Monday, January 27, 2014

Sleepy Weekend and Green Grape Monday

Where did the weekend go? I know what I did: I napped all weekend! Boy, that went fast.
After sleeping in to 12:30 on Saturday, afternoon, L and I went for brunch. The lovely pinky-purpley wool pashmina was a gift from a co-worker. I think it might be Pantone's Radiant Orchid!

Edit: I nearly forgot! Get on over to "Visible Monday" at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style!

Being lazy, I wore the same skirt as Friday (here).
My chunky knit sweaters like being worn on the weekend. So nice to snuggle up in! This one was last seen here just before Christmas 2013.

After brunch, I came home and napped some more...then I wore this same outfit to Winesday.
I'm wearing my Aerosole ankle boots which I last wore on Boxing Day 2013 (here, scroll down past the gnome).

Sweater (Dex, thrifted), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), boots (Aerosoles, consignment), pashmina (gift from Carol-Anne).

We had fog all weekend! It was very spooky and still.
My view of the Castle from the stairs outside.

Um, and this is what happens when you forget to take the zoom off the camera:
Well, at least you can see the nice textures!

Today was rough. Still not feeling the best, coughing and generally feeling achy and wanting to sleep and/or lie on the couch all day.
This outfit is a variation on my purple/green ensemble from the last time I wore this Ron Leal jacket, at the end of December 2013, here. That's also the last time I wore these shoes.
Don't I look sad and pathetic?
I'm wearing my purple mock-neck cashmere sweater under the jacket. I last wore it here in the December 2012 capsule (recap here), where I said I was getting rid of it and not keeping it just because it was cashmere.

*guilty look*

I totally kept it because it was cashmere! And I didn't wear it for a whole year. Sheila, pass it along!
This green skirt always makes the cut in my closet. It's gorgeous and a pleasure to wear. I last wore it here in October 2013 with my oversized peach shirt. Huh, I was sick last time I wore it.

I'm starting to look at my fall/winter clothes and think about what's going to leave my closet at the end of March. I'm trying to look at things with a critical eye, thinking, "Do I really LOVE this item, or do I have it because it was a good deal/good quality/some other reason?" I took a big bag of clothes in to work on Friday, and will try to pass along all the best stuff to my friends and coworkers. The rest will get donated.

The stuff:
I am probably not going to keep these shoes. They pinched my toes today and generally bothered me.

Big gold bling:
I discovered while monkeying around with this belt last night, that it works really well as a necklace. I wasn't feeling that adventurous this morning (I wore my a belt), but I think it has potential.

Jacket (Ron Leal, thrifted), sweater (Daniel Bishop, consignment), skirt (Precis Petites), shoes (Gold Button), belt (thrifted), blingy ring (consignment), jade ring (vintage 70s, Mom's), earrings (gift from L).


  1. Well, even if you don't feel well you look like a glass of fine wine in those rich colors. That gold belt looks fantastic - I can imagine that it would make in interesting necklace. Or you could triple wrap it around your wrist for a bracelet!

    I just commented to a woman at work about her Aerosole shoes. I'm going to have to try some - they looked comfy and well made.

  2. I'm glad you had a chance to nap and rest up so you could feel better!

    Napping for most of the day always sounds appealing - even when not sick, haha!

    Love the purple in both of these outfits, that purple scarf in the first one looks so nice and cosy!

    Away From Blue

  3. Yes, I'd say that pashmina is definitely Radiant Orchid! It looks great with the purple sweater and that gorgeous skirt. And again the purple with green and tweed is a lovely combination. Hope you feel much better soon, Sheila. xxx

  4. Good for you, napping to the max. Hope you are 100% soon - Sandy and I both have the Crud now. Love your vibrant scarf - Thanks for sharing your cool looks with Visible Monday!

  5. I love your purple and green outfit. I just wanted to comment and tell you thank you for blogging! I just had a baby two months ago and having very limited clothes options for the last year or so has been tough. If not for bloggers like you to keep me fashionably fulfilled, I think I would've gone crazy.

  6. I actually like that shot where you can see the textures, colors and details of what you are wearing ;)
    and of course that gold mesh belt....

  7. I love your blog, and I like the way you put your outfits together, love the way the purple pashmina adds a great touch to the jumper and skirt a great post once again.

  8. Some of my favorite of your looks are your approaches to modern suiting via vintage! Lovely as always.
    Completely gorgeous leather skirt ... I'm skirt obsessed right now, and loving yours.

  9. That leather skirt is AMAZING! I love it paired with the comfy sweater. It's a perfect look.

  10. That leather skirt is amazing! I love it paired with the comfy sweater. It's a great look!

  11. LOVING the leather skirt with the chunky sweater and the gorgeous scarf!! You look fabulous even if you don't feel it!!
    I love the olive with purple combo.
    Your wardrobe culling has be thinking about what I'm going to keep. I seriously culled the spring summer hoard (had to--everything too big) and am going to be judicious in what I add.


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