Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ghostly Neutrals

Woo, Tuesday! I demand Friday - now! 
It was so dark and gloomy this morning; raining and generally icky. Nothing compared to the rest of the country, but still: rough for taking outside pictures! Our exterior lights were off, and even with the backlight setting on my lil' point-and-shoot, I still came out ghosty.

This is my beautiful cream brocade jacket. See, if my grey jacket that I wore last week was as awesome as this one, I wouldn't have been waffling over it. I last wore this cream beauty here (scroll down, after the yellow shoes) in November.
I'm wearing my brown satin blouse under it, a favourite that I've had almost since I started this blog back in 2008. I last wore it in October here (way down, after the other yellow shoes).
The skirt is my machine wash-tumble dry Skott's Suede one - it's been washed so many times and it only gets softer! I last wore it on that same weekend as the brown satin blouse (here, again way down). How does that happen?

The stuff:
I totally forgot about this amazing belt - I haven't worn it since August (here).

The shoes are my "will I keep them or won't I?" Unlisted cheapos that I got at Winners so many years ago. I always think I'll get rid of them (they are not very well made - I had to do some gluing on them tonight), but then I wear them and they are so cool! And so comfy! Shoes, you may have just survived another round. I last wore them - wow, over a year ago in the November 2012 all-neutral capsule (recap here), where I wore them 4 times. They were on the fence after that month too.

Vintage bling:
My mink rose (aka "cat bait" - Vizzini wants to make sweet love to it...or lick it to death), my Grandma J's necklace, and vintage bracelet and earrings.

Jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), blouse (Esprit), skirt (Skotts Suede, thrifted), shoes (Unlisted), belt (Brave Belts, consignment), mink rose (consignment), necklace (Grandma J, Lisner, vintage 60s), bracelet (Trifari, vintage 60s), earrings (vintage 60s).


  1. I have the same issue with the few cheaply madeshoes I have remaining in my wardrobe. It's hard to let them go unless you find a similiar looking upgrade.

  2. If they're comfy, keep the shoes! keep the shoes! (So long as a little glue can fix them). They're among my favourites of yours!

  3. Love the cream and brown together! Such a nice outfit! :)

    Hope it warms up for you, it's been in the news here how cold it is in the US, everyone is saying Canada must be even colder!

  4. Great look - I love a washable suede skirt. Vizzini and I both adore that mink rose - it's a treasure. xox

  5. Ooh, look at your aura! You know, I like the cream brocade jacket but actually I prefer the grey one. Who would have thought, me preferring grey?! Ha, my cats would go crazy for that monk brooch too! xxx

  6. Ghost Sheila!! The brocade jacket is just gorgeous--and the color will allow you to wear it well into the spring!!


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