Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lace Dress, Sick Day

Well, as suspected yesterday, I am sick. I woke up feeling even crappier, took some cold medication and went to work. Stuff doesn't get done unless I'm there, unfortunately. However, I was able to get all the important things done in an hour, and then home I staggered.
Almost a shame to waste this good outfit on a 1-hour day, but I'll also be wearing it to my WW meeting tonight (I can never find someone to cover at the last minute, so it's very entertaining for my members when I'm hooped up on medication. Fun times).
Of course, this is my Banana Republic dress that I thrifted for $38.98 (plus extra discount) here on the weekend. Although I'd planned to wear some colour with it (blue, actually) when I put this outfit together on Sunday night, the thought of wearing heels today at all just exhausted me.
So, black belt and black kitten heels.

Speaking of kittens, someone gnawed off one side of the suede bow on my right shoe this morning. At least it's leather and I caught him before he could do more damage.
I last wore these here in December 2013 with my red dress and pirate shirt.

The stuff:
Simple belt, easy earrings and just a touch of bling. I remember my dad buying this bracelet for Mom (a gift from my brother and I) at Birk's at Hillside Mall when we were very small kids. Homegrown vintage!

Dress (Banana Republic, thrifted), shoes (Town Shoes, thrifted), belt (Bianca Nygard), bracelet (vintage 70s, Mom's), earrings (The Cobbler).

I've been sleeping all day, and now I'm going to try to get another hour before I have to redo my make-up and get dressed again. Must not sleep too long.

Vizzini has been sleeping with me (on me, beside me, under the covers with me) and generally looking out for me.
I scared him off my lap (and from under the blanket) with a fit of coughing, and now he's looking at me reproachfully (and also trying to get at my shoelaces from under my closet door.
"Maybe it's a hairball?"
Thanks, little bun.


  1. Feel better soon, Sheila!!!!!! I also have the crud right now . . . and it's true that cats really don't like coughing (mine run away, too!)

  2. Aww, I hope you rest up and feel better soon! You definitely looked great even if you didn't feel great!

  3. Poor Sheila!! But don't worry, Vizzini will nurse you back to health! Cats are really good at that :)

    I just happened to see a rerun of Warehouse 3 (season 3 episode 10) and guess what! Claudia was wearing your floral Dr Martens! I almost yelled "I know them boots!" outloud!

  4. Sorry - feel better very soon! My cats nurse me too when I am under the weather. Vizzini is the most handsome nurse.

  5. Hope you feel better, Sheila. I'm nursing some kind of illness myself. Hope I didn't give it to you!

    BTW, you have some gorgeous legs.

  6. Too bad you're not feeling well, on the other hand the dress fits you as fabulously as imagined !
    Oh and your kitty seems just cracks me up, i can actually imagine him doing those things and making it look like your husband did them.

  7. Aw, feel better soon Sheila! Nobody better than a kitty to keep you company as you rest up and get well!

    You do love lovely in this lace dress!!!!

  8. Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. Vizzini's nursing skills are spectacular. I've missed commenting a lot lately - no time to come up for air from work - but your posts are energizing. You look great even when you feel bad, but I hope you pass that hairball soon...! Too much cashmere perhaps? Hugs.

  9. The dress is fabulous - sorry to hear you are sick! Kitties are the best nurses! Feel better!

  10. Officer Vizzini on patrol for viscious rogue shoe parts. He is ever diligent!!
    That dress is gorgeous even simply styled as you have. I can see it being a nice piece to style in all sorts of ways!!

  11. O, darling Vizzini, he's trying to look after you in the best way he knows how!
    BUGGER about being sick. Not fair, especially when you look so hot in that cute frock!
    Stay warm, take all the drugs, and get better pronto! XXX

  12. Awww I'm sorry you're under the weather! I've had a spout of the cold myself.

    Sweet kitty loaf!

    Hope you're feeling better asap. You definitely look great in that dress.

  13. The dress is perfect on you, Sheila. Sorry you feel ill, but at least you have Vizzini to look after you! xxx


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