Sunday, December 8, 2013

Backless Casual, Mustard and Olive, Black and White Party, and Shopping with the Hostess

Hey! I'm back! It's been a busy weekend, but I'm looking forward to a quiet week and I'm feeling good. I didn't find the missing copper Renoir earring, sadly, but eh, it's just stuff. I don't get too upset about it (not even when Vizzini eats a pair of Fluevogs).

Where were we? Oh, yes, Friday.
It's getting dark in the mornings now
First wear of this amazing dress, which I purchased on consignment last weekend (here) for $24.00. The denim softened up considerably over the day; I don't think this dress has ever been worn!
It's hard to see, but I have white striped tights on. I love them dearly, but they are getting old - I've had them since 2010. Check it out, here - all I have still have from that outfit are the tights and the jewelry. I need some new tights!
Vizzini's been cranky this weekend because of the cold
Bam! And then you see the back! That's my new-to-me thrifted blouse (also purchased last weekend).

The stuff:
Best Shoes Ever. Sorry, they just are. I last wore them here in October while being an empress.

Silver bling:
I like the "heartbeat" pattern of the steel one, and the radial design of the other one.

Dress (Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, consignment), blouse (Cleo, thrifted), shoes (Poetic Licence), steel ring (vintage 50s), silver ring (The Bay).

I headed to the mall after work to buy tights. It's extremely difficult to find tights secondhand that haven't been worn, and it's also tricky to find basic ones that are ethically made. I sucked it up like a big girl. I really hated being in the mall, though. Ugh.
This should last me up for a year or so, at least. I loved some of the patterned tights (aren't the polka dot ones fun?), but was disappointed to see that apparently bright-coloured tights are out. Good thing I stocked up when they were in style!

On Saturday morning, L and I went for brunch, then ventured out to power-shop for Christmas gifts for our families. We're done! We just have to get each other gifts now - we just do stockings, but we tend to spoil each other.
It is still frigidly cold out, so I'm layered up with a slip under this and nice thick tights. It was sunny out for most of the weekend.
I last wore this mustard sweater here in March with my tiki skirt.
I adore this skirt - it's such a great cut. Plus it flaps around marvelously. Bizarrely, I last wore it the same weekend as the sweater, here in March. The boots are my Fluevog Mini Babycakes, last worn in November ,here.

This Betsey Johnson jacket is turning into a weekend jacket. I've had the brown faux fur scarf and matching cuffed gloves for a few years (made in Canada).

Jacket (Betsey Johnson, thrifted), gloves/scarf (Parkhurst), sweater (Pria), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), boots (Babycake Mini, Fluevog), leather cuff (Catalyst Leather), leather cuff (SkinZnHydez).

After a mid-afternoon nap, I got ready for my company's annual Holiday Gala - although I said I was going to wear the same outfit as I wore to the Unlimited Woman Awards, I did change up a few things.
That look on my face is "Dang! I'm freezing!"
I liked it with blue even more! I last wore this dress to the awards a couple of weeks ago, but this time I layered both my blue and my black Noa Noa floofy underskirts under it. I was Ultra-Swooshy! I last wore the black skirt that night, and Cat wore the blue skirt with her outfit that night.
The belt is one that I bought for the Victoria Steam Expo here in April 2012 - I paid $5.00 for it at the WIN thrift store. The back of it is elastic.
My coworkers checked out my ink.

The shoes are all kinds of fabulousness. I danced in them all night!

I wore my black feather fascinator instead of a hat, and wore my Grandma J's faux pearls.
And my blue lapis lazuli ring by Wendy, of course!

Dress (Planet, consignment), underskirts (Noa Noa), shoes (Listen Up O'Hara, Fluevogs), fascinator (Heart's Content), belt (vintage 80s, thrifted), necklace (Grandma J's), ring (Wendy Brandes).

Today, I walked to town to get groceries then over to Fairfield to meet Leslie of Hostess of the Humble Bungalow fame, for brunch and a shop at My Sister's Closet.
I know, after the previous outfit, it's practically plain!

I dressed for trying stuff on: easy on/off shoes and top, minimal jewelry and a skirt that doesn't necessarily have to be removed.
The black cashmere sweater hasn't been worn for a while. Black. Plain. Basic. But cashmere, and lovely and snuggly warm. It's just not a terribly fabulous piece. It was last seen in the November 2012 all-neutral capsule (recap here), where I wore it twice.
I love this Plum brocade skirt. I actually saw one in the same cut but a different fabric in the consignment store today! I last wore it here in November when I was a pirate.

Leslie and I both did really well - we both found 4 items. That's such a great store, but I only go once every couple of months because I always find too many things! New Year's Eve dress!
It's by Bellissima, and is made in the USA! It was $38.98 and is a nice iridescent red/black mix. It is one-shoulder, but the bodice has boob-shapers in it and fits me perfectly, so it will work great with my strapless bra. It has a bigass bow on the shoulder - but you know I never shy away from bigass anything! I'm excited to style this up for a fun evening out with 13 of my closest friends!

This lovely teal t-shirt-y material dress was slotted in with the t-shirts and labelled a tunic.
Nope, it's a dress. It's by Kersh, and it was $22.98. The colour is very flattering on me.

My Sister's Closet is the best store for shoes. Leslie found a pair of red suede Geox loafers, and I found these sweet leather boots.
I like the folded-down "cuff" look. They were $39.98 and are by Aerosoles.
The heel is not too high - I think I'll be able to wear these all day without much strain.
I always check to see how much wear shoes have had.
I like the back zip. These were a size 8.5, but they fit me perfectly. I usually wear a 9/9.5/40.

These made my heart sing!
YES. Brown canvas floral Doc Martens! These are called the Becket (check it out, they sell new for $179.99).

I have been on the lookout for a new pair of combat boots since my beloved purple crackle studded ones were passed along.
I am filled with glee just looking at them. I can't wait to wear them!

The classic sole:
Barely any wear! These were only $60.98 - a fantastic price for nearly-new.

Hope your weekend was fabulous!


  1. Excellent outfits and even more excellent finds. I'm curious about the grey patterned pair of tights - are they floral? Leaves?

    Both pairs of boots are super gorgeous!

    I need to give layering my dresses a try soon. I always get 'shy' with the first wave of cold, and by february I miss out on the good days to wear tights

    1. The new Hue pair is indeed floral - they also had nude with a black floral, but none in my size.

  2. Good golly, I love so much from your choices and styling. I can't even begin to list the lessons here. Suffice it to say that I want to be you when I grow up.

  3. I had such an amazing time shopping with you! I learn a lot about finding the gems hidden in the racks....quality fabrics and great design. Will post my loot shoot soon.

  4. Ooh, where to begin? You look fabulous in all of your outfits!

    I especially adore your gala getup. And I too hate the mall. >.>

    I am fascinated by the cut of the first dress you're wearing. I've given up trying that style out because nothing ever fits over my bum/hips, but I appreciate it on others. You look fantastic in it. :D

  5. So many great purchases! can't wait to see how you wear that dress for new years! :) Your gala outfit looks beautiful too, hope you had a lot of fun :)

  6. Oh yes! to those Doc Martens. I am stalking a similar pair. Love these looks, you have such a talent for mixing it up and making it fabulous. xo

  7. Every outfit a winner - you did well with the backless dress, I thought that would be a tricky piece to style but I should have known you'd manage it with panache, Sheila! Love the long skirt and cosy sweater, and both pairs of boots you found are awesome. xxxx

  8. You continue to add jewels to your Queen of Shoes crown!! ! Both pairs are awesome!
    LOVE how you styled the backless dress!!
    The party outfit is s o cool!!!!

  9. I love all your outfits and can't wait to see the New Year's dress on. Do you know about for tights? Every color of the rainbow, every color in fishnets, and some fun patterns and tie-dye too.

    1. Yes, I've seen other bloggers discuss We Love Colors, but I like to try to do all my shopping in person and support local businesses. I rarely shop online.

  10. I have to agree, those really are the best shoes ever. And amazing boot finds! I just bought a pair of floral Docs a month or so ago (sigh, full price but I HAD to have them!). I'm so in love. You can currently see them as my instagram logo on my site. Looking forward to seeing you wear the boots as well as that stunning red dress! xx

  11. Where to start?!?! Well, the denim dress & the long, flared skirt are def. my favs - probably because they're something I could wear without causing alarm in here in my small northeast Indiana community (where, incidentally, I've already had all the snow I need for the rest of the winter, too)!

    Those floral Docs are very, VERY sweet; and you've already made one more trip to the mall that I have made in 2013!

  12. Looks like you scored my dear friend ! The red one shoulder dress is fab as are the boots.
    I can see you wear the dress with the Doc Martens.

  13. I love shopping vicariously through you. I hope you like the Aerosoles; I think they make ridiculously comfortable shoes to run-around in, even the ones with heels.

  14. Good score on the Docs! I have a similar pair. Careful winter walking .... Doc soles are *deadly* on ice! Happy time off work, Sheila!!

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