Monday, December 9, 2013

A Bustier for Work

Holy smokes it's cold out! We're supposed to get more snow tonight (there's nothing left from last week's dusting). I hope we don't. I'm snowed out for the rest of the year, please and thank you.
That is a rictus of "OMG I'm freezing!".

I tried something different today by layering this grey wool bustier over my pinstriped shirt. I last wore the bustier back in March here for some dinners out while L and I were in Vancouver.
I'm not exactly sure when I last wore this shirt - it's by Club Monaco which results in way too many posts to wade through. I think it was last seen in the July 2012 capsule (recap here), where I wore it 3 times (the last time with a Darth Vader tie, here).
Someone's up to No Good...
The skirt is a beautiful wool vintage one, last worn here (past the golden disco girl pictures!) on my birthday party weekend in October.

The stuff:
 Awesome boots! I last wore them in early October here (2nd outfit, with loads of pink).

Big shiny bling:
I had to match the big shiny buttons on the bustier! The cufflinks are L's.

Bustier (Mondi, consignment), shirt (Club Monaco, consignment), skirt (Mister Leonard, vintage 70s, thrifted), boots (Velazquez Baroque, Fluevog), cufflinks (Le Chateau), Death Star ring (Stone Roses, Oscar & Libby's), other ring (Melanie Lyne), earrings (Jacob).


  1. I look away for one teensy moment only to return to a plethora of posts of you prancing about in all degrees of fabulousness. I love your maxi and midi wool skirts - how many toasty layers can fit inside. And the skirt provides a wonderful warm air curtain around the legs. The bustier looks good over the blouse. Dang snow.

  2. I never noticed the pattern on those boots before - Baroque, indeed! They're fabulez! I also really like the big shiny rings. The bling, bustier and Baroque are in perfect counterpoint to the librarian skirt, like a quiet spinster who actually runs a casino in her parlour!

  3. Such nice layering in this outfit! Hope it kept you warm too! :)

  4. Loving the bustier over the blouse - that's a more interesting way to approach layering, Sheila! And of course the boots and the bling are completely gorgeous, as always. xxxx

  5. I so admire your strapless-for-the-office looks. Amazing outfit - the palette, the silhouette, everything!

  6. I never noticed the pattern, either! Truly drool-worthy. :D I never know whether to be grateful or annoyed that Fluevog doesn't make wide sizes.

  7. The bustier had my undivided attention UNTIL I saw those boots. Now the glory that is your outfit has faded in my mind's eye- and the boots have superimposed themselves on my lustful/envious third eye. Great color mix, greater kicks! Wowwwwwwzah.

  8. Gorgeous and the PERFECT way to wear a bustier to the office!! The skirt is just stunning!!

  9. Yep, tons of snow up north. My mom sent me pictures of her deck this morning and it was a few feet of snow...
    I like your bustier... and that fact that you can wear it anytime you want. I love it when clothes are versatile (or we make them) enough that you can wear in any weather. That's where you get the bang for your buck.

  10. Love the idea of wearing a bustier over a shirt - sexy, but still covered! Those boots are simply gorgeous....

  11. I really like this bustier and shirt together. Your outfit reminds me that I have similar skirt that just needs the zipper replaced. I need to get to it before spring gets here!


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