Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Spotty but Casual Weekend

Happy weekend! I hope you're all having a good time. Thank you so much for all the good wishes on my spots and my bad encounter with the beer - "wine is fine!" as some of you said, and you are so right! I am still spotty, although not itchy and they do seem to be fading a little bit. I took it fairly easy this weekend and had many naps. Ahhhh...

On Saturday, we played Ulty. As you can see, I didn't bother with make-up, so here's the barefaced me.
Eek! I can tell I've only been awake for about 15 minutes there.

This is my first wear of the fluttery purple silk skirt since I wore it three times in the August 2012 capsule (recap here), and same for the purple flat sandals (also 3 wears in the August capsule, too).
The stripey cardi is worn over a grey cami with some sequins near the top; I last wore the cardi here back in April for a casual evening at home.

Cardi (Express, thrifted), cami (RW & Co.), skirt (Le Chateau, consignment), shoes (La Canadienne, consignment).

Today, Land I walked down to the grocery store and back home again, so I just wore another super-casual outfit for being in public.
My striped tee is one that I've had forever. I didn't feature it in a capsule last year because I only wear it as a layering piece, but it's cashmere and cotton and is so soft.

The t-shirt is my Smoking Lily Hama Hama crow shirt, which I featured 6 times in the March 2012 capsule (recap here). Don't be misled, though - I've worn it around the house many, many times.
The jean skirt was worn 4 times in the September 2012 capsule (recap here), but again, I wear it around the house, so it's not like it's getting neglected.

What has been neglected, though, are these sweet Airwalk runners that I rarely wear. Hey, here's the last time (and there's this Hama Hama top - I knew I'd worn it recently!).

Top (Hama Hama, Smoking Lily), long-sleeved tee (Majestic, swap from Caro), skirt (Mavi Jeans, consignment), shoes (Airwalk, swap).

Now, to kick back and chill some more...


  1. You look pretty fantastic for only being awake 15 minutes AND no makeup!!
    I LOVE the purple swirly skirt!! Gorgeous!!
    And you must look fantastic just around the house!! My around the house stuff isn't fit for public!!

  2. You look beautiful, Sheila. Kind of boho chic today. :)

  3. Glad you are feeling a bit better and had a relaxing weekend after your game! :) Really like the striped top layered under the tee :)

  4. I enjoy visiting your blog regardless of what you're wearing. I believe that's because I like you as a person. You could wear a burlap sack here and it wouldn't matter to me. Then again, you'd probably wear it with cute shoes!

  5. Eek, just checked your last post - naughty beer!
    I'm pleased to hear that you are feeling better. That purple skirt is amazing, as are the sandals, and your relaxed denim look is really cool. xxx

  6. Looks like it was a stripey weekend too. :) I love that purple skirt so much.

  7. Whee! That fun faerie magical skirt. I have many shirts and two pairs of around the house jeans.

    Love your sneakers! We have a pair of awesome high top sneakers in the consignment shop that I keep lusting after. I haven't caved on them yet, but I'm not even sure if they are my size.

  8. Wow, the skirt is amazing! Somewhat gypsy like in a very good way!! I always love the birdie shirt too. :)

  9. Two lovely soft-looking weekend outfits, you do look great in swooping long skirts. I am glad you are recovering from the allergic reaction. They can be really quite scary.

  10. Is that picture on the wall of you? Drawn by Megan? I have seen her work on several blogs, she is so talented!

    1. Yes, it is! She gave me that a few years ago for my birthday - my kitty Inigo (died in 2012) is in a party hat at my feet.


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