Thursday, December 5, 2013

Power, Suit and Snow

It snowed today! Well, for Victoria it snowed. I think we might have had 1 centimeter sift slowly down over the duration of the day. But it made everyone feel excited and Christmassy, which was fun. 
Fun until the power went out tonight just as it got dark! All of downtown (where I work) lost power, right to my house and past that! It came back on and then off, and then on and then off - again - until it finally has settled at "on" for the last few hours. You don't realize how dependent we are on electricity until we don't have it!

Anyway, all is good, and look! I have another suit on! I couldn't resist wearing this gloriously rich dark red suit today. Seriously, it's just gorgeous. I had so many people admire it and then be stunned when I told them I paid $18.00 for it (last weekend, here).
I switched the pin to the other lapel when I realized the collar covered it up.
The blouse is my recently worn (here a couple of weeks ago in November) black sheer striped Lida Baday - it was only $10.00, so not including the shoes, my whole outfit cost $28.00.
Done up. I originally thought this suit was 80s, like my Andre Courreges cashmere/wool suit, but now I think this suit might be early 60s, the Jacqueline Kennedy era. The jacket is boxier than modern cuts - not like the ultra tailoring of the 80s.
Overall, this suit was a pleasure to wear. I can't wait to play with the pieces individually too! This is a lifetime keeper piece. Love it.

The stuff:
Fluevogs so that I don't look like a little old lady, heh heh (no offense to little old ladies, especially the one whose old suit ended up at a thrift store). I last wore these way way back in March (here), with a blouse that I ended up just recently putting in the giveaway bag. I paid $99.00 for them, which is about a third of what they cost new.

Copper bling.
I have lost one of my, booooooo. I was struggling with my giant Unsafe Polar Bear jacket and my crossbody bag (in the dark) as I left work, so hopefully, I dropped it under my desk. I really hope I didn't lose it while walking home in the pitch dark in a dusting of snow.

Suit (Hettermarks, vintage 60s, thrifted), blouse (Lida Baday, consignment), shoes (Qtee Mini, Fluevog, consignment), brooch (thrifted), cuff (Renoir, vintage 60s, Grandma J), earring(s) (Renoir, vintage 60s).


  1. Yes! Wear the suit forever! That color is gorgeous and really suits(?) you.

  2. Eighteen bucks for that suit, oooh, I like-a that deal. You glow with passion.
    You had snow? I didn't see any here, but, man-oh-man, it was ccccold.

  3. Oh I hope you find your other earring! And that the power stays on for you!

    it's funny, it was snowing in Australia yesterday too, although it's officially summer! It was snowing down south, they are having a bit of cold weather at the moment. Still warm here luckily.

  4. Incredible colour - what an(other) awesome find. I share your shoe strategy! Sorry about the earring, fingers crossed!

  5. You are right - this suit is gorgeous! Long love the suit. When we have bad storms here and lose power we always say "What did the ancients do?" xo

  6. That really is one smart suit - gorgeous colour and perfect fit. Hope you find the earring... xxxx

  7. That suit is freaking STUNNING!! such a gorgeous color and cut!! so many possibilities with the pieces. too!!
    Here's hoping your earring turns up!!

  8. Ohwow, that suit is magnificent. And the fluevogs are positively dreamy with it.

  9. Gorgeoso! That is a lovely suit, such a yummy color.

    We had snow all day today, about 8 inches, and it just refuses to get above freezing. I predict a cozy weekend indoors, putting up our Christmas tree, reading books, walking to the store for more brandy maybe. If our electricity goes out, at least we have a gas fire and gas stove!

  10. Love the suit! What a find. Glad your power came back on. It's awful not to have it!

  11. The suit looks tailor made - i love how vintage items CAN stand the test of time and look beautiful years later.

  12. Sweet cherry of a suit there :) Hope you found your earring?


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