Tuesday, December 3, 2013

80s Colour-a-Rama

This is a lot of colour!
I'd like to point out that my neighbour's bike collection (my usual background here) is now gone! Woo!
Yeah, I had to wear a bunch of my new-to-me things from this weekend (here): the purple leather skirt, the Bruno Magli shoes, the lovely silk scarf. And look how nice they are all playing together!
The skirt was awesome to wear, although the slit at the back is not very high, so I can't take very big steps.
The brown sweater is a Banana Republic one, last seen way way back in the February 2012 capsule (recap here), where I wore it 3 times (last time here). I bought it back in late 2009 and wore it first here in January 2010 - I thrifted it for only $12.00 - sweet!

The stuff:
The shoes felt weird at first. They built them differently in the 80s - there is less cushioning, but the construction is better. Maybe all the cushioning they put in shoes now is actually covering poorer construction? I don't know - but these were made in Italy, and they felt gorgeous and I have not a smidge of foot pain.

Red bling:
But the scarf was the piece that really tied it all together. Who knew you could mix violet, cobalt blue, brown and red together?

Sweater (Banana Republic, thrifted), skirt (Chia, vintage 80s, thrifted), shoes (Bruno Magli, vintage 80s, thrifted), belt/bracelet (Plum), leather cuff (Rimanchik), ring (Oscar & Libby's), lapis lazuli ring (Wendy Brandes), earrings (local), scarf (thrifted).


  1. Love all of the bright colours together - especially the purple and blue! :)

  2. PA-POW!!! Amazing skirt and scarf, love them with your red accessories and blue tights. I am forever in awe of your thrift finds!

  3. The purple skirt is definitely a winner, and it looks just great with the cobalt tights and red accessories. Who knew? Sheila knew! xxx

  4. Love this color combination - the red accessories are just right and the blue tights are wow. xo

  5. LOVE this! You are not only the Queen of Fabulous Shoes-You are the Queen of AWESOME LEATHER Clothing!!
    Gorgeous color combo in the scarf!!
    Those shoes are really stunning-very luxe looking!

  6. There is that fabulous scarf. Love the way you styled it!


  7. LOVE the colors in the scarf. One of my favorite things about wild prints is how they can blend odd color combinations.

  8. I love how you tied the scarf. That purple leather skirt is killah!

  9. The purple skirt is a masterpiece - it looks amazing, even if you cannot move that much in it. Totally worth it.


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