Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Outfit Planning 101: Day 2: Teal and Purple

And here we are at Day 2: 
Mica mentioned that she has to try on all of her outfits and that it slows her down. I know how nearly everything in my closet fits - I don't keep clothes that don't fit! Although I do admit that I have a few vintage pieces that I can't part with that are too big on me, but they don't stay in my main closet.

I wasn't as happy with today's outfit, and I think it's the sleeveless jacket/vest/jerkin/whatever you want to call it. I wasn't 100% sold on this as a trendy item, so I'm glad I thrifted it to test-drive it. I won't be keeping this item in my closet.
I last wore it here in October 2013 with a sleeveless top (and the same jewelry!), and although I didn't mind it sleeveless, it's just not versatile enough to stay in my wardrobe. You want to stay in my closet? You have to work!

The blouse is my fun pouffy one that I wore with my backless denim dress to work here in December 2013. It gets a thumbs up! Love the colour, love the neckline and the sleeves aren't too long that they get in my way. I am a woman of action!
This is a day of twos! This is also my second wear of my gorgeous vintage teal wool skirt last seen here in December 2013 with ruffles and wine.

The stuff:
These shoes always garner a lot of attention; they especially popped with the lacy tights today. I last wore them here (3rd outfit) in October 2013 with this same skirt. What can I say? They go!

My gorgeous dragon necklace and bracelet.
The purple ring was my dad's.

Jacket thing (Sandra Angelozzi, thrifted), blouse (Cleo, consignment), skirt (Selma K, vintage 80s, thrifted), shoes (Fly London), necklace (vintage 30s, gift from L), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), gold/stone ring (Frances Jewellers, vintage 60s, Dad's), earrings (vintage, bought in the 90s).

Last night before bed, I put together all the items to wear with my four pieces that I'd already pulled together: the jacket thing, the blouse, the skirt and the shoes.

Thought process: I'm wearing a black jacket thing, so my black obi for the waist detail (also easy to take off so I can weigh myself tonight at WW).
Black tights are the way to go here; not colour. Not solid black, so how about lacy ones? Yeah, that works. Done.

Jewelry: since I had a nice teal in the outfit, I thought of my dragon necklace and bracelet.
This solidified my choice of tights: fussy detailed jewelry = fussy detailed tights. Note that I actually forgot to pick out earrings, so I went with a non-matchy purple/white paste stone vintage pair that goes with Dad's ring. A quick morning selection.

And there you go! Another day done. What will tomorrow's outfit be?


  1. Watching you put together an outfit is a lesson in fashion. Thanks, teacher!

  2. Is that blouse radiant orchid? You are fashion-y, Sheila! I wonder if the sleeveless jacket needs to be worn buttoned for a sleeker, smart look? Just a thought... The skirt fits you so well, and the shows and jewellery are, of course, stunning! xxx

  3. The colours in this outfit are so nice! I really like that purple blouse, it is beautiful on you, glad that's staying in your wardrobe!

    I need to be tougher I think and put things I don't like the fit of into the donate pile, so I know how everything I own fits and works together!

  4. I really like being behind the scenes in your outfit selection! Love the lacy tights and gorgeous jewelry.

  5. Oh man! Just as I was thinking I'm going to start to focus on creating a core wardrobe for myself rooted in black, white, and grey, there you are in colors that make my heart sing. I love this outfit, but if you say the jerkin's gotta go it's gotta go. I trust your judgement (although I don't necessarily understand it.) You have a wonderfully studied and conscious style, and your ability to be a bit ruthless with your culling is something I admire.

  6. I'm with ya on the vest--it's nice but really does nothing for the outfit. But the rest of the outfit is FAB!!! love the color combo--just gorgeous!! I seriously adore the necklace--so unique. and of course...I bow to the queen of shoes!!


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