a piercing high up on my ear. I chose a little green opal (my birthstone).

All three piercings were quite sore last night, but I have very little pain today, and there is no bleeding, crusting or general gunkiness and grossness that I recall from my original two holes. I will replace the hoops once my ears have fully healed. I have the matching small diamond earring, and hmmm, what about one of Wendy B's emoji earrings?

I know this isn't to everyone's taste, but I'm very happy with my decision and feel very badass.


  1. What a great weekend and gorgeous new items for your wardrobe.
    I love your cat and the scarves, they do make you laugh don't they - my little black and white cat has a penchant for bags and never met a bag she wouldn't try to sit on.

  2. Congrats on your extra piercings! :) I had a bad experience with my first one, so I think you're brave for going for multiples! I'm definitely not getting any more than what I have, and I wear the same studs in them every day. Not very adventurous!
    Vizzini is so cute with your scarves :) Such great purchases too! But I have to say I really like your blue and purple Saturday shopping outfit the most!

  3. I love your pants! very sexy shape and colour!
    I love the purples on you a lot!
    the items are lovely - awesome and very chip shoes (must be so comfy!). look great on you!
    very nice blazer and skirt in green! love it

    P.S. I feel like I'm makeing a short notes not to forget anything! so very informative!

  4. Your shopping trips always amaze me - you have such a great eye, wish you were here! Love the leathers, the hot pink shoes, L's shirt, and all the other groovy things. Hey V, looking sassy!

  5. You are badass. And those red pants -- oh, my! Do they have a zipper or are they stretchy? (I don't see any zippers and they don't look stretchy; wondering how you get them on; sorry to be so nosy.)

    1. They have a hidden zipper on the side. It makes them look like they don't have a zip. No worries - thanks for the question!

  6. Wow! You found some great things. I love the pink skirt and the floral skirt, which is definitely not cheesy Hawaiian print. I stole/borrowed a similar belt from my mum too but eventually lost it. :( I bought a similar one not long ago but find I don't wear it much. I had my first ear piercings around age 12 too and got the third holes done a couple of months ago. It took over a month for my ears to stop hurting but I didn't have any problems with bleeding or infections. I found it hurt when I slept on them. I have always wanted to do a little one up high on the ear but I change my hairstyle so often that much of the time it wouldn't show. Oh and before I forget-Love your polka dot and stripes outfit. So jaunty!

  7. I want those polka dot pants! They are so cute! I also want to cuddle Vizzini! Give him a pat for me!

  8. Love the spotty trousers with the striped top, and your purple leather skirt is just fab.
    As always, you find excellent pieces, and the green 1960s suit is terrific. And how cool that your friend returned your mum's chain belt! Your new piercings look great, and I think Vizzini must want his own scarf collection! xxx

  9. Yeah, baby, you ARE badass!!! The piercings look great. I have 3 holes, but only use one. Can't remember when I had them done, all in Australia, I think.
    Vizzini is such a PRECIOUS!!!! Scarf mania!! Peepers has a thing shoes, just like her Mama.
    The pink VW's are pretty groovy, and what a score! It's amazing what you can find for a fraction of the retail price!
    So much goodness in this post...polka dots and stripes, green glow, purple leather! O, and I love the new red top, the odd little ruffle is just gorgeous!

  10. I love the stripes and polka dots in that first outfit! You look sort of beatnik, but with a dotty twist. And that Hawaiian print skirt is gorgeous! What a great find.

  11. I always enjoy your weekend update posts!!! You score the coolest stuff!!! I really adore the Talbot skirt !!! And Vizzini the scarf bandit!!!

  12. I am sold on that first look Sheila - the polka dot trousers and striped top with the green accessories.. just perfect!
    And I know you're a bad ass - you're the one that has to be happy with your new piercings not anyone else :)
    Oh and the Melissa shoes were a STeAL !

  13. YOU have the best thrifting eye. I am in in an ooh ah mode over here. Great shoes, greeat stuff. and hello kitty!


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