Monday, December 23, 2013

Quiet Weekend Wrap-Up - Minorly Social

All is quiet in the blogosphere - and that's as it should be! Spend time with real people, do real things and relax. I have been doing quite a bit of relaxing myself this past weekend - it's been a less hectic holiday season for L and I than in previous years, giving us a chance to wind down.
On Saturday, we met up with a bunch of friends for our weekly visit to our favourite diner. I always dress up for brunch, although in a more casual way than I do for work.

This is my most wonderful lilac leather skirt, first seen here earlier this month with a riot of 80s colours.
My indigo chunk sweater went beautifully with the purple of the skirt, toning nicely without being as harsh as black. I last wore it here in November with another thrifted skirt. I'm wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt under it for extra warmth.
Aren't the tights cool? I love a crazy whack of pattern. The boots were last worn with my bigass teal dress here a couple of weeks ago.

I had fun with my outerwear:
Orange angora gumdrop hat and oh, don't my purple leather gloves match perfectly?

I last wore the magnificent coat here (mid-way down) in November on the day of the Unlimited Woman awards. It's a little too chilly to wear it in winter, but the extra sweater/tee layers helped. Plus, I only walked a couple of blocks total, so it was mostly for show.
I am all about the show. Peace out, yo!

Coat (Desigual), sweater (Dex, thrifted), skirt (vintage 80s, Chia, thrifted), tights (Look of London), boots (Aerosoles, thrifted), gloves/hat (Danier Leather), earrings (Le Chateau).

When we got home, I banished L to the den while I wrapped his presents. We just do stockings for each other, but since it's kind of weird not to have any presents from each other when you're at someone else's home, we are each saving out two from the stockings to go under the tree this year.
"Nom, nice decorations on this stocking for me to eat!"
Vizzini helped, of course. He batted at the tape and took off with L's stocking. We also play-fight with the cardboard tube.

On Saturday night, our friends Nick and Karen invited us over for an impromptu gathering. Not dressy, but not ultra-casual either. What to wear? What to wear?
Jammy dress! This is a vintage Ports International item, which I thrifted back in October 2011 for $10.50, here, for my birthday party. That's the one and only time I've worn this dress - it's a tricky one, being fairly dressy (and long) but being a casual material (polyester).

It's gorgeous to wear.
It matches my hair perfectly.
Amazing draping and weight. And my cost-per-wear is at $5.25.

I accessorized it with all copper, including rust-coloured tights.
And my floral Docs! Since I knew we'd be taking our shoes off, I didn't bother with a fancy shoe. We walked there and back, so I went for fun and comfort. I last wore my Docs here twice last weekend.

The Unsafe Polar Bear coat came out for the walk, as did a new-to-me hat that Elaine gifted to me a few weeks ago. I missed taking pictures of my little Christmas tree pins - I have one on the coat and one on the hat - and will take some pictures of the fabulous chapeau and its label next time I wear it (it won't be long, promise!).
My faux fur scarf and trimmed gloves - I am ready for you, Winter!

The stuff:
Copper is my favourite metal.

Dress (Ports International, vintage 70s, thrifted), leather belt (thrifted), boots (Doc Martens, consignment), earrings and necklace (Renoir, vintage 60s), cuff (vintage 70s).

We took a route that had a fabulously-lit tree that L wanted to show me.
Dark and gloomy, punctuated by yellow street lights and splashes of Christmas lights.

The tree itself is very gnarly, and the owners have put in spotlights pointed up at it to highlight all the twisted branches.
So cool!

This was so amazing.
It filled me with wonder.

Last post for a while...we'll chat again later this week. I have a gnome in my future...

A Very Merry Christmas, Festive Festivus
and/or Holiday Season!  


  1. You're wearing the twinsy coat. So much lovely colour. And the love the spooky merry holiday tree.
    Merry Christmas to you and L!

  2. Love the gnarly tree! And your jammy-dress, and of course the fabulous purple leather skirt. I had a cat years ago (now in heaven) who loved to help me wrap presents. We called her the "project cat" - always on hand to make a mess! Happy, happy holidays to you and L, xoxo

  3. That back view with purple gloves is spectacular, and you are a vision in head-to-tode copper. Wonderfully festive, and great to hear about your relaxed pace. Warmest best to you, L, and dear Vizzini!

  4. Both outfits are lovely! I really like the floral print tights with the purple skirt! :)

    And that dress is incredible. Hope you have a lovely and very merry Christmas :)

  5. The rust dress is amazing and looks stunning on you!!
    That tree is really cool with the lights!!
    Hope y'all had a Merry Christmas!!!


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