Monday, January 6, 2014

Chinese Tunic and Leather Pants

Oh yeah, I went there: red leather pants for work again. Heh, on a day when 8 new people started too! Hee hee!
This was the first day back at work after a few weeks for many of the people in my office, so it was fun to remind them of how whackadoo I can be.

My Tian Art tunic gets another wearing - I last wore it here in October belted and with a long skirt. 
Love that hot pink satin lining! I have a cami and a thin sweater on underneath it for warmth - sending the rest of Canada and the US "hurry up and warm up!" vibes. It isn't anywhere near that cold here on the coast! Stay snuggly, my friends!
Somebody wants me to stay home - me too, bud!
The pants are my fabulous leather ones from the Gap, thrifted for $24.50 and first worn here in early December with ruffles and a whole lot of shine.

The stuff:
The trim on the jacket has a bit of blue in it, so I like popping that off the burgundy. This time, I used these blue-y-green-y shoes (also: flats for Monday were very much needed!), which were last seen here (2nd outfit) with navy and my Leia jacket.

Big bling:
I'd forgotten about those Shi Studio earrings - they were a gift from my friend Sherylyn a few years ago.

Tunic (Tian Art, thrifted), pants (Gap, thrifted), shoes (Nine West, thrifted), cuff (St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop), earrings (Shi Studio), red ring (Oscar & Libby's), Fulvia Ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. That tunic is beautiful with the red pants! :) And a wonderful outfit for greeting your new starters at work! :)

  2. I love this combo. The colors. The proportions. A heaping helping of both the 'exotic' and the bad-ass. And it makes your hair color shine.

  3. Groovy look - I love the Asian influence with hot red leather trousers! Show those new employees how it's done : >

  4. Super-glamorous and exotic for a Monday in January, Sheila - I love it! Great colours, and fabulously luxurious textures. xxx

  5. Ooo, leather! SEXY! I've never seen anything like that tunic before, it's really rather fabulous!
    I don't think I've ever owned anything other than shoes or a jacket in leather before! Hmmmmm, I think a leather frock or something different could be quite funky. Nice and warm for Winter. The cuff and the red stone ring are my fave accessories here! XXX

  6. Oh that tunic... Yup, it does work to stunning effect. And zapping it with those red leather pants is an awesome idea. I'm glad you're setting the proper style rules for the new recruits.

  7. I love that you wore red leather pants for work! I love shocking the corporate types at my company, as well.:)

  8. LOVE the red leather with the Chinese satin-y jacket!!
    I think it's awesome you letting the newbies know you're not some corporate uniform wearing dullard!!!

  9. That tunic is SO fabulous. I also adore the colors.

  10. This outfit makes me think of a chic art gallery owner.... i think it's so artistic :)


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