Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Last Plaid and Dior Slip

Continuing with my theme of wearing stuff I'm about to put away, one more go for my red plaid dress.
I might also pack away these boots, but because they're short, they make good "shoulder season" transitional items for chilly April/May and autumnal September days.

Another go of this Forever 21 (I know!) incredibly elaborately-made top. I liked it much better with the pencil-shaped bottom versus the pouffier skirt that I wore it with last time, here, in February.
Although this red dress is unlined and therefore could be a candidate for spring/summer wear, it just feels like a cold-weather piece to me, as it goes nicely with navy, blacks and greys. I last wore it here (way down near the bottom) in late December 2013 with my usual blacks. I'm not terribly creative with how I style it, but I do really like the dress.
It makes my butt look good (that could be all the stairs!) and it has pockets. What's not to love?

You'll notice that I have a substantial amount of slip hanging out. Here we are:
That's what it looks like. It's a dark grey satin slip trimmed with a substantial amount of lighter grey lace. It's a half-slip, meaning it only covers the bottom half, as opposed to a full slip (top and bottom).

I found it at the Patch in 2011 (first time wearing here), and yes, it's Christian Dior.
How very cool. I paid $14.95 for it, which is a little on the pricey side, but considering I wear it at least once every couple of weeks, it's getting good cost per wear.
"Int. Ladies Garment Workers Union" - that was dissolved in 1995, so it's prior to then.
Despite what the tag says, I machine wash on delicate and dry on delicate - that has removed the original issue I had with the stiff lace snagging up my tights.

The stuff:
I love these boots. They are so comfortable to wear. They're starting to get a little battered, but they've got a few good years in them still. Ha, I last wore them with this same top, here.

Red bling:
I love that leather cuff. I want another one.

Top (Forever 21, consignment), dress (Plum), boots (Marc), cuff (Rimanchik), slip (Christian Dior, thrifted), earrings and ring (local).


  1. I don't think i had seen this slip before! and i actually like how it looks underneath the dress.

  2. I love that cuff too! In fact I love the whole outfit, and I agree, the top looks great over the straighter shape of the dress. I think I would be wearing those pieces all year round, our summers are so unpredictable! xxx

  3. I really like that top layered with the dress, such a nice combination of the pattern with the tartan! :)

  4. I was a little worried when you said you were going to pack the dress away you meant for giveaway, so I was relieved when I remembered "it's the big wardrobe changeover weekend". Phew! It's a keeper

  5. There is just something about red plaid that feels very wintery, so I can understand wanting to put it away. I love seeing it one more time though!

  6. Love this dress, and I love the look with the lace topper.

  7. Well! That's one of my favorite stylings of yours! Killer combination, and cool on a bunch of levels. Highland steam? Have you created a whole new genre? No surprise there. It works like a charm.

  8. You are reminding me that I need a plaid frock SO BAD!!!!
    Love those boots, I need them too...........!!! XXX

  9. I love this punky look! Red plaid does look fairly wintery, I agree. But it's hard not to love the dress (and of course the weaved sweater. I've got a major thing for those).

  10. I really like the way you dress especially the slip with the lace showing at the hem of your dress.


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