Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Citrus, Sparkles and a Bad Tooth

In case you all hadn't noticed, I've been featuring all the lovely new-to-me jewelry that I picked up at the vintage fair this past weekend. Today, I'm showing off my yellow finds.
And what goes better with lemon yellow than a nice orange? Not much!

This is my fab orange suede skirt that I've had for a couple of years - it was part of the July 2012 capsule (recap here) where I wore it three times. The front panel of it is completely laser-cut into little squares - you can't really see it here (check this picture to see it in the background).
The skirt sits quite low on my hips, so I have to wear a shirt untucked with it or something covering the waistband. I struggled with finding a top that matched but didn't fight with the 60ish vibe of the accessories, then remembered this wonderful vintage sparkle top that I wore in the January 2013 capsule three times (recap here).
Nothing beats a fitted top!

The stuff:
Love my caramel Ralph Lauren pumps - they were last seen here with the tiki-tiki-tiki-tiki-tiki skirt in February.

The yellows are my thrifted yellow acrylic cuff, my thermo-lucite brooch and my Bakelite earrings. Nearly everything I wore today was thrifted!

Top (handmade, vintage, thrifted), skirt (Co & Eddy, thrifted), brooch/earrings (vintage), cuff (thrifted), shoes (Lauren by Ralph Lauren). crappy days this week. I've actually been in a huge amount of pain since Sunday - one of my molars was aching and my gums were swollen. I thought maybe it was lingering or associated pain from my face-plant a few weeks ago, or maybe I'd gotten a popcorn hull stuck in there. I took painkillers, flossed, brushed...but last night I hardly slept due to the pain,and this morning I called the dentist, who kindly slipped me in this afternoon.

It turned out to be a massive infection, and good thing I went when I did. I am on painkillers and antibiotics now, and am already feeling better, but oh jeez...

If you haven't been reading my blog for a while, you might not know that I knocked out my front teeth when I was 17 (fainted in the shower, face-planted the edge of the tub). I went through over a year of dental work and surgery (in the days before pre-freezing - I had needles jammed through my hard palate), so I have a lot of trauma associated with dentists. I've also chipped my front tooth, and I'm apparently an Olympic champ at growing tartar, so I have to go through long sessions of scraping. *sigh*

Anyway, I don't usually complain about stuff on my blog (I'm mostly sunny), but thought you would want to know why some of this had seeped out into my posts. I had a really hard time doing my WW meeting last night, and I had to miss my nieces' dance recital tonight because my face was half-frozen and throbbing - I'm sorry, girls! Right now, I'm trying to eat soup now, but I'm probably going to bed. Wish me well, my friends!


  1. Physical pain absolutely puts my loss of a memory stick into perspective - you win by 2 kilometers, not that there is winning involved. I hope you feel better soon. Sleep sounds like a great idea.
    Gah. Is it something in the coastal air?...
    At least you looked good in your gorgeous orange, green, and lemon today.

  2. Oh Sheila, I am sorry about your aching tooth - thankfully, it was taken care of on time... but on the bright side, your yellow accessories totally stand out.

  3. Oh my, I have had my share of dental issues and can so sympathize to the feelings of trauma related to anything regarding teeth. Thank goodness you went to the dentist, and I hope you continue to feel better.

    Meanwhile, you look amazing -- I can't believe all that was going on and yet you continued to look fabulous, quite impressive!

  4. Oh man dental stuff-- my teeth are horrid. I feel your pain and hope it goes away!!

  5. You poor darling. dental work is so invasive and traumatic. get loads of sleep and hook into those painkillers! Sometimes a good sook helps, too. xx

  6. Ouch! Hope you're feeling much better very soon.

    You've still been rocking hot though - personally I'd have been in pyjama dresses!

  7. Oh no! Sorry to hear about the dental work. I'm dreading the dentist right now because I'm getting my wisdom teeth out in less than two weeks. EEEP.

    Take it easy Sheila! Heal quickly.

    Love the beautiful color pairing of the look.

  8. Sorry to hear you've been in so much pain! I'm glad that they have figured out what it is though and you've got the right treatment so hopefully it won't knock you about for much longer and you will feel better soon.

    Just wanted to say as well that you are incredibly brave! I never minded the dentist, didn't really enjoy it - I don't think anyone does! - but wasn't scared in any way. Then I had a horrible, horrible 45 minutes in the chair trying to have on wisdom tooth removed and over 8 weeks of healing for terrified of the dentist. I'm not going back to get the rest of them removed until I absolutely have to! So I'm really impressed with your bravery to go through a years worth of dental work. Well done :)

  9. Oh sorry! You've had a lot of mouth-area trauma lately. Painkillers and antibiotics are wonder drugs - hope they work their wonders on you very soon. Sending you happy, healing thoughts across the miles xoxoxoxo

  10. Poor poor Sheila! I'd never guess by looking at your photos.
    Love the combination of colors and that skirt is so beautiful.

  11. Oh my--sending some healing vibes your way!!
    Even sick and in pain you look FABULOUS. Love the retro citru vibe you have going!!
    I need to start looking for more vintage jewelry!!

    Take care of yourself!

  12. Dental/gum pain is so awful, I completely understand how crappy you must feel, Sheila!
    That orange suede skirt is fabulous, and the olive top works brilliantly with it. Your jewellery is always a treat to see!
    Hope you feel better soon. xxx

  13. Oh I hope your infection heals quickly! That definitely does not sound fun! You still look fabulous through it all though!

  14. Oh, I am really sorry to hear that. I appreciate your usual sunniness, as I try also to be generally positive, but you need to say when you are in pain. Tooth and jaw ache is the worst. Rest up xx


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