Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Peace Out, 2013!

Last day of the year, yo! And yes, I was at work - a full 8-hour day. It was super dead, so I took down the Christmas decorations and attended to some much-needed annual maintenance of my desk (a good cleaning, plus some filing) in preparation for some long days working on the newsletter this and next week.
Grrr...crappy morning light...
But let's not get ahead of ourselves! It's New Year's Eve, and as soon as I am done talking about this outfit, I am having a nap in preparation for dinner out (at 8:30pm! Heavens!) with 11 of our closest friends, followed by a party at our friends' place till the wee hours. You know, my usual.

So, outfit. This is my new-to-me brown angora sweater and my new booties, both purchased on the weekend (here, down at the bottom).
Because the booties have blue and brown leather in them, I used that as my colour palette: blue blouse under the sweater (for extra warmth and protection from the dastardly pokey Christmas tree), and a blue belt (to hang my keys from).

The blouse is sheer, and was last worn here (hey, that rhymed) in November under a strapless dress.
My much-loved steampunk skirt was last seen here (way down at the bottom) in October for dinner out with L and Mom.

The stuff:
I ended up taking the booties off around 1:30pm and putting my runners on. I had spent most of the morning on my feet wrangling large boxes, decorations and such, and my feet were sore. The heels are 3", which is now my top limit for a work shoe.

I will be wearing heels (not sure which ones yet) tonight, and we'll be walking to the restaurant, to our friends' place, and home in the same shoes, so I need to baby my feet. Also: note to self, Sheila, wear comfy shoes tonight!

I love this thrifted necklace. Such a cool design.

My clock hands are set at 5:00 and 9:00pm: when I got home from work and when I'll be finally eating dinner!

Blouse (Expression, consignment), sweater (Limited, consignment), skirt (Orwell, thrifted), booties (Gold Button), necklace (thrifted), earrings (Foxy).

And now...time to nap.

Wishing my friends - near and far - all the best for the coming year. May 2014 bring you happiness, joy and good clothes!


  1. Hope you have a wonderful time welcoming in 2014 with friends. Shame you had to work, but good you can have a quick nap to recharge before the celebrations begin :)

  2. Happy New Year, Sheila! Hope your party was excellent and you had a big kiss with L. at midnight!

  3. Visiting your blog is like going to a close friend's house, being offered a cup of warm tea, and being asked what I think of your new outfit. How inviting. How lovely. I hope you never stop blogging. Ever.

  4. Catching up here!! your trip pix are awesome as always!! And the NEW shoes--sigh!!! I love how you've styled them!! And it's always awesome to see the handsomest cat in Victoria--the fabulous VIZZINI!!
    Have a wonderful start to the new year!!

  5. Oh I do love those boots, even if you needed to change out of them half way through the day! Lovely soft colours and textures, and your jewellery is fabulous, as always. Enjoy your NYE, wishing you and L a happy new year! xxx


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