Thursday, December 19, 2013

Granny Chic Christmas and a Funny Kitty

And the countdown is on! One more sleep till vacation! 

As you may or may not know (a speech I did, Stuff About Me), I used to work in a year-round Christmas store. For 11 years I wore the most garish colours to work every day: a red polo shirt and a green vest that said "Number One Elf" on the back. I may also have worn pleated khakis, but it was the 90s!
So here's my ode to my old work clothes! I've always liked classic shapes with a good splash of bling - it reminds me of how my grandmothers dressed when I was a kid.

This jacket is part of my $18.00 thrifted vintage suit, last seen here a couple of weeks ago the day the power went out. Once again, I loved wearing it, this time belted with the sleeves rolled.

The floral blouse under it was last worn on my birthday week in October (here). I liked the ruffled effect at the neckline - I have a teal cami on under it. It's a great blouse for pulling interesting colours together because it has about 8 colours in it, but it's predominantly neutral.
My dark teal skirt, last seen here (3rd outfit, one of my favourites) in October, was such a pleasure to wear today while running about. No wrinkles, and it is just the right length.
I was a little worried about how well the jacket would belt because it's a boxier cut from the early 60s, but the skinny belt worked just right.

The stuff:
I usually pack these shoes away with my spring/summer stuff, but this year I decided to keep them out for dressier outfits. They're such a pretty colour of grey-ish green, and I love the little blingy buckle with the green snake trim. I last wore them here last March (I have blonde hair!).

Mismatched bling:
Vintage necklace and brooch; new rings and earrings.

Jacket (Hettermans, vintage early 60s, W&J Wilson, thrifted), blouse (Nygard, consignment), skirt (Selma K, thrifted), shoes (Hilary Radley, consignment), belt (Club Monaco), necklace/brooch (thrifted), earrings (Jacob), silver ring (Stone Roses), Fulvia Ring (Wendy Brandes).

Someone is going to like having us home for over a week:
"Stay home and play with me!"
He rolls around like this nearly every morning, and follows us around as we get ready. He and I always have a play before I leave.
"I'm going to run down the hallway any second!"
He's quite a character.
"But first, I'm going to lick my butt."
I just laugh when I look at that.

Hope your week is going well! Be merry!


  1. Haha love the last photo of Vizzini with his little outstretched paws! :)

    Really like that blouse with the blazer! :)

  2. I bet those shoes are so excited that you kept them out, and now they get to celebrate Christmas! And what a great outfit to celebrate in - the colors are so rich and festive, without being too elf-like!

  3. Great dressy outfit, Sheila - you're right about the skinny belt working out perfectly. Hey Vizzini, doing what we call "The Pork Chop." He's so adorable.

  4. I always remember that you were aChristmas Elf! Such a good job and I can picture you in that tshirt. I am looking forward to Christmas quality pet-time too xx


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