Thursday, May 9, 2013

Seventies Kitchen and an Hermes Knock-Off

I really liked today's outfit - something about the colours evoked a strong bout of nostalgia. It wasn't until I was walking home that I realized: I'm wearing a 70s kitchen!
Yes, red hair is mine once more!
I built the outfit around the new-to-me vintage scarf I thrifted over the weekend. I adore scarves but I'm not too good at wearing them, so I basically just echoed the cowl neckline of the blouse and let it hang there.

The orange top is one that I just love - I last wore it here to a hockey game (man, I look different with blonde hair! It's my 70s Paprika. This orange was everywhere in the 70s. Pretty sure we had plates this colour.
I am so happy to be wearing this gorgeous Noa Noa skirt again. I wore it three times in the April 2012 capsule (recap here). It's been packed away since September 2012, since it's really only good with bare legs - it's quite clingy on tights.
I'm always surprised at the versatility of it. You wouldn't think that chartreuse would go with blue, teal, fuscia or orange, and I've done it with all of those. It's my "Harvest Yellow" (I used to have a fridge that colour).

I wore this olive green blazer as my outerwear while walking to and from work today. I last wore it as a layering piece for bowling adventures here in March.
It's my Avocado. The first apartment L and I lived in had an avocado toilet (and tub and sink)!

The stuff:
My fabulous gold Coach sandals, last seen here last week for our theatre outing to see "Beauty and the Beast." I also did my vintage 70s cuff - how's that for synchronicity?

After consultation with a work-friend who knows fabric and design, and another coworker who knows high-end brands, we concluded that this scarf is not, in fact, actual designer, Hermes or Halston. How did we determine this? Well, it's all in the silkscreening of the pattern.
There's too much bleed-over between colours (see how they overlap, and make a bit of a border, or don't quite line up)? Real Halston or Hermes would never have that.

So it's a knock-off. However, given the very high quality of the silk, and the immaculate hand-rolled and sewn edges, and the raging 70s colour scheme, we did all agree that it's probably a high-end imitation from Japan (where they started manufacturing these post-WWII), and it is probably from the 70s. I think it would have cost much more than the $4.50 I paid for it!

Jacket (RW & Co, consignment), blouse (Michael Kors, consignment), skirt (Noa Noa), shoes (Coach), cuff (vintage 70s, Mom's), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), ring (Fossil).


  1. So lovely, all gorgeous pieces, and awesome colours! That rust brings to mind all those stylized daisy / flower shapes that were everywhere.

  2. Hey at least it's still a great quality and beautiful piece! I love the paprika orange. The stripes look *fantastic*.

  3. Ślicznie wyglądasz i fantastyczne kolory:))))bardzo ładne buty:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  4. Had to laugh about your kitchen reference. I'm riveted by the sheen of your skirt. And the scarf, real or a knock-off, is still a beauty.

  5. "70's kitchen" made me lol. We had these colors too! But *you* look fabulous in them, and your hair is perfection. xoxo

  6. My mother had an avocado coloured fridge and stove when I was a kid. So awesome! I love that blouse on you. Very springy.

  7. Love the orange on you! And so interesting you were able to analyse the scarf and find out more about it! :)

  8. Love love love!! How I remember the 70's with avocado green, burnt orange and harvest gold!! I still love those colors!!
    The scarf is gorgeous--and WOW on the red hair!! Red hair is definitely SHEILA!!

  9. Thanks to you my house suddenly looks more stylish. We have harvest gold fixtures in the main bath and avocado in the powder room. We retired two sets of abused harvest-gold kitchen appliances a few years ago. (There was once a suite in the basement.) All that and our front doors match. I'll be looking at this place with a new attitude now.

  10. I love how all these pieces have a shimmer to them, they kind of just leap off the page - very nice, classy!

  11. Fabulous bright and citrus-y combination, I love all those 70s colours too. We had an avocado bathroom suite when I was young as well!
    Gorgeous sandals. I am craving new sandals...
    Have a great weekend, sheeny-y shiny Sheila! xxx

  12. LOL, you are too funny...wearing a kitchen, tee-hee...and how I do remember those kitchen colors well. But they look MUCH better on you than on any retro appliance ;) That skirt is gorgeous, and I can imagine it paired w/all those colors you mentioned -- just fabulous.

  13. All of these items stand out by themselves- and together they just "click" :)
    You look marvelous, the jacket was the perfect addition.

  14. Wow, Sheila, that's interesting about the color/pattern of the scarf and determining it's a knockoff. You look stunning in your kitchen outfit! LOL. I got a kick out of that. When I read the title of your post, I thought I was going to see your new kitchen or something. But I do remember all those colors being in our home too. Appliances. Wall phones with long spirally cords. Upholstery. Everywhere!


  15. I love it when you go all fashion detective on us! This outfit is a beautiful pairing of colours. A very glamorous and luxe version of a 70's kitchen, please... And I like the scarf tied that way, really shows the pattern off.

  16. I call this color range my "1970s red head" colors, so it's perfect on you, ginger babe. I love this palette (am currently building up quite an arsenal of "1970s red-head" that I plan to unleash this Fall. You look amazing, much better than a 70s kitchen ever did!

  17. I love this scarf and the way you are wearing it. Will copy cat soon :) Highest form of flattery, etc. :P

  18. I don't post anymore but I stop by your blog every so often and GURL you always look fantastic!! I LOVE this outfit.


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