Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spotted Cerulean and a Rare Mansfield Sighting

I've never been one to try to define my style. I think I could use a lot of adjectives and quirky titles, but ultimately, I'm just me. I wear what I like, and I know what I like. 
Hurray! Nearly light out!
I love skirts. Pencil skirts are awesome, particularly lovely vintage ones (bring on that high waist!), especially ones in nice colours. Example: this fabulous cerulean blue vintage skirt. It's wool crepe, and it's handmade, and would you believe I only paid $6.50 for it at the thrift store? Yes! I've worn it twice before (most recently in late December 2013 for Ugly Sweater Day here), so I am down to just over $2 a wear.
It's a bit hard to see, but the jacket has little bitty Ws in white all over. Like spots but Ws. Incidentally, I've done the collar up wrong - discovered this much later in the day and felt a little silly. I was very tired this morning! It's supposed to sit like this.

I loved the fit of this jacket and was really glad I'd worn it - it had kind of gotten lost in the black jacket section (what? you don't have one?) of my closet. I last wore it here with giant green culottes, back in April 2013 when I was blonde.
I loved how the holey tights looked with the jacket. They really elevated this, I think.

The stuff:
A very rare sighting of the Listen Up Mansfield! I adore these shoes, but they no longer adore me...well, at least not my feet. They are a good 4" high, which is really pushing my foot limits. However, I knew I would have a somewhat quieter day (a brief reprieve), and I changed into my runners both times I had to run some errands.

I last wore them in the December 2012 capsule (recap here), where I wore them twice (here, a truly hideous outfit, and here, a much better one). It was an "on the fence" item at the end of that month, but I of course kept them.

I like nice shapes and clean lines.

Jacket (Precis, consignment), skirt (handmade, thrifted), shoes (Listen Up Mansfield, Fluevogs), belt (Danier Leather), rings (Wendy Brandes), earrings (The Cobbler).


  1. I love the blue and black mix. How you you stay motivated to take photos everyday?

  2. Those are some Fabulous shoes. Pity the heels are so high, but then again Fluevogs prettiest heels are all 4+inchers.

  3. Your style is fabulous! It's based on classic styles and shapes, but then you add your own mark with colors and accents to really make your outfits look modern. And you've got the figure to make it work!

    By the way, Sheila, after your comment about Google Friend Connect I started looking into adding that widget on Muse Fondue. Evidently it's not in the Blogger set up tools anymore, but I found the code and added a link on my blog. If you get a chance and can try it, let me know if it works.

  4. Love the black with the bright blue! :) That is such a pretty pencil skirt. I've been thinking about trying to define my style since i read a post on Lorena's blog. I just can't do it, I just wear what I like too! :)

  5. Love this shapely look - that is a fabulous vintage skirt and fits you like a dream. Hang in, the morning light is coming! xo

  6. Love the stockings and shoes, Shelia...they make the look. You really rock any pencil skirt you wear!

  7. I have a number of shoes in my collection that I call "sitting down" shoes. Those Mansfields are too pretty to give up so they need to be relegated to specific events that don't require a lot of walking or dancing.

  8. What a great colour the blue skirt is, and a lovely outfit, I'm in love with the shoes.
    I don't think you can get Fluevogs in England, I like shoes that are a bit different Lesley.

  9. The collar on that shirt is wonderful. It gives you a styled look without anything else.

  10. Great shoes, but yeah, maybe they are taxi-and-sit-down-all-night rather than work shoes! Love the fit and colour of the skirt. xxx

  11. I love this outfit!! The skirt is such a wonderful color and can easily be styled nmore "springy" later this year.

    No words at all for those shoes.......sigh.........


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