Tuesday, December 10, 2013

In the Seasonal Mood - Red and Green

Oh, I am starting to feel a little Christmassy! I like to wear my glittery things at this time of year.
I knew this green ultra-ruffly blouse would be perfect for Christmas! I had a lot of compliments on it today...and then I would wave my feet from behind my desk and show people - look! Red shoes!

I thrifted this blouse back in September for $7.00 (it's Oscar de la Renta - woot!), and last wore it here.
I don't think there's any getting around it: this is a Christmas blouse. The jacket, however, is any ol' season. I last wore it here in November with rainy florals (need to wear that skirt again).
The lovely snakeskin leather skirt was last seen here in early November on my shopping day with my niece Zoe. I have diamond-patterned grey tights on (one of my new pairs) - you can see the pattern in the top photo best.

The stuff:
Red shoes! Love red shoes. I last wore them for the Unlimited Woman photo shoot last month here.

Simple bling:
I didn't need a lot with all those ruffles and snakeskin and red and green!

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), blouse (Oscar de la Renta, thrifted), skirt (I.N.C., consignment), shoes (Marc), pin (The Bay, 90s), ring (Oscar & Libby's).


  1. You are looking fabulous, as always.

    And I will keep arguing that blouse looks spring/St. Patrick's Day suitable to me.

    1. Ooh, you are totally right, Aya! I will have to dig this out for St. Patty's Day in March. Thanks!

  2. Such a nice take on red and green! That blouse is awesome :)

  3. Impossible not to feel festive in that fabulous blouse! Excellent pairing it with snakeskin, gorgeous shoes (I don't think you have any UN-gorgeous shoes!), and a little rhinestone floral-fireworks-snowflake. :)

  4. Looking so gorgeous in the green ruffles, Sheila - what a statement blouse!

  5. That shirt does look so lux and runway like.... beautiful shade on you.

  6. This is the way to do Christmas!!! Emerald ruffles, snake and a touch of red!!! Fabulous!!!

  7. This outfit whispers Christmas in an elegant way. I love the blouse, but must confess the red shoes are my favorite piece.

  8. Oooooh, bling and pleats! And red, red shoes. Totes jealous, I am.


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