Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Daisy and Black and White Skirt

Another beautiful day! I feel like wearing lots of white and yellow, and emulating all the daisies filling up the grass boulevards.
So of course, I wore yellow and white. The white is this little sleeveless structured top, last seen here in April when I was suffering from my bland beige hair. I'm rather annoyed by how quickly the red has faded out, and I have my box all ready to redo it this week! I have a busy Thurs/Fri/Sat again (don't I always?) so it will have to be dyed tomorrow night. Take that!

The yellow is this cute little bolero-style cardigan, which I had in the August 2012 capsule (recap here), but only wore once (here, with my cosmic swirl dress - and look how nice and red my hair is there!).
I noted in the recap that this cardi was completely wasted, and I aim to get more wear out of it this spring, for sure. It's such a nice buttercup yellow, and it's great for my air-conditioned office.

The skirt is my new-to-me Bedo stiff cotton one, thrifted just a couple of days ago here, for $14.50.
I loved the nice full swing of it, and am looking forward to wearing it again.

The stuff:
One of my coworkers didn't notice the yellow heel-cup and back of the heel when she first saw these shoes - she didn't think they matched my outfit. But they don't have to match, they just have to go (but it's nice when things match...hee hee, matchy-matchy!).

I wore these shoes only once (here, with a dress tucked into a suede skirt) during the July 2012 capsule (recap here). I had done a fairly restrictive colour capsule that month (yellow, orange and teal, with a bit of black, grey and navy), and I had another multi-coloured pair of shoes (teal/orange/cream) in that capsule. A bit of duplication is fine in a big wardrobe, but not so much in a 30-item capsule. One of those handy things I learned along the way!

Anyway, I do like these shoes a lot, so for now they will stay in my wardrobe. Thoughts on the new skirt or the white top?

Cardigan (Peter Nygard, consignment), top (Le Chateau, consignment), skirt (Bedo, consignment), shoes (Portia), bracelet (Le Chateau), earrings (Plum).


  1. I was "meh" on the shoes -- good basic, but no shock and awe factor. Then I saw the back -- love! The only things better than fun details are UNEXPECTED fun details!

  2. I think a black and white print skirt is extra versatile...I always like how they go with bright pops of color, like your super cute cardi. That yellow is great w/your hair :) Loved the outfit...you look terrific!

  3. I wasn't expecting the yellow on the back of your heels--what a nice touch!

  4. The shoes totally go! I adore that skirt. Such a fantastic shape. Love the top too. I think it's a great layering piece. More interest than a plain white tank or cami would be imo.

  5. Loving the skirt! Def keep it and put into heavy rotation, its so versatile and very flattering.

  6. Love the whole outfit. Shoes totally work, and like it more cause it's not matchy matchy.

  7. Love this look - I'm crazy for that black and white skirt!

  8. The back of the shoes totally make them - I agree with Cara, otherwise I was like, eh, these aren't Sheila's usual pizzaz and then I see the back and I'm like wow, these are great!! I really like the pattern of the skirt too.

  9. sooo true, I say that all the time, " they don't have to match, they just have to go". I'm an asymmetrical, non-matchy matchy person anyway--and I think you are too! xoxo

  10. The yellow bolero is so happy and springy!! I love the top--the front is stunning and the skirt is just adorable --and with it's neutral print can be done up in so many different ways!!

  11. Love the yellow bolero, definitely a cute Spring piece, and the chevrons of the white top add interest and a flattering shape. The skirt is great, love a bold monochrome print, and so many colours would look great with it.
    The shoes - wow! Fabulous heel detail! xxxx

  12. I love the new skirt, and the white top is so pretty, especially with the yellow bolero :) I really like your orange and yellow shoes too :)

  13. Keep everything please! The whole outfit is fresh and lovely. It is funny that your colleague thought the shoes didn't match. I am afflicted with matchy matchiness, but even I can see that all the clours go together, even without the flash of yellow at the back...


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