Sunday, December 1, 2013

Long Weekend Wrap-Up: the Usual Suspects - Shopping and Cat Pictures

Well, the long weekend is nearly over, and it's been a slice. Lots of fun things happening, as the festive season kicks off!

I'm linking up to "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style, as well as Judith at Style Crone's "Hat Attack" for my most recent hat-wearing incident.

After a day of watching football on Thursday, I put on real clothes for Book Club.
Spiky hair because weekend.
One of my many long-sleeved layering tees, under my caramel sweater (last seen here in October, way down at the bottom).

Yes, I'm wearing jeans! They are actually cropped with little zippers at the bottom (last seen here in September with a Hawaiian shirt).
I'm wearing my over-the-knee olive suede boots (last worn here last week with fabulous chartreuse) and my Betsey Johnson coat. Our discussed book was "Out of Africa" (most of us also went to the movie during the reading of it), so I brought my sprinbok fur purse.

Coat (Betsey Johnson, thrifted), sweater (Coldwater Creek, thrifted), tee/earrings (Plum), jeans (Sandwich, swap from Caro), boots (Pegabo), purse (consignment), gloves (Parkhurst).

On Friday, L and I hung out together all day. It's so awesome to just be able to chill with your best friend.
We went for brunch, then L did some banking while I browsed around some of the Oak Bay (where the rich people live) consignment shops.

My grey cashmere blend sweater was last seen here (3rd outfit) in November for brunch. I guess it's a brunch sweater.
I planned my skirt to go with my outerwear - my coat has no pockets and I require pockets! Who doesn't love a skirt with pockets? I last wore this amazing suede skirt of fabulousness here (3rd outfit, with caramel velvet) on our arty weekend back in October.
The boots are my grey felt, last worn here (2nd outfit, with turquoise fringed suede) in early November, with the same outfit. I'm a lazy matcher, heh.
Blue coat of happiness! I love the sunny blue, the dramatic lapels and the short fit of this jacket.

I dropped in on one of my old favourites of the Victoria consignment scene, the House of Savoy in Oak Bay. The last time I went there, I found Kim Cattrall's suit! It's a store that's worth a visit about twice a year for me - easily one of the priciest of the consignment stores, but good deals can be had if you search around a bit.

I found this gorgeous marigold yellow sweater for only $20.00.
I love the big wide hem - it will be good for belting and keeping definition. It's by Spense - I have found a couple of tops by them over the years, and the quality has been good.

This is my risky purchase, but since it was drastically marked down on the clearance rack, I figured, "What the heck?"
Okay, it's a denim dress. But all that pocketry and zippage is completely an optical illusion! The studs and buttons are real, but there are no pockets, belt-loops, flaps or anything on this. It buttons up the front and has a side zip.

It's also backless.
Also fake back pockets. I don't know how I'm going to style this - likely with a top underneath.

The label was vaguely familiar:
Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti. Zoiks, I just looked at their online shop* - the cheapest dress on sale is $298.00 US!
*info only, buy second hand!

It's a perfect fit on me - I had to have it. It was only $24.00.
"Feed me"
I usually like to try on all my new purchases again at home and get a good look at them with the contents of my closet.

Vizzini had the devil in him:
"I swallow your soul"
He was attacking my feet.

I'll probably never wear it like this due to bra issues, but it's fun to show my whole back.
Bird socks are awesome
No slit in the skirt, so it's tricky for running about.

How would you style this challenging dress? Ideas welcome!

L and I went for brunch at our usual Saturday spot. I had to wear my new bright sweater to counter the grey and rainy day.
Such a great colour!
The screen print is a beech tree.
The skirt is...a cape! I like it better as a skirt - it has nice weight and it's warm. Plus, pointy hem! I last wore it here (way down) for my birthday weekend in October.
The boots are my dark brown Miz Mooz, last worn for Winesday (here, past my shopping pics) in early November.
Vizzini is rolling about amusingly
Outerwear includes my crackle-finish Danier coat (thrifted for $16.50, score! a few months ago), my gloves, hat and a silk vintage scarf.

The stuff:

Sturdy pieces for shopping.

Coat (Danier Leather, thrifted), sweater (Spense, consignment), skirt/cape (Smoking Lily, thrifted), boots (Miz Mooz), hat (Wooden Ships), gloves (Parkhurst), leather cuff (SkinZnHydez), leaf cuff (About Tine), earrings (local), ring (Twang & Pearl).

After brunch, I headed off for a good long search through the WIN warehouse store.

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I collect mid-century (50s-70s) amber glassware. I found a fabulous mixed selection for only a few bucks!
All between 50 cents and $2.95 per piece
The top left one is part of the same set as some of my Grandma J's glasses - it's probably from the early 60s. The middle back cup is later, probably 70s, as is the cup on the upper right. I needed some little shallow dishes (for dips and such), and found the front two for cheap. Both are modern but I liked the simple shapes.

The little middle cup is a later example of the "King's Thumbprint" pattern (image search) - I have quite a bit of it from the '60-70s (plates, cups, bowls), and it's great to find a new piece. I collect the amber primarily, followed by the olive colour. The tumbler on the right is modern but had a nice heft to it.

I did well on shoes, and am proving that you should try on anything that appeals to you, regardless of marked size.
Classic black kitten heels with a suede bow and wrap at the heel
I wear a size 9-9.5 shoe, 40 in European sizing. As you can see, these are marked as size 11 with a sticker.

On the sole, however, they're marked a 41, which is a size 10, roughly. These are a tight size 10, which is probably why the original owner donated them. My good luck, and they were only $16.50!
The brand is a Canadian mall chain - good quality shoes. I was very pleased with these - they will transition in as my basic flat black shoe, as my pointy-toed ones are getting worn out.

I hemmed and hawed a while over these, but ultimately, I couldn't pass them up.
They are hugely 80s, with that long narrow almond to, and the elongated short heel. The vamp is high, there's a bigass metal shield and a bow on don't get much more 80s than these!

I recall Bruno Magli being a big designer back in the day. Unlike my last 80s shoe purchase a couple of summers ago (here, beware of grossness), these are fully leather, inside and out.
Made in Italy
I have been on the lookout for a good pair of brown flats and I like how these are sort of a men's wear vibe.

Remember when you could get different shoe widths? Whatever happened to that? Please also admire my score of $11.50 for these beauties.
And another size 10 fitting me perfectly. Do you think shoe sizes have changed, or is it just the same inconsistency there is in clothing?

I find better quality of clothing in the vintage sections. Take this fantastic cerulean blue skirt, for example:
It's a long pencil shape (past the knee), fully lined, snap and tab closure above the hidden zipper at the back. The fabric is a lovely wool-blend crepe, which I can tell by feel - it has no label at all. I'd guess this is from the 50s.

You couldn't buy a new wool-blend lined skirt for that!

My leather addiction continues.
This is the most accurate colour 
 Seriously? A purple leather skirt? With pockets? Sign me up!

Classic 80s high-waisted with a big ol' snap.
Oh, sweet, here's (ebay link) the matching jacket and this same skirt. Someone had that skirt shortened - you can see the seams that on my skirt are mid-way are down near the hem on this one.

I love that vintage leather is so much cheaper than new.
I'm happy with $13.50.

I had to have these - they are the exact same as my cognac Gap leather pants!
They are unfortunately about 2" shorter than my cognac ones, but they fit just as well. I wonder if I can make them work as a cropped length?

Still, I didn't pay much for them, so even if they are a bust, I don't feel that bad.
I paid $69.99 for my other pair - $24.50 is a great deal for these.

I briefly ducked into the Beacon Ave Thrift Store - it's really small, messy and rather hit and miss. This time, I had a hit!

Bracelet sleeve length, 100% wool, deep burgundy, pockets, gorgeous satin lining. Slightly looser than a fully-fitted jacket.

And it's a suit! Skirt included!
The perfect length pencil skirt, with a sewn-in kick pleat at the back.

A huge deal on both pieces.
Yes! $18.00 for a wool suit? I couldn't find much on Hettermarks but they seem to have been a Swedish company.

My suit was made in Sweden, and sold at W&J Wilson, a local Victoria institution since 1862.
I would guess that this is from the 80s - it has the same very high-end feel to it as my Andre Courreges skirt.
The skirt has 4 separate hanger loops, and the wool hasn't got a single moth-hole. I am so excited to wear this!

On the way home I briefly stopped in at the Hospice Thrift Shop. I found a couple of pieces.
Mysteriously uncropped photo
I love the magenta colour and the soft shape of this blouse. It's by Cleo and was $15.00 - that's a bit high for a mall store, but it's all for a good cause.

I nabbed this heavenly soft silk scarf from the $2.00 bin.
I love the vivid colours.

L and I went to his work Christmas party on Saturday night. I've been meaning to wear this dress again.
A slight variation the last time I wore it here, for my birthday in 2012. It's by local designer Bridget Savard, and I paid $25.00 on consignment for it. Down to $12.50 per wear!

I did rocker-ish accessories:, including my leather obi. That was such a good deal at $14.95 (a few years ago on consignment). I have never seen a black leather obi under $70.00.
Ink show!
 I wore my long black coat with gloves - I also had a fuzzy toque and little fur scarf for the walk home.
L packed us both both walking shoes; we left around midnight and hoofed it several blocks to the bus stop. L and I both won door prizes (chocolates and a bike light set).

The stuff:
Chains, leather and heavy metal.

Had to bring out the big guns to represent for L.
Killer shoes! I paid $25.00 for these at a vintage fair 2 years ago and I'm sure I'm under $5.00 per wear now.

Jacket (Vassalli, consignment), dress (Bridget Savard, consignment), shoes (Versace, thrifted), belt (consignment), necklace (gift from Tina), bag (Fiveleft), leather cuff (Guess, thrifted), metal cuff (thrifted), sparkle ring (Melanie Lynne), steel ring ('50s, vintage).

As promised: cat pictures!
"I want to bite your foot!"
 Vizzini likes to keep me company when I'm unpacking my shopping purchases.

Look at that deceptive cuteness!
"Put your hand near me and I'll attack!"
 He gets all worked up, roly-polying back and forth.
"Pet me! Play with me!"
 He barely sits still.
"Wait! Must lick!"
Hee, turkey leg!

What time is it?
"Time to feed me, woman!"

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend - Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends!


  1. Wow what a great weekend you've had! You are amazingly fortunate finding fabulous clothing at thrift shops. I can look for weeks and find maybe one or two gems. Right place right time.

  2. Ooohh... elegant first outfit. And your purple leather skirt reminds me of the lavender one I found at Anthropologie recently.

  3. Wow, wow, and wow, and wow! I really love the Betsey Johnson jacket - sort of a plaid pea coat. And that yellow sweater looks great on you - good score! Wow on that last clutch purse, and all the other stuff, too!

  4. Shopping, cat pictures, best friend time, perfectly fitting backless dress, amazing suede skirt and marigold sweater, leather pants! skirts! shoes! wool suit! total goddess dress with hardcore accessories! and you won chocolates! and Vizzini, the Amazing Devil-possessed Turkey Lurkey Leg!

    Sheila, how do you even manage all of the awesomeness - ? I would implode. :) Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  5. So many nice shopping purchases! I like your Friday outfit very much. And that yellow top you scored is a beautiful colour, it looks fantastic on you! :)

  6. Okay, your Christmas party outfit totally put me in the mood for a Christmas party, and I don't see any in the cards. I'll have to fake it. You look awesome!
    Marigold, a new fave colour term. And I have a denim dress very similar to your find. I must dig it out.

  7. Leather heaven! You really had a stupendous shopping day - let's send L to the Bank more often : > You look like a dream for the party, too - head to toe gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  8. That red/burgundy dress you wore to your Christmas party is so gorgeous! Also your coat is killer.

    You really scored on your thrift store hunt. I love that jean dress.


  9. Wonderful finds as always - I'm excited to see you rock those red leather pants! I am in love with the plaid jacket you wore to book club! And hello to Vizzini!!

  10. You definitely looked HAWT for L's party!!
    The new suit is STUNNING!! and red leather capris??? I know you can make them work--the length will let you show off a pair of your kick-ass shoes!!

    Wow--you find all the coolest stuff. The consignment stores here locally are crap.

    Vizzini is just too much. Our evil baby Callie does the same roll of cuteness--showing off the pale spot on her belly and daring us to pet it!!!

  11. Sheila,
    Where to start! That plaid jacket in the first outfit is amazing. The amber glass, I love. And the scarf find, I am jealous.


  12. Great thrift finds!

    Love the red leather pants!

  13. I love winter! Textures and fabulous fabrics and shapes and deep color abound! You look amazing ... I'd think that you'd really use one of those lovely bras that fasten at the low waist and have straps around the neck ... you surely have a use for it with your wonderful closet! Bound to be available this time of year. Or, if it were short stuff me, I'd whack off 4 inches of hem and make a band across the back, just where your bra strap fits.

  14. OH that dress shows off your tatts amazingly! I keep hunting for at least one thing that would show all mine off, but finding one-shouldered things is harder than I expected.

    LOVE that yellow sweater. it's that perfect yellow color.

    Also cutie kitty!!! Love at that rolypoly baby.

  15. You ARE wearing jeans! I almost fell out, girl! lol They look damned good. And wow, the outfit you wore to L's holiday party is so edgy and glamorous.

  16. I have so many comments to make on this post that i do not even know where to begin!
    1. You rock the jeans - 2. i love how you look in that black long skirt and turtleneck grey top. LOVE.
    3. The ALberta Ferreti dress was made for you. 4. Vizzini needs to get an exorcism. 5. Yellow top and the cape/skirt is out of this world: "earth calling Sheila". 6. Hello wool suit - it's a masterpiece.


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