Thursday, January 2, 2014

Black Leather and Yellow Power Lines

Look at that - it's another year. Well, moving on...
Classic me: bright colours, leather and rock accessories. I resolve to wear more of all of these in 2014. I also resolve to participate in "Hat Attack!" over at Style Crone! (I'm cheating and calling my fascinator from NYE a hat).

This yellow sweater is such a nice cheery bright colour - perfect for the dreary rainy day we had. I last wore it here (3rd outfit) the weekend I bought it in early December.
It's a little hard to see, but this black leather skirt (purchased here on the weekend) has contrasting white stitching down the front and back.
I know, the tights are boring ol' plain black, but it felt like Monday this morning! Too...much...effort...

The stuff:
White stitching on the skirt, white stitching on the shoes. Could I get any more matchy? The answer is none: none more matchy.

I last wore these shoes here in November while violating my company's dress code. Heh. I'm a rebel that way.

Big black bling:
Critters and my new belt buckle.

A close-up:
Power lines! Transformers! Electricity! Zot! Bam! Pow!

Sweater (Spense, consignment), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), shoes (Bata, vintage, consignment), belt (Leather World), buckle/earrings (local), necklace (Raven's Roost Studio), rings/studded cuff (80s vintage), leather cuff (Guess, thrifted).


  1. Oooo that is a gorgeous leather skirt. Perfect with the stitching on those shoes.

  2. Yellow and black is one of my favorite color-combinations. It reminds me of bumblebees -- and my last name literally translates to bumblebee. Plus, yellow is such a powerful, sunny hue.

  3. The octopus! Love this leather skirt and the way you've dressed it. It's electric!

  4. That belt buckle was meant for that sweater!!! I love everything about this outfit!

  5. This is such a great color on you! I love yellow and black together. I saw a skirt today at the mall that totally made me think of you by the way - it was long and plaid, similar to one I think you've worn before. I hope all is going well!

  6. So pretty. The yellow color and the lighting effect brighten up the photo.


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