Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Outfit Planning 101: Day 3: Retro Etro

Woo, it's Wednesday! I worked late again (L is also still at work) and I haven't eaten, so forgive me if I zoom through this a bit.
Can you tell the weather is better? There were blue skies, and even sunshine today!

This is my wonderful Etro jacket (a real haute couture brand, very chi-chi, dontcha know), last seen here in September 2013. My coworker Debbie has claimed it when I'm tired with it. There are very few things that really have staying power in my wardrobe, and eventually, I will pass this blazer along to her. It's not a perfect cut on me: one button + my boobular region = not a great fit in the chestal area. It's meant for someone not as curvy as me.
The sweater under it is by Hawick of Scotland, and it's a wool/cashmere blend. I'm shocked to see that I haven't worn it since April 2013 (here). I think I have actually worn it under things and not listed it since it wasn't visible.

The skirt is the bottom half of my fabulous early 60s vintage suit, first worn here in early December 2013. I loved wearing the skirt on its own, so much that I'm actually going to put my burgundy suede Danier skirt into the giveaway pile! Its zipper snagged my tights/nylons anyway.
My fabulous burgundy Miz Mooz boots were last worn here in November 2013 when I was being a burgundy and purple pirate (yar).

The stuff:
I'm on a roll with the vintage jewelry. We have a mix of homegrown (the coin necklace, gift from Mom and Dad circa 1983), and filched from Mom's jewelry box in the 80s (the bracelet and the coin earrings, which I converted to shepherd's hooks from clip-ons back then). Mom's stuff is from the 60s.

Blazer (Etro, consignment), sweater (Hawick of Scotland, consignment), skirt (Hettermark, W&J Wilson, thrifted), boots (Miz Mooz), necklace (homegrown vintage, gift from Mom and Dad), cuff/earrings (Mom's, vintage 60s), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), ring (POLY, thrifted).

So, outfit planning. Last night before bed I pulled the sweater to layer under the blazer. My other options were my white ruffled blouse and my cream satin ruffled blouse, but I'm tired (too many late nights working) and the sweater is less fussy than either blouse. Sweater it is!
As you can see, my micro-fishnet nylons aren't done up neatly or anything. I do wash them, but I wear them until they are no longer usable. These ones have been snagged up in the back (not sure what from, some skirt or coat, mostly likely), but still have lots of wear in them.

And there's my necklace/earrings laid out ready for me in the morning.
Actually, I missed picking out a bracelet and rings, so I grabbed those once I was dressed. My whole routine of outfit planning is geared towards minimizing fuss in the morning (I'm also usually running late!).


  1. Love this outfit! Dying over those burgundy boots and that Etro jacket - what a find! What a shame about the jacket fit as it is a stunning jacket - that's one lucky coworker.

  2. Love the colours in this outfit, and that beautiful blazer! :)

  3. Love that Etro jacket; I will have to get in line behind Debbie. This outfit is a great color mix, and you look wonderful in it. xo

  4. you are really getting the wear out of that suit's components!! I love this jacket--I wish I were your co-worker!!


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