Friday, January 3, 2014

Casual Friday - Grey Brocade

Well, TGIF! Don't you just hate those mid-week stat holidays? Bring on the weekend!
Formal Friday! Boots, long skirt and a funky jacket (with a little velvet cami-top), that's the ticket.

I love this brocade jacket, but I almost never wear it. In fact, I haven't worn it since the February 2012 capsule (recap here). I wore it twice in that capsule: once with a purple skirt and once with a grey skirt. Before that, I'd only worn it just after I bought it (here, in November 2011).
What do you think? Keep? Or donate?
The skirt is one of my favourite denim pieces. I last wore it here (3rd outfit) in November, with my cream brocade jacket. This skirt just demands brocade.

The stuff:
My lovely Marc boots, and feather earrings. I last wore the boots here in October for my Monster Bash costume.

Jacket (Naughty), skirt (Optionelle, consignment), cami-top (Bianca Nygard, consignment), boots (Marc), earrings (local).

Happy weekend!


  1. Beautiful! I love the contrasting violet detailing on the front. I vote for keep. You love it, and it looks amazing on you.

  2. Ugh, I thought today was Tuesday and went to the gym really late...they close early on Fridays! But it feels like a Tuesday.

  3. That jacket is beautiful! I want to say keep, so that I can see it crop up again on your blog, haha! :)

  4. Huh! I love the jacket, almost thought it was new. Maybe get it a couple more go-arounds to see if you'll wear it?

  5. Ok - I am finally delurking to say that you simply must keep that gorgeous jacket. (I feel like such a creeper - I am guilty of following blogs and being too shy to comment...)

  6. You are so talented at finding great pieces, Shelia. I adore this is fabulous! Great work! For sure keep it!

  7. I vote yes to the jacket! It really has personality, and you look fab.

  8. It's a gorgeous jacket so I would keep it thuggish winter and see if I could wear it more

  9. Ooo, you are slick!!! I love you take on CASUAL!!! Huzzah!
    Those BOOTS are divoon!!!
    I do like that jacket. It IS the kind of item you only wear rarely, but I suspect it's terribly useful to keep tucked away!
    Happy New Year, darling sexpot, to you and your loved ones, with extra schmooches to vizzini!

  10. Oh keep, keep! It's got that fabulous steampunk-y vibe you like so much, it fits really well, and you could use it to va-va-voom up all sorts of plainer skirts, I reckon. Love it! xxx

  11. If you don't keep the jacket, send it to me! It's gorgeous! But I think you should keep it to wear with that same skirt and boots again. The silhouette is lovely!

  12. LOL THUGGISH WINTER???? Sounds like a punk band. This is why I don't comment from my kindle-LOLOLOL

  13. Uy, i like this jacket, but if you have only worn it 3 times in all of these years, maybe someone else can have it.
    However brocade is something i would hold on to. This is a tough one She!


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