Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Space Flowers

It's getting so close! Three more days and I am on vacation!
More shine today! Note the bizarre pink light in my outdoor stair shot. These are my new grey floral tights - the pattern is not printed on them, but actually woven into them.

This super-shiny jacket always elicits comments. I may have made the "live long and prosper" Spock sign at a few people. I last wore it in August here - I think I will have to call it my "beam me up" jacket.
I like to contrast the space-age-y-ness of the jacket - today's outfit features ruffles and flowers to counteract the shine and angular cut of the jacket. I'm wearing a fuscia pink satin blouse (last seen here in July with my ginormous plaid skirt) under it that has ruffles down the front.
My skirt is like, totally tubular (only people who remember "Valley Girl" will get that). I haven't worn it since I got my last tattoo back here in November. It's very comfy.

By the way, this is the reason for the pink light on me on the stairs this morning.
 So completely gorgeous - but "red at morning, sailors' warning"! It is indeed now raining. Blergh.

The stuff:
My shoes aren't really the right pinky-red for the rest of the pinky tones in my outfit, but I don't care. I love them and hug them and call them George, anyway. I bought them on the weekend, here. They were lovely and comfortable (a small bit of a rub above my ankle that will loosen up as the leather softens). And I'm off to wear them to my WW meeting - last one of the year!

Futuristic floral bling.
Zipper rose!

Jacket (Smoking Lily), blouse (Esprit, consignment), skirt (Isda), tights (Hue), shoes (Neosens), obi (Smoking Lily, consignment), rose (Victoria and Albert Museum Gift Shop), earrings (gift from Lise).


  1. The shoes are even more beautiful on. I appreciate how you articulate your style process and decisions around wonderfully unique pieces such as this jacket. Awesome!

  2. This is such a nice outfit! Love the flowers and ruffles paired with the metallic jacket! :)

  3. You have really been rocking the looks lately. I love your fabulous mix of sci-fi and floral. Those tights are gorgeous and the neosens shoes are fantastic!

  4. Like, totally tubular, yah? I can't believe you found those shoes. They are my kind of George. I like how you cinched the jacket too. I have Trouble with white jackets but find myself drawn to them. It's the best time having holidays so within reach.

  5. Oh, great shine, and fab floral tights. Those shoes need no special invites - they are forever cool. Countdown to vacation! xo

  6. Tubular--hehehehehe Those shoes are freaking AMAZING!!! love everything about this outfit but just can't take my eyes off of the SHOES!!!

  7. A day and a half for me and I have 2 weeks off!!! Hurrah!
    Your shoes are outrageously fantastic, darling!!! As for the earrings........I bloody love them! With my boobage a cinched jacket would simply not work, but you rock it!!!
    I love "Valley Girl", and introduced G to it just last year! Gag me with a SPOON!
    What's happening over your vacay, lovely?!

  8. Oh you lucky gal... vacations seem tooo far for me.
    I can totally imagine the reactions on that spacy like jacket - it's out of this world-

  9. Gorgeous soft pinky tones, with extra shine - lovely! xxx

  10. oops I meant to comment on this post - I looked at the other pics with this jacket and I like the shiny jacket worn with the lapels showing since it looks more like a moto jacket. You would look very much on-trend wearing it with skinny jeans and silver shoes for a trendy evening outfit or even a polished semi-casual look.

  11. I would hug those shoes too. Whoever saw you in these pinky tones was a lucky person!

  12. Gorgeous pinky and spacey outfit. Where does the 'love them and hug them and call them George' comment come from? I used to say that when I was little, but have no idea where it came from... xx

    1. It's from a cartoon! This one with Daffy Duck (youtube): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEB2CXw-k5I.

      However, the cartoon is actually referencing a scene from "Of Mice and Men" when Lenny accidentally kills a bunny (I think). Check it out here (Wiki): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Of_Mice_and_Men_in_popular_culture


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