Thursday, January 30, 2014

Director from the Ankles Up

Oh, we're so close to the weekend! Today is the first day in nearly two weeks that I've felt like myself - I finally got my mojo back. That was really sucking there for a while!
Maybe it's the tights
Not sucking? This outfit! I was so thrilled with how nice these pieces worked with each other. I was told by a coworker that I looked "Directorial" - when I relayed this to someone else, they said, "Yeah...from the ankles up." What? Directors don't wear flowers and big bows on their shoes? I call BS.
I just love this beautiful rich red jacket. It's half of my $18.00 vintage 60s suit, last seen here in December 2013.
I just love this tulip skirt. It was a gift from Megan, and was last worn here (3rd outfit, after my Hallowe'en costume) in October 2013 for a casual lunch out.

The stuff:
Wonderful red-pink shoes of flowery awesomeness! I last wore them here earlier this month for brunch out.

Solid bling:
Vizzini likes to bite that zipper rose.

Jacket (vintage 60s, Hetteman's, W&J Wilson, thrifted), skirt (Etcetera, gift from Megan Mae), tights (Look of London), shoes (Neosens), belt (Plum), zipper rose (Victoria & Albert Museum gift shop), earrings (vintage 80s, Joyce's).

As I was going out to do the stair picture, I found someone digging at the baseboards.
"Must get it!"
That heavy crystal vase on the right is there to keep Vizzini from popping the closet doors open.

I got a slip of paper and ran it under the baseboard to see if there was actually a bug or a paperclip or something.
"I protect the people!"
Nothing. I wonder what caught his eye? I hope you caught it, bud!


  1. Oh, Sheila! Your shoes! I am with you. They are directorial and more! They are sassy and sexy and I love them!! I love this whole outfit. Sorry I have not been around so much lately. My creations are selling locally, which is a good thing, but just keeping me busy! I have decided not to keep up Dylan's Dress so much, but focus on A Mother's Journal, my oldest blog. I do hope you'll stop in some time!

    Lynn Dylan

  2. Gorgeous, Sheila! Very, very glad to hear you're finally feeling better.

    (Luckily, you had that amazing new long leather skirt to see you through, what a beauty. :)

  3. Glad you're doing better, Sheila. I was thinking about you -- "Hedwig..." is coming back to Broadway! With Neil Patrick Harris as Hedwig. Previews start 3/29. I'm buying tickets now. I wish you could travel here and join me!

  4. I love the red and grey together! Caprica is always digging like that. Usually because she manages to shove her mouse toys under the oven or closet door.

  5. The shoes are incredible!

  6. Haha...those shoes look boss to me! I wonder if Vizzini was playing, Made ya look!

  7. Love the red and grey together! that is a really stunning outfit, like you said everything works together beautifully, especially with the tights.

    Glad to hear you're feeling like yourself again too!

  8. What a gorgeous outfit , and the shoes are wonderful.Glad that you are feeling much better, with best wishes Les.

  9. I really really really love this outfit on you. The color of that jacket is so pretty. Love all of the accessories and shoes as well. You hit it out of the ball park on this one.

  10. Good to know you are feeling better, Sheila. Now you see, I love the outfit but think it's the tights and shoes that make it, otherwise it's too corporate/directorial!
    My felines often seem to be very busy looking for something which isn't actually there... I think they make it up as they go along to entertain themselves! xxx

  11. I admire your style so much and you have such excellent taste in shoes. Your blog is like the dessert of my feedly! I almost always save it to read last and sometimes I save up a few posts for a day when I need to look at something that makes me happy.

  12. Glad your feeling more yourself!!
    That red suit definitely was a great buy for you!! I love the lacy tights and THOSE SHOES!!! DROOL.........

    LOL at Vizzini I after the imaginary baseboard monster!


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