Saturday, February 1, 2014

Casual Friday: Chinese New Year Coat

Longtime blogger-friend Laniza asked me the other day, "How do you you stay motivated to take photos everyday?" I am going into my 7th year of blogging this spring, and that's a mind-blowingly huge amount of time invested in doing this. I'm sure that's why lots of people stop blogging.

Well, I'm very organized and I like routines. Y'all know already that I plan my outfits on Sunday for the coming week (discussed here), so here's what I do for the actual blogging part.

I take few pictures and I take them fast. I take all my pictures except for the "stuff" in the morning before work, while I'm getting ready. The first pictures are my front and back poses, while L is eating breakfast (I'm facing the computer/desk in these). 
I took 2 pictures total of the front-facing pose. I deleted the first one because I was really blurry. This one sufficed. Still blurry in the head, though. Must be Friday.

My gorgeous Desigual coat was last seen here in late December 2013 for brunch out at the diner. The little teal sweater under it was last barely seen here (3rd outfit) in October 2013, under my embroidered velvet blazer. The satin rolled cuff tux trousers were last seen here in November 2013 with magenta and scales.

I took pictures of all sides to show off the beautiful jacket.
 One picture per side, that's it.
I've got this pose nailed now. Heh.
Gawd, love that coat so much. I liked how it looked with the slim pegged trouser, and how the criss-crossed laces of the shoes picked up that pattern on the cuffs of the coat. I had many admirers of this outfit - it was perfect for Chinese New Year!

Once I'm done with the indoor pictures, I eat breakfast, check my comments, quickly browse my reader and check my email (I don't have a cell phone or iPhone, so my home email is it).

If I don't have my runners on, then one shot of my outerwear. This is taken after after I've brushed my teeth, and I'm ready to head out the door.
Total time for morning photos: about 5 minutes.

The stuff:
Wonderful black Fluevogs, last seen here (2nd outfit) in October 2013 for the Urbanite event at the art gallery.

My stuff pictures are taken when I get home from work, on top of a rolling table in the den, to the side of where I take my indoor pictures.
Many people were startled by my bug necklace. That's a real beetle!

Coat (Desigual), top (Jones New York, thrifted), tux trousers (handmade, thrifted), shoes (Darjeeling Teapot, Fluevog), bug pendant (Heart's Content), earrings (local), rings (Wendy Brandes). 

Don't agonize over the content. On weekdays, I write my blogs as soon as I get home from work. It takes about 20-30 minutes to upload my photos and crop them/adjust the colour/resize them (I use MS Office 2010 to edit). I am a pretty quick writer, and usually know what I want to say, and most of my posts are straight-up "here's the clothes, here's when I wore them, here's a bit about what's going on with me". Larger posts like this one take longer, obviously, but I really just write and move on.

The thing that takes the longest is searching for the last time I wore something! I use the search window in the upper left corner of my blog to look up the brand name or a distinguishing characteristic of an item (like "tux" for these trousers, because they have no label). It can take a while when it's a common name, like my shoes by Pink Studio (both "pink" and "studio" are frequently used in posts) or a brand I have a lot of clothes/accessories by, like Plum or Club Monaco.

On the weekends, I often take a little longer - I visit more blogs and read and comment sometimes, but my time is pretty precious, so I bang out my posts quickly and get back to my day! This post was started Friday night when I got home from work, then I stopped when L got home; it was finished on Saturday early evening, when I got home from a blogger meet-up (more about  that tomorrow).

And yes, here go, my awful stair pose.
Guh. Stairs + pants = bad picture!

Having my posting routine - morning pictures, evening pictures and post - means I can do this efficiently. I make it a priority to post, and I do it for me and me alone. If I ever feel like it's getting to be a chore, I'll stop, but for now it's never felt like that. I enjoy blogging and sharing my clothes and stuff with all of you, and I hope to keep on doing it for a long time.

I hope that gives you some insight into how I keep on posting, Laniza! 


  1. Thank jacket IS beautiful

    So interesting to read how you have your blogging routine organised! :)

    I'm really quick with photos too, only take a couple and I'm off. I started doing them in the mornings quite soon into blogging as the lighting always seems to be better then (luckily it doesn't get to dark in winter mornings here in Queensland). Forces me to be quick about it, and I have a standard pose too, so that helps! haha.

    Glad you are planning to continue on with blogging for a while, I enjoy reading along and seeing what you wear and getting tips :)

  2. I'm glad you enjoy blogging and I'm glad you've found efficient ways to do it. Setting up a routine is hard but, once you do, you can use it to streamline the process. Your longevity as a blogger is not only admirable, it's an inspiration to me.

  3. Hi Sheila, I don't usually post and if you knew me you'd be surprised that I follow a fashion blog. By this I mean I'm a jeans and t-shirt fluffy woman. But I love your blog. I look forward to reading it late at night (Michigan) Sunday through Friday. But you'll noticed I still checked Saturday - just in case. I love your style, your histories of your jewelry and especially when you go shopping. I thrift for my children mainly and I find myself saying, "Would Sheila buy this?". So thank you for putting so much time into your blog. It matters. From the Snow Covered Midwest, Kelly

    1. Kelly, thank you so much for your sweet comment! I'm so glad you've enjoyed reading and looking at my clothes with me. I have some new shopping purchases for tomorrow's post!

  4. Hi Sheila,

    I am an avid reader of your blog...I used to read a lot more fashion blogs but time & a busy life means I have pared back to reading just my favourites. Yours is the first blog I read each evening. I'm in Sydney, Australia so am often sweltering when you are freezing but I love reading about your daily outfits & snippets of your life. I'm delighted to hear you love blogging & hope you keep it up for at least another 7 years!

    Anyway, just wanted to know how much all your work is appreciated by many who don't often (or ever) comment!

    1. Jo, thank you so much for dropping me a line - I really appreciate it. Sometimes I feel very alone out here, so it's nice to have these little connections. Cheers!

  5. What a great (and appropriate) jacket - but then you already KNOW that :)
    As you have probably noticed, I have backed off from photos of my wardrobe - primarily because I have about 4-5 go-to outfits and wear them alternately through the week. Boring. However, I love reading your posts and frequently add a scarf or piece of jewelry because of the inspiration I get from YOU.
    Keep it up, Sheila!

  6. Oh how I love that Desigual jacket, it's a real beauty!
    You really have your blogging routine down to a fine art, Sheila! I am much more random, I fit it in around what's going on, so my frequency of posting differs from week to week. And I take and edit more photos (and delete a shed load!) I think we all find a way to blog that suits us, there's no right or wrong. And the fact that you are still motivated and enjoying blogging shows that you have developed a style that works well for you. xxx

  7. I love that you're following this routine, and making it look easy (from this side). And that coat is the absolute Queen of all coats, you look fab.

  8. Hello Sheila, I found your blog after visiting Pondside. I enjoyed reading about your afternoon tea together at White Heather. Your Chinese coat is fabulous! I will be back to see your fashion posts. Sunshine Always!

  9. As you a just a wee bit older(& thus wiser) than the average fashion blogger I really appreciate your blog,Sheila!


    1. What insight you have after one visit…your town was where I grew up so I love visiting via blogging. I had red hair too. I still do...

  10. I love hearing about your blogging process!!
    The Desigual coat is stunning anytime you wear it!!

  11. Blogger meetup! Oooo, can't wait to hear more about that!
    Excellent advice, I don't panic about content anymore, and I also only take a few pix, unless G is in the mood to go hard!!!
    That is a stunning coat!!!

  12. The coat is amazing! If I had it, I would wear it until it falls apart.

  13. Whoo man, your coat is such awesomeness! I could stare at it forever. An awesome, awesome addition to your wardrobe, and I really like the outfit you made to highlight it. :D

  14. I remember the day you bought that coat. You were waiting at the bus stop with coat in bag and G and I wandered by, after just picking up my engagement ring, and you joined us for a celebratory drink(s). Beautiful coat. We went to Desigual when we were in Vegas recently. Awesomeness!


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