Monday, January 20, 2014

Sheer Copper and a Circle Skirt

Monday...and I woke up feeling unwell. Made it through the day, but I'm going to go have a nap soon.
How many new things can I fit in one outfit? Just two in this one, but I did wear the new-to-me leather coat and gloves - no picture, as I was in a hurry. Another time, I promise.

My newly-thrifted copper lame (lah-may!) sweater, purchased here on the weekend for $6.50. If I'd known the Senior VP for Western Canada was going to be in the office today, I might not have worn a sheer-shouldered sweater...but maybe I would have. It's not like he's not used to me by now.
This sweater is not very long, so I needed a high-waisted skirt to wear with it. I ended up tucking it in (one of those unspoken 'rules', right? Never tuck in a sweater? I say "pshaw!" to that), and it stayed put quite nicely all day.

The skirt is vintage 80s, last worn here (2nd outfit) in September 2013 to day 2 of the big Vintage Expo.
"Where are you going, and is there food?"
I wanted an echo of the scarf's pattern in my tights, so that they both have this nice herringbone texture.

The stuff:
My caramel shoes are piped with a bit of teal. I last wore them here in October 2013 with burgundy and mismatched shades of green and teal.

I pulled out the teal in the shoes with a bit of contrasting turquoise in my vintage copper pieces.
The big cuff, earrings and ring are from Grandma J.

Sweater (Main Fung, thrifted), skirt (Jones New York, vintage 80s, thrifted), shoes (Pink Studio), belt (Club Monaco), big cuff/earrings (Renoir, vintage 60s, Grandma J), smaller cuff (vintage 70s), floral ring (Sarah Coventry, vintage), little ring (Grandma J).


  1. LOVE those tights with those shoes. The copper and black/grey together look amazing.

  2. Awesome tights! And I hope you're feeling better.

  3. Love the scarf looped through your belt! :)

    Hope that you feel better soon!

  4. Sorry you're sick! Get better v. soon. You look great in copper, and I love, love the repeating patterns.

  5. Oh, the sweater is marvelous - i absolutely love it ! and the cooper accessories are the icing on the cake.

  6. Love how the scarf pattern and tights pattern echo each other. The sweater is FABULOUIS--a bit of a funky style and COPPER LAME--how could it not be fantastic!


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