Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Floral Punk, Red Leather and Orange Leather (and Shopping)

Woo, what a weekend! I need another one, please.

Casual office punk, that's me. I had to wear my new Docs!

The cardigan was last seen here in October, under my red plaid dress.
The peach satin blouse gets its second wearing, first seen here in September with my cognac leather pants.
This funky brown skirt was last worn here in October with a much more normal jacket and sweater (and a lion).
This is how the skirt is sewn; it's basically a big square.

My outerwear consisted of a nice thick leather jacket and my furry scarf, plus toque and gloves.
My purple rocker purse completes it.

Getting my funk on with Bella's "Shoe Shine" over at Citizen Rosebud! Are you in? You totally should be!
Her theme is "Glitterati", but I'm way more whackadoo than that! Did you notice my two pairs of crazy socks? These Doc Martens were incredibly comfy all day - I actually wore them twice this weekend, I loved them so much.

The stuff:
The more bling, the better, I say!

Sweater (Kersh), blouse (Mark, thrifted), skirt (La Fleur de Mon Secret, consignment), shoes (Doc Martens, consignment), belt/buckle (Shi Studio; buckle thrifted), leather cuff (Catalyst Leather), gear cuff (SkinZnHydez), necklace (gift from Mom), leaf necklace (thrifted, vintage), pink rose (thrifted).

My Friday work-day was insanely busy, but I ran out to try and find a sweater for Ugly Christmas Sweater day. What did I buy? Not an ugly sweater.
I did find this amazing Club Monaco skirt for $20.00 on consignment). It has box pleats all around it, and check it out:
They actually lined up the fabric so that the paisleys still have their shape! That's a huge waste of fabric (economy-wise) in manufacturing, so it's a very high mark of quality. I'm pretty excited about this skirt. Bizarrely, on Saturday when I was out doing the last of my Christmas shopping for L, I spotted this exact skirt in a thrift store (for $3.00 less) in a different size.

I also found a sweater, although it isn't ugly.
I actually bought a whole bunch of really tacky, glittery Christmas decorations from the dollar store, and I'm going to sew them all over this sweater so that I can wear it for real. I just couldn't face buying something crappy, even for fun.

Plus, it was a great piece:
It's by Dale Norway (and made in Norway, not surprisingly), it's 100% merino wool and it was $16.95. Hey, here it is on their site - it's called "Slaata Feminine". Oh my goodness...their sweaters start at $199.00 and go up to $318.00. *choke*

Okay, I am definitely NOT going to be glue-gunning decorations to this sweater!

On Saturday, L and I walked to town to have breakfast and wrap up our shopping for each other.
I've decided to get rid of this skirt. The quality is not that great, and I don't like the fadedness of the reds in it.

This cardigan is one of my trusty cotton ones. I haven't worn it since March (it was packed away with the winter stuff), here, with...what do you know? The same skirt! I actually last wore the skirt later on in March (here).
I only wore this without my outerwear while we were in the diner; I spent the rest of the afternoon trudging around from store to store, avoiding the mall. I managed to do most of my shopping ethically (either second-hand, thrift or locally made), which feels good.
The fabulous boots were great for a day of walking. I last wore them here in November to see Lindi Ortega.

It's been much warmer lately so I've been able to wear my leathers instead of the Unsafe Polar Bear coat.

Cardigan (Press), top (Ricki's, thrifted), skirt (Dolcezza), boots (Adrian Agnes, Fluevog), belt (Plum), cuff (Rimanchik), necklace (Raven's Rest Studio).

Today, I wandered to town to get groceries and meet up with Elaine for brunch. I knew I wouldn't have my outerwear off much if at all, so I dressed for that.
Black as a base layer. This is my fabulous black shirtdress, last seen here in October with a lot of red accents (including the above red boots).

The tights are footless; I picked them up for myself for $15.00 while out and about (I can't say the name of the store or L will know what I bought him there). The dots are actually little metal shiny bits stuck on, and they are only below the knee.
 Floral earrings, my Tony Llama belt (with Shi Studio buckle), L's cufflinks. Simple accessories.
And my same docs as on Friday! They were heavenly once again. They're getting softer. Love!

The outerwear:
Orange leather, red gloves and an orange, pink and red Ralph Lauren silk scarf. A man in the produce section complimented me on my colours.

Elaine and I popped into a thrift store I don't usually visit, and I had a bit of luck.
For $11.00 total, I got this full set of Duralex bowls (nice for fruit salad?). They're made in France.

I also found this copper leather thin obi-style wrap belt.
Only $4.50! A good deal, in my books.

I got the stink-eye from L for buying these but aren't they gorgeous?
They are Neosens (the style is called Croatina), which are hand-made in Spain. The original price was $310.00 and they were on half-price as the last pair for $155.00.

But ribbon laces!
And leather flowers! And such a beautiful colour.

The sole is a lace-print!
I've been very good this year - Santa would approve, I'm sure.

Hope your weekend has been as fun as mine!


  1. Love your Saturday shopping outfit! Shame the skirt is going, but better to own pieces you are happy with :) Those floral doc martins look great on you too! :)

  2. Ooh, what lovely finds! Thank you, as always, for sharing them with us alongside your awesome outfits. Your new shoes are definitely ooh-worthy. And a copper obi belt on thrift(!) I am enjoying shopping vicariously through you while I slog through my finals. :D

  3. Ooo, your paisley skirt and new shoes just about knock me over, wow!!! All 3 looks are lovely, those metal-dotted tights are excellent, and my heart belongs to #1 up top with that amazing square skirt. Tremendous accessories!

  4. Work those fabulous new boots, Sheila! And that's a gorgeous new paisley skirt you found, love the fabric. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you look fab.

  5. Patti tweeted that your new boots have their own blog. I came to look at it and am surprised to see you in the pictures! Will your boots be using other models or just you? :-)

  6. Beautiful shoes are so worth th' Your latest skirt purchase is a real beauty on the hanger - can't wait to see it on! Wish I'd known you needed an Ugly Christmas Sweater, I could've hooked you up! My sis gave me one that you would have managed to make look stunning anyway :P The teens and I have a few truly outrageous ones just for that special day each holiday. They are so wildly popular here that peeps snap them up like mad at the secondhand stores.

  7. Ooh, that new skirt and the Neosens are fabulous! Why doesn't L like the shoes? Or is it more about the number of shoes you have...?!
    Great outfits, of course, you rock the coloured leather jackets and the DMs. xxxx

    1. I'm not supposed to be buying anything for myself this close to Christmas, that's why I got the stink-eye!

  8. I have a couple of pairs of Neosens ankle boots and I love them - very well made and beautiful styles and colours. I'm lusting after those red flat boots of yours - they are gorgeous, and with your red leather coat, you are a treat for the eyes! My friend and I are going out to look for tacky Christmas sweaters to wear on The Day - I'm hoping I might find another treasure or two.

  9. You so totally NEEDED and DESERVED those new shoes!! OMG they are FANTASTIC!!
    As are the new Docs--so cool!!
    Loving the new skirt and the sweater is pretty cool!

  10. I love the first skirt Sheila! I love the colours too, you look simply fabulous! Hugs, Beata

  11. First, I love the combination of peach and olive. Second, your purple rocker purse is fabulous! Third, the Docs! I finally found a local place that has lots of Docs (and Fluevogs). I hope Santa gives me money for Christmas so I can go shopping!

    And then, the paisley skirt is beautiful. I love paisley, yet I don't own any paisley print.

    And then all your other stuff, yeah, it's all gorgeous!

  12. Hey Sheila! that paisley skirt is just to die for and that orange leather jacket too! xoxo

  13. I want those floral booooots!! And that bird belt. And those flower petal shoes! Major shoe envy :)

  14. Not only a post full of eye candy, but now I'm craving breakfast at Rebar. Always a favourite when in Victoria. Okay, the red boots and the orange jacket are making my heart beat a lot faster. I love those boots!!! And, even though I'm always drawn to colour, the first outerwear look with the cool, square cut skirt, is fabulous. The layers, the textures, the purple rocker purse...GAK...all fantastic.

  15. Where to start... You squared skirt highly intrigues me. And I have not a SINGLE item made in Norway, a clear lack in my wardrobe. Probably tomorrow I'll find three things from Norway... Like you found two of those incredible skirts. How is that possible?

  16. Looking fabulous, of course, in every outfit. I love being able to wear cold-weather outfits! I personally think we should get a pass on buying stuff for ourselves during this time of year! Everything wonderful is available, and sometimes you just have to do it for yourself. Harrumph.

  17. You are rocking your gorgeous Dr. Martens and those Spanish leather shoes - the leather flowers are so delicate I thought they were fabric!


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