Wednesday, May 8, 2013

White Ruffles + Turquoise Blue = Office Punk?

I've been reading about and looking at pictures of the punk-themed gala at the Met Ball in NYC this past few days, and I do love a bit of a punk-inspired element in my clothes. Reminds me of my teen years. Usually I go darker (like my Vivienne Westwood-inspired looks last October here and here), and add goth elements, but I thought I'd try my hand at a summery punk look.
I wore my new-to-me thrifted blouse (acquired this past weekend here, for $7.25) - it reminded me of Adam Ant's punky-pirate looks back in the 80s.

The turquoise pencil skirt is another thrift find - $7.00 in March 2011 - that I wore twice in the September 2012 capsule (recap here).
I like the hardware of the snaps and grommets on the front and cuffs of the shirt. The collar stands up nicely in the back too.
I added the black lace-up shoes, because it's really not punk unless there's a little bit of black, right? I last wore them here with my robot burlesque outfit, and I hope you won't cringe when I tell you I had to wash blood off them last night (inside and out!).

The stuff:
My flaming skulls belt, leather and crystal choker and fistfuls of blingy massive rings. I forgot I had silver bird skull earrings, so I just wore white gold hoops.

More shoe action.
So very black.

Blouse (Uno Due, thrifted), skirt (Cabri, thrifted), shoes (Darjeeling Teapots, Fluevog Fluemarket), belt (consignment), Fulvia ring/lapis lazuli ring (Wendy Brandes), spoon ring (About Tine), choker (Twang & Pearl).


  1. Those shoes are totally badass - even more so since you had to wash blood off of them. Awesome! :)

    I think these shoes are the best teapots. I have the t-straps but I wish I'd bought these ones instead. Such a great score on the FlueMarket.

  2. The big statement rings are pretty punk! I was admittedly disappointed with a lot of the Gala-goers. It's a huge opportunity to go all out and so many fell flat. Glad you're still rocking your own punk-gear!

    Also to correct you - it's not punk if there's not a little blood, eh?

  3. I love the teal skirt! It's the details that take this from "what you're wearing" to a blog-worthy outfit!

  4. This outfit speaks to me. It's says, yeah baby! like Mike Meyers. That turquoise is dreamy but you've punched it up punk style so well. Now that your shoes are christened in blood, they will abhor sunlight, which is proper.

  5. Love your little punk touches to this yet it is still appropriate for the office :) You do office wear while showing style at the same time, it's really inspiring :)

  6. Gala pics fell flat all around. Fun to dissect though :)

    Edgier outfits suit your personality.

  7. Cha-ching. As soon as i clapped eyes on the shirt i was thinking 'ant music'. love those shoes!!!

  8. Oh yes, this is summer punk at its finest. Punk is an attitude too, and you've got a piece of that in the best way. Love the shoes, and Melanie's comment! : >

  9. This is a great pencil skirt! It's such a lovely color and the belt is awesome! The shoes and rings definitely add an element of punk! Love it!

  10. I thought that shirt would look great on you, and it does! The pencil skirt is a beautiful colour and a perfect fit - lovely! xxxx

  11. Gorgeous blouse!!! Love the skirt--heck love everything about the outfit. It's a more refined punk look!!

  12. Very nice! I like punk does summer very much :-) The new blouse is so romantic-looking.


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