Sunday, January 5, 2014

Quiet Weekend Wrap-Up

Ah, a nice quiet weekend. As we are in the NFL playoffs for the next few weeks, most of our weekend time is spent watching the games (my beloved Carolina Panthers are in the hunt!).

On Saturday, L and I went out for breakfast to our favourite diner. 
It was cold, but sunny - hey, at least you can see my groovy tights' pattern!

This is my black shirtdress, last worn here (3rd outfit) for a pre-Christmas shopping day with Elaine in December.
My be-flowered Neosens get their second outing; it was last seen here with my space-y jacket and this same obi.
In addition to the tights, I have a camisole on and a half-slip (showing, because I don't care) for added warmth. I have on a pair of L's cufflinks as well, and a pair of gold starburst earrings.
"Hey, are you leaving again?" wonders my photobomber.
Since my dress has pockets, I can wear my pocket-less coat.

Dress (Talbot's, consignment), shoes (Neosens), obi (Smoking Lily), earrings (local), coat (Renuar, consignment), gloves (Parkhurst).

On Saturday night, we met up with our friends Chris and Alison for dinner, followed by a concert at the local arena. Since it's still hockey season, they just cover the ice with a flooring, so I was anticipating a cold venue.
Wrong! It was boiling. And although I'd worn layers, I ended up fanning myself with my ticket all night. We went to see Blue Rodeo, my favourite band (I've been a fan for 25 years!), for the 3rd time. The two singer/songwriters of the band, Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor were just named to the Order of Canada last week! (that's a big deal). Here's the local paper's review, and you can also read L's review of their new album and the concert over here at his blog.
Blue Rodeo is a pretty mellow alt-country-blues-rock band, so it wasn't a super hoppin' affair. However, a good time was had by all.

I wore my unofficial concert sweater, last seen here when we went to see Lindi Ortega in November. Coincidentally, Devon Cuddy, who opened for Lindi, also opened for Blue Rodeo.
I also wore my extra-long brown wool skirt (last seen here, 2nd outfit, for the November Winesday), my Docs (last seen here on our trip to PR), and my crackle leather coat, along with fingerless gloves and a silk Ralph Lauren scarf.

Sweater (Wilfred, thrifted), skirt (Animale, consignment), Doc Martens (consignment), coat (Danier Leather, thrifted), scarf (Ralph Lauren, consignment), gloves (Parkhurst), earrings (local).

And now, back to the games!


  1. Sheila, any time you wear that black shirt dress, I want to wear mine (which isn't as great as yours, but nonetheless). However, you have to stop wearing it when it's way too cold here for me to copy you! Brrr -- if I cuddle next to your darling cat can I come live with you in the land of nice temperatures?

  2. You are my fellow football fan! I like the Panthers but I've been a Dolphins fan (therefore, sad) for many years. I will switch to Panthers in the playoffs, in honor of you : > Love the shirtdress with L's cufflinks.

  3. You're wearing men's cufflinks?! You crazy cross-dresser!

  4. That maxi skirt in your concert outfit is wonderful! I love the belted knit over the top. Going to have to try that one when winter kicks in here. I might be waiting a while though, haha!

    Really like the obi belt with the shirt dress too, every time I see you wear yours I wonder if I could pull it off....glad you had a great weekend!

  5. So happy to see your Docs again. You gave me the confidence to wear mine to work on Friday. As I told Y, "If Sheila can do it, I can do it!".

  6. Your obi and your new shoes look made for one another! You look great in a simple shirtdress.

  7. Blue Rodeo takes me back...
    I love that first photo of you, such vivid colours and those crazy-asss tights.

  8. Ooo, look at you, showing off your slip and camisole! saucy minx!
    How I long for a quiet weekend...back at work one day and I'm knackered! Speaking of work, that awesome shirtdress is just the ticket for a go to work frock-I must look out for one, or something similar!
    I wore my Docs yesterday; they are just perfect when I need a rest from heels!

  9. I'm going to see Blue Rodeo here in Halifax at the end of the month - it will be the second time for me, and I've also been a fan for many years! Love Jim Cuddy and his velvety voice... :) Glad you enjoyed it!

  10. Those flower shoes are just freaking amazing. Fabulous with a simple black shirtdress!!!
    Those Doc marten's are certainly getting lots of play in your wardrobe!1 love them with the maxi skirt!!


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