Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cerulean Blue and Leopard

Brrr! The temperatures here have dropped to an icy-cold zero to minus 4 degrees (that's Canadian temperatures; it's in the high 20s/low 30s for the rest of you). It's clear and sunny, but man, we delicate West Coast flowers are chilly.
I actually went out twice today without a jacket! Foolish, foolish Sheila.

I had to wear (I had to!) my new-to-me cerulean blue skirt today - I loved how it went with this pretty leopard cardigan. I thrifted the skirt on the weekend (here) for $6.50 - what a score!
The cardigan was last worn here in July - coincidentally, I wore it with this same blue belt AND I whined about being a delicate flower due to the heatwave we'd been experiencing then. I'm so predictable.
The skirt is such an awesome fit - I loved wearing it all day. The wonderful wool crepe was a dream - didn't wrinkle a bit (not that I actually sat today; I was far too busy for that!).

The stuff:
My new-to-me black shoes were uber-comfy. I thrifted them this past weekend at the same time as the skirt for $16.50.

Some bling:
I am bummed that I missed out on Wendy Brandes' Cyber Monday sale - there were some amazing deals! But everything I clicked on had already been sold. Ah, well, I shall console myself with these gorgeous rings of hers. Did any of you manage to snag a piece?

Cardigan (XXI, consignment), skirt (no label, thrifted), shoes (Town Shoes, thrifted), belt (Danier Leather), necklace (Grandma J's, vintage 50s), earrings (Jacob), lapis lazuli and Fulvia Ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. Cold? Heck, yeah! Nothing like a little animal print to seal in the heat. Great score on that magnificent blue skirt.

  2. Gorgeous outfit. And it's warm down here so you have my sympathy.

  3. I love the print and that's such a beautiful shade of blue- they look even better together.

  4. It sounds so cold! You were brave to go jacket less! I don't think it's ever dropped into negative temperatures here in Brisbane....really like that leopard print cardigan with the blue too, that is a lovely skirt and really nice outfit :)

  5. Brrrr! You however, look hot in your blue plus animal prints. We're wearing similar skirts today!

  6. The skirt is a perfect fit and looks great with the leopard print. The new shoes are cool too. xxx

  7. Gorgeous!! That skirt really is stunning and anything is enhanced with leopard in my book!!

  8. Love that shade of blue and it looks fab paired with animal print.

  9. I oogled Wendy's cyber monday, but alas, I just dropped about $400 towards next semester's tuition so oogling was all I got to do!

  10. Perfect skirt. Patti recently bought a blue skirt, too. Now I think I NEED one - but I know I don't. Plus, I think there is one squished in my closet at home. Can't wait to go take a look-see lol.

  11. That is too cold for my little self - and yet you manage to look like the weather is perfect.


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