Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Here's to 2014!

And with a pop of the champagne cork, just like that, one year is over and another has begun! 
From my fam (including photobomber Vizzini) to yours: Happy New Year!
L put together his outfit - with a minor polish/bit of feedback from me. He is getting very good at his own styling! His wonderful orange satin pants are Versace (purchased second-hand in Vancouver for $75.00), the shirt is a vintage 70s ripple-pattern that I thrifted for around $10, the jacket is a vintage linen one (thrifted by me for $9.99), and his shoes are Fluevogs. The shirt has waves of baby blue in it, matching the shoes.

L and I continued our tradition of partying the year out with our good friends. We often go out for a posh dinner, then back to a residence to continue the party. Last night, the restaurant we went to took over 3.5 hours to serve us our 5-course meal (seriously, we finished our meal after midnight!), so we missed seeing in the New Year at Cat and Ross'. However, we did get to take most of the restaurants' helium balloons home!

What I wore:
My lovely shimmery red/black taffeta dress, purchased on consignment here in early December for $38.98.
Vizzini has decided that the hallway is the trendy place to be in 2014 
I added my black stomacher with a caramel belt over it, and I have a black lacy slip under the skirt of the dress (it has a liner and a puffy crinoline, but I wanted a little extra warmth). I liked my "holey" tights.

I also wore sparkly false eyelashes:
And my black feather fascinator. Isn't that shoulder bow awesome?

And who loves to come out for a fun time? The Unsafe Polar Bear!
I had a blast dashing across traffic-less streets, and encouraging others to do so. Traffic lights and walk signs are guidelines, people! Hee hee, don't worry, Mom, I didn't do anything stupid.

We partied till the wee hours - my head didn't hit the pillow until 4am.

The stuff:
My lovely Qtee Minis, last seen here in December with my wonderful red suit. I walked to town, and to Cat/Ross', then L and I walked Elaine home, then finally back to our place early this morning.

The bigass bling:
I love that cuff.

Dress (Bellissima, consignment), stomacher (InWear), belt (Club Monaco), fascinator (Heart's Content), shoes (Qtee Mini, Fluevog), earrings (Plum), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), cuff (Midzo, thrifted).

As I wrap up my 6th year of blogging (seriously, I started in 2008! That's insane!), this isn't the first New Year's Eve outfit I've posted. Here's a little retrospective of my blog NYE get-ups of the previous five years (some of the posts linked also have pics of L's outfits, and aw, some pics of my old kitty Inigo).

New Year's Eve 2008:
My Betsey Johnson dress, purchased new at half price for $400 (at the time, I didn't disclose the price because I didn't want L to know how much it was). I still have the dress, but I'm about 5 lbs away from comfortably wearing it. I last wore it here in 2010 for my Day With Auntie Sheila for my niece Zoe's 11th birthday, with a t-shirt under it and rocker accessories. I need to wear it again - that's a good goal!

I'm in my wacky hair phase where I enhanced the natural curl. I thought the pink tights were really outrageous at the time. I still have those shoes too - I last wore them for my birthday in 2012, here. I still have those same pink tights, too! They've lasted well!

New Year's Eve 2009:
I bought this dress for $8.00 at the WIN thrift store - it's pretty awesome and deserve another wear! I last wore it in 2011 here for my birthday party.

I don't have those shoes anymore - I never liked how they looked on. That big ruffle down the front made my feet look chunky. I am glad my hair is shorter now too.

New Year's Eve 2010:
Such a cool dress! I gave it away in 2013, as I'd only worn it a couple of times - it was pretty limiting for changing up the look. I do still have those shoes, though! Some goofy hair going on there!

New Year's Eve 2011:
Love this dress! I also love the amped-up crimped hair and the crazy furry bag (I gave that away this year too). I still have the dress - it was last seen here in December 2012 with those same pink tights. I still have the shoes (which I wear all the time, last time here in November).

New Year's Eve 2012:
I still have all the elements of this outfit: the pewter leather skirt (here, Sept 2013), the floral blouse (here, December 2013) and the leather bustier (here, with the Traveling Yellow Skirt in November 2013) and my Marc boots (here, October 2013). Even the top hat and the floral necklace are still with me!

Anyway, I'm off to make the first dinner of 2014 (spaghetti), and then am going to settle back on the couch for some quality time with my sweeties (L and Vizzini). Back to work tomorrow!


  1. Lovely couple!

    My New Year's Eve traditions are so tame I never seem to dress up, but next year I may just have to insist we go out.

  2. The only thing more impressive than orange satin men's pants is a man courageous and stylish enough to wear them. Kudos to your guy.

    And your sparkling eyelashes are adorbs!

  3. Love your new years outfit! Glad you had a good start to the new year with friends, although how frustrating they took so long to serve you in the restaurant!

    Congrats on your 6 years of blogging too - that's awesome!

  4. I don't know what I admire more-- your fashion sense or your nonstop social life! Love the retrospective of your previous years' fabulous outfits, though I think this year you managed to top them all. You and L look positively rockin'.

  5. I loved the retrospective of your NYE looks! You and L are gorgeous together - happy new year to you and let's make it fabulous. xoxo

  6. I love that you and L share a delight in dressing up for an occasion! You are a super stylish couple, and all your NYE looks are wonderful! Here's to many more! xxxx

  7. L is rocking that outfit!!! I adore that dress on you and it shows off your ink!!! The retro s objective was fun seeing your different do' s !!!! Happy New Year!!!

  8. The two of you make a beautiful couple, dressed to the nines on a New Year's Eve. I'm sure that heads were turning along your path! I love the retrospective! I'm so impressed that you've been blogging for six years.

    Your hat adds that special touch of glamour to an already gorgeous and festive ensemble. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack.

  9. Happy 2014, Sheila! Great NYE outfit -- love the dress, and the addition of the stomacher with the belt was just the right accessory.

  10. Great outfits. I love a woman who dares to be different. They all look very good. As I am more conservative (and hating it) I would choose the red one of 2009 as my favourite. Also because you have such an amazing figure in it.
    The 2011 is also great, as is the bag which you gave away (!!!).

  11. Oh happy new year to the dashing couple!
    I loved seeing again your previous NY eve's pictures, gosh you rocked that long red dress.


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