Friday, January 17, 2014

Outfit Planning: Day 5: Casual Plaid

I was really glad this morning that I'd planned out today's outfit - I got home from Book Club around 11pm. Hurray for wine, and wonderful women!
However, my late night and tipsiness meant that I went straight to bed and did not plan my accessories. But because of my forethought and planning on Sunday, at least I didn't have to plan an entire outfit. All I had to do was pick out tights (I went with a textured blue to go with the blue in the denim jacket), a belt (went with black plain to pull in the boots), and earrings/necklace (also black). So much less stress!

This lovely turquoise-trimmed denim jacket is a Smoking Lily one that I've had for a few years. I last wore it here in June 2013 over my turquoise origami dress. I'm wearing a red satin camisole under it, but you can't really see it.
And of course, my fabulous giant vintage 80s taffeta plaid skirt (complete with built-in crinoline!). As I told everyone at work today, when you have a skirt like this and it comes with a matching headband, at some point you have to wear the matching headband.
I last wore this skirt of fabulousness here in November 2013, the day after my last tattoo, for the Unlimited Woman awards photoshoot.

Outerwear? Outer-there!
It was a little too chilly for this jacket, but I bused to and from work today, so meh.

The stuff:
My awesome Marc boots, last seen here earlier this month with my grey brocade jacket.

Big black bling:
I love that leather and crystal choker.

Jacket (Danier leather), blazer (Smoking Lily, consignment), camisole (Spense, thrifted), skirt (Roland Kerry, vintage 80s, consignment), boots (Marc), belt (Plum), choker (Bauxo), earrings (the Cobbler).

Well, this wraps up my little series on how I plan my outfits (and how they turn out). I hope you enjoyed it. I had a request for "how I thrift shop" and since I'll be going for a nice long amble-y shop tomorrow, I'm going to take along my camera. Watch for the post on the weekend - I also have a fun special event tomorrow night!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Sheila! Your skirt + headband, blazer, and yellow coat are absolute treasures. Thanks for all the peeks into your process over the week! Looking forward to your shopping chronicle, as I so wish I could go along in person. :)

  2. It's been so good getting more of an insight into your process for outfit planning, and seeing how everything turns out! :)

  3. Thanks for this series, it has been very interesting. I like how this outfit turns the "denim jeans & plaid shirt" combination upside down and round to fancy! Do you ever just not feel like wearing the planned outfit for a day? Or, specifically feel like wearing something very different from what you had planned? (the first being perhaps a rather negative feeling - eg "not in the mood for leather trousers today", the second definitely positive - just wanting to wear a certain silhouette or colour that is different from the one you had picked out). Do you ever plan to get dressed spontaneously? And, when you were doing the capsules, did you still work out outfits in this weekly method, or did it work differently? I do my outfit planning, such as it is, in the shower immediately before getting dressed - but it isn't invariably successful!

    1. Hi, Radostin, thank you for your questions!

      Sometimes I'll change from the planned outfit, to one of the other outfits, but not usually - I do have that flexibility from Monday onward. I psych myself up for the outfits, so there is no last-minute "I don't want to wear this!" although there have been times where I've forgotten how something fits (or it doesn't) and I'll have to change an element at the last minute in the morning.

      I do get dressed spontaneously for the weekends - I don't plan those unless it's a party or something. Example: right now, I'm about to go shopping. I have certain guidelines (tights, easy shoes) but anything goes otherwise.

      In the capsules, I definitely did this planning - even more! It is much easier to have the choice of everything in my closet vs. a small set of items.

  4. Thanks for taking us behind the curtain, Sheila. This skirt rocks so hard - love it.

  5. You must have made a lot of people smile in that outfit - I know I would have smiled with delight at the exuberance of it all!

  6. YIPPEE! I can't wait to see your thrifting tips!

  7. Your bright plaid skirt and matching head band made my day!

  8. That skirt is just freaking amazing!! AND it has a matching headband-get outta here!!

    I love it with the denim jacket and then the bright punch of the yellow leather coat!!

  9. What a beautifully fitting denim jacket, and I adore the skirt. Lovely! xxx

  10. That skirt is freakin' gorgeous!!!
    Dammit, I want to come along thrifting!!! XXX

  11. You're beautiful as always, and the skirt is one of my favorites of yours! How fun to have a book club, too.


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